Endurance Test  -  2006  held on 25 June

                    in both Canberra and Alice Springs


Our dogs in Canberra were


(from left)

Keelinga Spot O Tea  ET

Sibertac Heat Seeker  ET

Sibaska Sekenes Scandal  ET

Ch Krisaido Outlaw Starr  ET


Lois Shambrook took her Siberian Huskies to Alice Springs for the Endurance Test  -  held on the same day


Mikulov Southern Star  ET



Champion Mikulov Northern Lights  ET





Lined up at the start  -  Stoli, Teza and Porsha


The group disappearing into the fog just before they started to ride


As the fog lifted the group of dogs strung out on a grassed part of the track after settling in to their stride



Monty  -  Sibaska Sekenes Scandal  -  showing that this mature dog can keep up with the youngsters

(dogs aged between 2 years and 8 years dare eligible for the Endurance Test)

With fog as a backdrop, Richard and Monty took their places at the start of the second lap  (after having done 8 kilometres and taken a 15 minute break)


Hitting their straps after 10 kilometres





Still going strong - and so enjoying the run





The final kilometre - still moving free and easy





However, Monty enjoyed a rest afterwards  -  he had earned it!





One final Vet Check  -  and the Endurance Title was his!


Porsha  -  Sibertac Heat Seeker   -  helped David Gock with the bike ride part of the ET

It was a cold and foggy morning when they started out on the ride.


Mara handled each of the dogs through a short and basic obedience test before and after the 20 kilometre run.

Here with a very attentive Porsha

The aim of this test was to show that each dog performed at about the same level of co-operation and work before and after doing all that running.




Richard and Mara with Teza and Porsha in one of the breaks between bike riding legs. There was a 15 minute then a 20 minute break during which the dogs were vetted again for heart rate, temperature and foot condition.

The riders took the opportunity to recover a bit as well.


Teza  -  Keelinga Spot O Tea  -  looking good whatever way you spot her

Here followed by Stoli




Is it time to stop yet? 

I don't think so!



Teza and Stoli made it look easy as they strode out smoothly





Teza put up with the Vet's prodding and poking and was pronounced "fighting fit"




Stoli  -  Ch Krisaido Outlaw Starr


 The only picture taken of her was so out of character


She was lying down and resting!


What was she thinking?




It takes a group to get these dogs through the Endurance Test each year

and we are thankful for the help of all of you you joined us that morning.

You made an enjoyable time more memorable.