2011 at Mikulov



These dogs are our bright stars for 2011

  ~   River   ~  Nova  ~  Taxi   ~  Stanley     ~



Taxi did it!   Another first for Siberian Huskies in Australia   -  11 December 2011

Champion Mikulov Takeover Target  ET  HTM.S   DWDF.S


1.    The FIRST Siberian Husky in Australia with titles in

-     Heelwork To Music

-     Dances With Dogs  -  Freestyle  -  danced with Mrs Claus to "The Jingle Bell Rock"

2.    The fastest Siberian Husky in Australia to gain titles in 2 different disciplines  ( 1 hour 35 minutes on 11 December)

3.    4  titles in 3 months (to the day)  in 4 different disciplines




Cricket had 4 beautiful pups on 26 October  - all are now in the best family homes

even the too small black girl Miki who was a bit "touch and go" at times

1 black girl    -   1 gray girl    -   1 red boy    -  1  gray boy

Biggles is the sire  -  Champion Mikulov Outback Jack CGC ET

more pictures here


followed by Rebel on 10 November with 8 puppies

3 black girls    -   2 gray girls    -   1 black boy    -  2  gray boys

Biggles is the sire  -  again!


We celebrate our new Champion  -  Taxi

Champion Mikulov Takeover Target  ET

titled on 14 October  -  the same day that his sister Passion gained her Neuter Champion title

Champion & Neuter Champion Mikulov Whats Not To Love  ET


On September 11 we entered 5 of our dogs in the Endurance Test, held in Canberra.

All were successful and we present

Champion Mikulov Whats Not To Love ET   ~  Passsion

Champion Mikulov Magic Happens  ET  ~  Ellie

Mikulov Takeover Target  ET   ~  Taxi

Sibaska High Light  ET  ~   Tash

Sibaska Madison Avenue  ET  ~  Madison

Taxi is the first Husky in Australia to have passes in the new activity Dances With Dogs

This has sure brought him some attention with this video clip:


and this radio podcast - done in Darwin in July 2011




We trekked north from home in winter - anything to get away from the cold weather of southern Australia. 

 Combining dog shows with camping and sightseeing made for a fun 10 weeks.

more pictures here





Introducing our new    Champion Mikulov This Is Living


Titled in February 2011, Macho went to a great home where he is a real part of the family - as a much loved pet

In February we titled Charm for Sharon and Sara Heys of Cairns

Champion Desaran Shez Quite The Charmer


The year began with us watching Bindi take the best care of her singleton pup Jingles - born by emergency caesarian section on Boxing Day  (26 December 2010) and enjoying the antics of this little mite as he was raised indoors with us - to keep him safe and socialised.


Here at 1 day old


3 days old

Jingles grew into a eye catching black and white male with blue eyes  -  he is being kept as his pedigree is different and not repeatable

Mikulov Jingle All The Way

We took him to Darwin with us and he went to some shows in July - where he won at the highest level in his age group.  However, he still found time to play!  Especially when the camera was pointed at him








2011  -  we said "Goodbye" to some more good friends 

Huskies who were loved by ourselves and their special families

-  and who are now missed by all who knew them

Each was special, unique and is remembered with affection





Champion Mikulov Takeover Target




20 May 2009   ~  31 December 2011

Above all - you were my friend

I really enjoyed just rubbing your tummy and so did you


I would have done it every day for many years - if only you had stayed here with me




4 October 2008  ~  23 January 2011

Almost totally blind from birth due to systemic infections under both sealed eyelids, Phoenix grew into a typical happy and energetic puppy, losing her right eye when she ran into a strand of wire.

Loved during her life by Stacey and Mitchell, Phoenix was let go when she began to have seizures which could not be controlled enough for her to have any quality of life.

Phoenix  ~  showed courage above and beyond 

~  long to be remembered



Champion Mikulov Winterburn


6 November 1995 ~ 6 November 2011

from Beverley & Antonella:


Nothing beautiful in this world is ever really lost.

All things beloved live on in our hearts for ever.

We celebrated Chilliís 16th birthday today with a walk on the beach and loads of cuddles. She closed her eyes this afternoon and peacefully left this life.

We are forever blessed for having her spend the last few years happy with our Huskies.


Lorraine Harris

25 December 1953  ~  17 December 2011

an inspiration to me - your enthusiasm for life and for Huskies kept me on track

and forging ahead more often than you would be aware

Thank You for sharing Sibertac