2007  Endurance Test  -  24  June  -  Canberra

a few pictures of this fun event


The participants - after the Test.       From left:

Chinook,  Bandit,   Wilson,   Biggles,   Kody  and  Kismet

Two sets of litter brothers participated

Mikulov Band On The Run  ET

Ch Mikulov Outback Jack  ET

Mikulov Chinook Fire N Ice  ET

Mikulov Holy Smoke  ET


Biggles with Alex on the left taking a short cut over Kismet with Michael Mikula on board



A rare snap of both Mara and Richard in the same photo

Mara leading off with Kismet, followed by Richard and Wilson



Biggles striding out


as is Chinook - no stopping this one


There is a short obedience test before and after the 20 Kilometres.  Here Chinook is working well for Mara - and even looks as though he is enjoying the exercises.


Rusty participated as well - with owner Ken Steinman on the bicycle.

Here he is in front of Chinook - eager to start off on the third leg  -  after 14 kilometres


Kody enjoyed most of the run  -  here she is with her head in the water bucket - followed by a close encounter with a thermometer