2010 at Mikulov



Mara finished up at work in September 2009, and the thought of many more hours to work with dogs, help with rescue and re-homing of Huskies in need of homes, and concentrating on family and friends was very inviting. She helped with the organising of several dog shows spaced through the year, and also was involved in the Canberra Non Sporting Utility & Working Dog Club  -  which meant that deadlines often loomed - and everything else was put on hold in the lead up to Show Day!  

The most important activity is:  Week  Day  Dog  Shows

Through 2010 a daily routine was put in to place to enable her to spend time each day on doing things, but most of all on enjoying this new life.  Not enough time to update the Web Site seemed to be available, but through the year, these updates were made - an easy way to keep in touch and share our news.


Some dogs came along and became big parts of our lives

January 2010

  Stanley   ~  Taxi   ~   Macho


5 December 2010 saw another FIRST for Mikulov

Taxi became the FIRST Siberian Husky in Australia to gain a qualification in the new dog sport of Heelwork To Music  -  we did a routine to one of my favourite Glenn Miller tunes - Little Brown Jug

Next year will see us entering more competitions and gaining those initial titles in this activity.

Another exciting and different way for our dogs to STAR


Our village of Captains Flat endured its own flood event on 9 December when very heavy rain washed all sorts of debris down the Molonglo River which flows behind a row of houses. This debris got caught up and caused the river to burst its banks, flooding the houses as well as the basement of the Hotel and rising across the road to swamp the Bowling Club (below).

This is downstream from the Bridge (right hand side) and shows how close to the road the water reached - look at the flattened grasses on the far side - though it had dropped a bit when we took this picture.


The River is flowing from right to left here - the grasses at the foreground show how high the water had been only a few hours previously


In October we took our first road trip in our Camper - to Lake Eyre which had been filled with water for the first time in some years following the floods in Queensland earlier in the year.

The scenic plane flight gave us splendid and different views of Lake Eyre, including these below

Several days were spent in the Flinders Ranges  -   views contrasted from vast to immediate

The evenings saw us sharing the cooking of good food and a lot of good times with Jacqui and Terry Griffin who were travelling a lot further than ourselves, but were pleased to have this trip as a jumping off point.  Willy and Passion enjoyed travelling with their owners!



Introducing a  new    Champion Mikulov Whats Not To Love


a full sister to Taxi, this gorgeous gray girl is the much loved pet of Terry and Jacqui Griffin

Floriade  -  October in Canberra brings a fabulous display of flowers (with bulbs being emphasised) - set out in beds to a theme  -  this year it was "Films".  Here is a picture of a very small section of the layout taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel  -  what a view!

Just one spectacular Tulip among thousands




Taxi  -  a young dog on his way



28 August  -   his first CCD obedience qualifying score earned


Belconnen Dog Training Club   -  ACT


Judge:  Mr John Green


The 2010 Endurance Test in Canberra saw these dogs gain their ET titles:


Mikulov Take Me Home  ET  (Denver)

Ch Tutumaiao Skys The Limit ET  (Dazzle)

Starscape Savanna  ET  (Savanna)




Ch Mikulov Full Metal Jacket

Such a fun dog to take to Shows

As well an enjoying himself (and showing it in the ring!), he is easy to live with and accepting of the training and show routine.  After gaining his Championship title in February, he continued to make an impact - including this win at Junee in May  -  his first Best Exhibit in Group  -  which he took through to Runner Up to Best in Show


A week later Macho won through to Best Puppy in Show at Yass


Mikulov This Is Living

5 June 2010


The cold winter weather saw us raise Rebel's litter indoors.  In this picture you can see that Stanley has taken over the baby sitting duties for his younger brothers and sisters while Taxi supervises and Mama Rebel takes a well earned nap in the background.

Stanley recognised the pups from this litter, shepherding them away from other dogs, letting them take great liberties with his body -   chewing and tugging  -  and even regurgitating his meals for them to eat  -  this we found truly remarkable, as it is routine for the dams to feed their weaned pups this way  -  but we have never seen this behaviour in any of our male dogs.





We were asked to take in some Huskies for some people we know who were facing life changes.

Sibaska Madison Avenue  "Madison"

her pups were born on 16 April

A real rainbow litter  -

4 pups, 4 different colours


Pale red male

Grey male

Dark red female

Black female


more pictures here


we ran on Bolt   Mikulov Zoom Zoom

Bolt   -  Best Baby Puppy in SHOW 

31 July  -  Wagga Wagga KC  -  Judge:  Mr A Reading (SA)


Bolt went to the best home in Sydney as a pet when both testicles failed to descend by the time he was 6 months old


We welcomed the return of



Mikulov Take Me Home


a full  brother to Biggles


Aust Ch / Am Ch Highlander's Duncan Macleod (Imp USA)


Champion Sibertac Chase The Ace ET


eyes checked clear including gonioscopy in April 2010




Savanna came to us from the same breeder.

By one of these serendipitous coincidences, Savanna was born here back in 2005 

-  a daughter of Ch Starscape River Dance ET  (AI)  -  the lovely Flow

She now lives in Sydney where she is a much loved pampered pet

Savanna's litter was born in mid May  -  sired by Grand Champion Sibertac Highway To Hell

more pictures here


We kept River   ~  Mikulov Etched In Frost

River   -   Best Baby Puppy in SHOW 

15 October  -  Forbes KC  -  Judge:  Mr J Lewington (SA)


Mikulov User Friendly


came back to stay here from April while her owner started out afresh

We took her to some Shows and she won Runner Up To Best in Group at her second day out -  Southern Region Country Classic on 26 June.


We also looked after Frosti and Dekoda for their owner


Vale  ~   Toffee


We heard that Toffee died from complications following an emergency caesarean section to deliver her pups in February 2011


This year saw us embark in a different direction  -  we bought a Northstar Camper unit which fits on top of a Hilux dual cab 4 WD vehicle.  The bonus is that the unit lifts off easily, leaving us with a multi purpose car, automatic (to save my knees from more wear and tear) and on LPG - which saves a considerable amount in fuel costs.

We are looking forward to disappearing into the wide blue yonder from time to time exploring much more of this great country, and tagging a couple of dogs along for company (and Shows)


We started work on renovating another room in our old house here on the old Lake George Mines site at Captains Flat.

Our bedroom, this time

The first job was to strip off the insulating cladding (painted yellow-green in this picture) which covered all walls.

This revealed lovely timber boards, which is what we planned to paint and feature.

2 pictures of the old wardrobes and walls before we started are below



The cladding on the ceiling was also pulled off  -  and at 8 foot, this called for a ladder to help make the job easier.

No job is as easy as the initial ideas suggested  -  the timber boards of the wall beside the window which was insulated with sawdust rotted through when that sawdust became damp and remained so for some time.

Which meant more pulling to get them off, and cutting replacement boards to fill the gap. Before and after pictures of this part of the wall are below

And therein lies another tale . . . .


School holidays in January - such a fun time to spend 2 days in Casualty at Canberra Hospital.

Richard was cutting the boards to fit, and as he turned away from the circular saw, he just brushed it with his fingers "I think we need a trip to the hospital this time"  was how he told me!

No permanent damage  -  just a few stitches across the central 2 fingers and a chipped fingernail  -  and the inconvenience of putting the work on hold for some weeks while the cuts healed completely.

The work continued, and the results proved amazing  -  even to ourselves!


Kayla turned 2 in January  -  and is such a sweet young girl  -  Richard sure is a happy Grand- Dad!


(here with Chantelle)


Nate Richard Reimitz was born on 24 July


2010  -  we said "Goodbye" to too many old friends 

Huskies who were loved by ourselves and their special families

-  and who are now missed by all who knew them

Each dog was special, unique and is remembered with affection


Ch Mikulov Clint ET

2 March 2000  ~  28 October 2010

Much loved "heart dog" of Michelle Oliver, Renee, David and Joel


A Runner Up to Best in Show winner - but a dog who decided that Agility was not his favourite activity - he convinced me of this after leaving the ring twice at one competition



Vale  ~  Romeo


Champion Mikulov Love Struck Romeo


11 June 1998  ~  1 September 2010


Very special companion of

Chantelle, Daniel and Kayla


A gentle ambassador with a myriad of friends

and a Husky who proved that you CAN

teach an old dog new tricks   -

gaining his CCD obedience title

 at the age of 10 1/2 years


Ch Mikulov Snow Bunny


6 November 1996  ~  19 November 2010


Bunny won Best of Breed at Launceston Royal Show at 11 months old



She lived most of her life in Townsville - being a registered Therapy dog and bringing much joy to children during their hospital stay



The last 2 sisters from Target's first

Australian litter


Sire:   Australian Grand Champion / Canadian Champion  Innisfree's On Target (Imp USA) 

    Dam:  Australian Champion  / NZ Champion  Mikulov A Lone Lady ET


         whelped  20 October 1995  -  all 6 pups were shown to their Australian Champion title


Champion Mikulov North Starr  ET



died 25 January 2010


loved by Annie Jackson and

John and Kath Le Lievre


Champion Mikulov Scarlett O Hara



died 12 October 2010


Loved and missed by Desley Fairhall in Townsville


Scarlett holds the record for being the youngest Siberian Husky in Australia to win Best in Show (all breeds Championship Show)


Best Exhibit in Show at the Ayr Agricultural Society Show (Queensland) on 28 June 1996


8 months and 10 days old





Mikulov The Magic In Me


9 July 2003  ~  1 March 2010


Sire: Am Ch Sibex's Fantasia  (Imp USA)

Dam: Ch Foxfire Memphis Belle  ET  (Imp South Africa)


owned and loved by Ashley Wittenberg

and family in Adelaide




Ch Sibaska Snow Prince  ET  



21 December 1999   ~   18 January 2010


Sire:  Ch Mikulov Fire On The Snow CD ET     Dam: Ch Kristariís Della Street  ET  (Imp USA)

One of the 5 male pups in his litter who gained Championship titles


Much loved and sadly missed by Andrew, Sandra and Sam Gaglioszwic