2008 at Mikulov


                        Highlights of the year to share


Our lovely Bindi is a Champion!

She was titled at Far South East Kennel Club on 9 November with a

Best of Breed     and

Runner Up to

Best in Group win






Romeo gained 2 more qualifying passes and gained his Community Companion Dog title

(handled by Mara)

At the age of 10 1/2 years he is now

Champion Mikulov Luv Struck Romeo ET  CGC  CCD

and is the companion and pet of Chantelle


an old dog who learned enough new tricks to get this obedience title!




At the Adelaide Royal Show in September both Logan and Bindi won their respective Puppy classes, with Logan going on to win Best Puppy of Breed.

At the SA Poultry and Kennel Club Show there he won Best of Breed and Runner Up to Best in Group  -  what a bonus!

The Adelaide Royal is a benched show, which means that each dog is allocated a space where it stays when not being judged or exercised.  This gives the public a lot of access to the dogs and ours are always looking for cuddles, or treats from their "new best friends" who walk past in a constant stream.


                        2008  -  a year of looking after litters of pups  -  most of them not ours!

                                                                       (but loving it anyway!)


And through it all  -  the stress and sorrow of watching Jacki's long awaited and much loved litter fade and die - one after another  -  until only Phoenix was left   -  a silver girl  who developed an infection in both eye sockets before her eyes opened.  The damage left scarring to the surface of both eyeballs and she was virtually blind, with her right eyeball removed on 22 December after it was accidentally pierced.

Phoenix had the best home in Canberra.  Her courage, strong will to live and inquisitive and bold nature, together with her strong bonding to people made it too difficult to euthanise her when her lack of vision was confirmed.

Sadly, she became epileptic as she matured, so was released to run free and all-seeing in January 2011



We were asked to take in Sable an Alaskan Malamute who was pregnant and in a local Council Dog Pound. Though we don't take in Malamutes we could not go past this too young dog in need.  On 6 July she had 4 pups (luckily pure-bred) and was taken in by Stephen and Jenae in Canberra who raised the pups and kept Sable and her son.

Sable had too much emotional baggage to live with her son - she became so stressed when they were separated that she destroyed parts of the house and fencing to get close to Bear  -  so she went to a different home in December 2009.


DeeDee's pups were born in the Queanbeyan Council Dog Pound on 25 October.  3 males who quickly found the best homes with families who were happy to give a great home to a pup which was possibly a cross-bred.

DeeDee went to a great recreational running home where her Husky energy and ability were harnessed to good use



Saffi had a litter of 3 beautiful female pups on 9 July.

They were sired by

Ch Aeukanmanuva Im Too Saxy

the two grey females survived.


Also in July we welcomed Dazzle who came to live with us

Tutuamaiao Skys The Limit  -  a special grey and white girl (with bright blue eyes) whose face markings gave her an "evil" look as a young pup. But looks can be deceiving - and Dazzle is a real angel who lives to please - and to play


Sire:  Ch Foxfire Hey Big Spender

        (Imp South Africa)

 Dam:  Ch Sibaska Starr Chardonnay


She won Best Baby Puppy in Show at her third Show  -  Tullamore KC on 12 August


At her first show over 6 months old (Far South East KC) she won Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in SHOW  -  8 November


We took some of our dogs to the Endurance Test run by Dogs ACT in Canberra on 29 June

We were successful with all of the dogs we took and these include:

Salazar Sleepless Seatle  ET


ROGER   -  Sibaska Guns In The Sky  CGC  ET

(pictured at right with David)

The sisters (Rebel and Cricket): 


Ch Tarshona High Voltage  CGC  ET


Ch Tarshona Black Magic  ET


In May we took some of the dogs through the testing needed for them to gain their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles.  The very rigorous testing took all day, and the dogs worked well and gained this title.

Ch Mikulov Love Struck Romeo  ET  CGC

Ch Mikulov Outback Jack  ET  CGC

Mikulov Hell Raiser  CGC

Ch Tarshona High Voltage  CGC

Sibaska Guns In The Sky  CGC

Romeo, Biggles and Razor after they passed the Canine Good Citizen Test

Mara's parents sold the family home in May, moving about 15 houses down the street

Many people pitched in and helped with the move    - at quite short notice, as it turned out.

Happy to say that they have settled in to their new house  -  which has a much smaller and easy to manage garden




The first few months saw our two pups doing their share of winning in local Show rings in various Puppy classes.  Meanwhile, the adult dogs were picking up Challenge points needed for Championship titles.


Here, Bindi won Best Minor Puppy in Show at NSW Western Region on April 6

Sibaska Star Shines On


Mikulov Flaming Arrow

~   Logan  ~

 Best Baby Puppy in Show

ACTCA Amenities Show on Easter Monday

and also at

Adelong Show Society  -    13 April


On 10 occasions both of these young dogs won their age class in group  -  at the same Show!

More often than not, one of them went through to win the age Class in Show

Exciting times for us - piloting these two young dogs around!



Salazar Sleepless Seatle

Satine came to stay with us here and we took her to shows.  Such good company - she was a real lady who enjoyed evenings resting on the couch, watching television.

Not a slouch when it came to the show ring  -  she picked up a swag of CC points towards that Championship title.

Owned by Karen Bryant in Adelaide and bred by Ken and Louise Steinman


The first Championship title of 2008 was gained by the lovely black and white dog

Champion Mikulov Waylaid Wolf  ET

[S:  NZ CH Sibaska Starr Shooter      D:  Ch Kristari's Della Street  ET  (Imp USA)]

owned and loved by Robbie Hrstic in Canberra

with his brother below  -  like peas in a pod!

Champion Mikulov Street Shooter ET  -  but which one is he?


And we made a page in The Land Newspaper of 26 March!

Tarshona Spellbound Magic and Sibaska Star Shines On are the main stars!




Hot weather (it is summer after all) and the joy of baby puppies growing up started off the year

Combined with a restful Christmas - New Year break in Adelaide with Richard's family

That was a lot of fun and as a bonus Razor won a Best Puppy in Show on New Years Day!

Mikulov Hell Raiser

Best Puppy in Show

Keeshond Club of SA all breeds Championship show -  Gawler SA



We took Coco in last November  -  she had been abandoned at Four Paws Inn Pet Boarding at Taree, NSW, and we thank the owners there -  Barry and Linda Coglan  -  for the care and compassion they showed Coco when her pregnancy became obvious.

They transported her towards Newcastle  -  the first leg of her journey to our place, near Canberra.  Coco whelped 3 female pups on 19 November 2007

More information about Four Paws Inn here:


We enjoyed the antics of these pups while we had them here through January  - not pure bred, but healthy, happy and now in the best pet homes





on 24 January we welcomed

Kayla Louise Reimitz

darling daughter of

Chantelle Herba and Daniel Reimitz (Canberra)