2003 at Mikulov


Saturday 2 August  -  Canberra held its Endurance Test

Thanks to a band of willing helpers, we were successful with the 7 Siberians we had entered.



from left:    Della,     Ch Kristari's Della Street ET  (Imp USA)

                 Zena       Ch Mikulov Sunset Manuva ET

                 Suzy       Ch Tarshona Howl N Success ET

                 Piper      Sibaska Snow Prince  ET  (a son of Della)

littermates:  Keah      Mikulov Kabu's Star ET

                 Chad      Mikulov Star Trek  ET

                 Danny    Mikulov Going Places ET

                 Kiiara     Mikulov Kiiara ET (and owner Michelle Warwick)




We never had a white Siberian Husky until June 2003 - when suddenly there were 3! 

Kimba (right) and Snowy (centre) came because they needed new homes.  Kobi (left) is here for 2 years while Mark, her owner, works in London.  Can you tell them apart?




Spook's first show was 6 June 2003.  Mikulov Delaware Ghost was 3rd in 3 - 6 months Sweepstakes that day (ACTCA Inc).

He won the 3 - 6 months Sweepstakes on 5 July at the Belconnen ABKC show in Canberra.




In May Chi paid a visit to her oldest daughter Gusti. 

Born in July 1990, Gusti is the last surviving Husky

from Chi's first litter -  sired by Brushbow's Atlatl (Imp UK).




We also took some of the dogs to the Million Paws Walk - an annual RSPCA fundraiser held around the State. 

In Canberra we set up an information booth and met many other Huskies who were walking for less fortunate pets. 

It seemed that there was always someone hugging one of our dogs (either an adult or a child).  Patches worked hard

(and played hard) at Agility and Flyball demonstrations.



At the Sydney Royal Easter Show (11 to 24 April) the Siberian Husky Club of NSW had a breed information booth.    Over the course of the show, five dogs in need were placed into family homes.  The public enjoyed patting and hugging our dogs and learned much about the breed which helped many people to decide whether or not their family was suited to one of these dogs. 



We won First in Junior Dog with Kruger and First in Intermediate dog with Mulligan (Ch Arigh O Maolagain - the Irish Setter).     Jenna McNeill handled Mulligan and they made a wonderful pair. 

Suzy helped Abi Whillock to 4th place in Junior Showmanship (7 to under 10 years)  Patches was part of the CDC Scorchers Flyball team for the competition on 18 April, and gained enough points for his Novice Flyball Dog title 

 -  another first for Patches who is now the very first Siberian Husky in Australia with a Flyball Dog title.



On 15 February Suzy was Bitch Challenge for the final 14 CC points needed for her Championship title.

She is now Ch Tarshona Howl N Success.  Later that day she piloted Abi Whillock to First place in Junior Handlers.




The next week we had a nasty encounter with a kangaroo on a country road late at night.  These large marsupials

can cause a lot of damage as they graze on the road verges and often leap out unexpectedly.  Although our van was

written off, it was only an inconvenience for us.  It cost Mr Skippy his life.



On 8 February, Flow thrilled us with a Best in Group win at Crookwell. 

She went on to take Australian Bred in Show later that day.  To find out more about Flow please click on her photo.



(check results for more details)



The extended drought saw us feeding “Foxy Girl” a chicken or two each night. 

She came up to the fence for her share when she heard the dogs barking. 



We looked on it as a “Good Turn”. As well as using up the scraps our dogs left, by feeding Foxy Girl she wasn’t tempted by the neighbour’s chickens.  During the time we fed her, no local chicken was lost to a fox.  The last day she came for a meal was 26 January, and we fear that she met a tragic end as she was not frightened of people by that time.


Lysander was such a cute Siberian Baby Puppy.




We entered a picture of our Lysander in the MaPaws Howliday Photo Contest.  To our astonished delight, enough votes poured in and the picture won the popular award. Karen Armstrong painted this delightful study based on the photo as our prize.  You can see his Photo and his competition by going to the MaPaws site at http:\\www.sibes.com/xms02/index.htm



Here is a picture of Lysander as an adult.



Champion Polarwolf Ruff N Tuff ET



Although we were not directly affected by fires which brought so much destruction to Canberra and our local area, the smoke haze lay thick over our area from January 13.  January 18 was the day that most of the fire damage was done.


Here is the moon taken on 15 January



The Siberian Husky Club of Victoria held a photo competition over summer.  Some of our photos did well.  Click here for the page of photo entries.



                                                        Best Action                                                                  Best Family




Our dogs appear on very obscure Sites.


Check out Ben who is number 30 in Gallery Two

www.dogsincars.co.uk <http://www.dogsincars.co.uk/>



Rain came by the bucketful through early February, and the green of new grass came up within a few days, transforming the dustbowl of our part of the country into a much happier scene.  The full moon at the end of June looked quite different to that in summer.



At the Canberra Royal Show on 28 February, Kruger won through to Junior in Breed and Flow was Intermediate in Breed. 




Patches was 3rd with a qualifying card in Open Agility, where there were 31 entries and only 3 passes.


On 5 March we welcomed 6 new pups here, with the safe arrival of 2 red boys, 1 red girl, 2 black boys and 1 grey boy.  The sire is Sibaska Starr Shooter and the dam is Ch Kristari’s Della Street  (Imp USA)




Kris Black in Brisbane titled Zena in early March.  This lovely red bitch is Mikulov Champion No. 33



Champion Mikulov Sunset Manuva

S:  Ch Sibelk Lestat (iid)    D:  Ch / NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo  ET  (NZ)


Zena whelped 6 males and 1 female on 29 April 2003 to Mikulov Kabus Dot Com (iid)


Flow continued her winning streak to take Bitch Challenge under Canadian and Indian judges during the Belconnen International Autumn Festival later in March.  These points gave her the Championship title. To find out more about Flow please click on her photo.



 She is now Ch Starscape Riverdance (ai)  -  the first Starscape champion for her breeder, Lynne Munro 




We have placed 8 dogs in need into new family homes this year.


Ski and Shadow belonged to Liz Van Driel who was forced to re-house them when her marriage broke up.  Ski is now in Oberon, and Shadow lives with Kira, a black female who was rehoused last October after killing a neighbour's chickens.  Ski's home lasted 12 months and she came back to us in February 2004.  She has since gone to a family who own a Hotel locally, and is much loved and happy.

            Malli came because her owners were

     travelling overseas.  She is now in Goulburn with

     a young couple who left the family Malamute

     with his parents after moving into a rental house

                          of their own.



22 April was the day that the recipients of Australia's Centenary Medals were announced.  Mara's parents both received a Medal

Alois Mikula OAM   -   for many years dedicated service to Scouts ACT
Vanda Violanta Mikula    -   for voluntary service in the ACT particularly to disabled people and the community



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