2012    -  some highlights



Our special dogs for 2012

  ~        River   ~    Nova  ~    Jingles  ~    Stanley   ~


The start of the year saw both of us still very emotionally raw and mourning the tragic death of Taxi on a country road just after Christmas.

This Husky was our special house dog, sleeping beside the bed and genuinely wanting to interact with us, his people.

Particularly poignant was that his death came just weeks after he became the first Siberian Husky in Australia to be awarded titles in the new sport of Dances With Dogs and Heelwork to Music



Rally O came to Australia with the first official trials in

January 2012

We took River along, and because I only started training her on 1 January,  she was still too young and too inexperienced. Still, she did her best 

 -  and passed at her first Trial!



There was no respite from the continuous stream of Huskies needing new homes. January saw us place out the white litter sisters, Sass and Mailen, and we had Shadow (with deformed front legs, then Cyba (11 years young!) fostered here for some weeks.

Cyba had been fostered with us back in 2007 - it was a shock to find him dumped in the Griffith Council Dog Pound at his venerable age

Some weekends are sheer magic!

Saturday 10 March

River - gained her second qualification in Rally O Novice at CDC in Canberra

Sunday 11 March

Jingles won Best of Breed and

Runner Up to Best in Group

Adelong Show Society  ~ Judge:  Bruce Marquette


18 March 2012 - saw Tash win Best Exhibit in Group for her Championship Title

Champion Sibaska High Light  ET

and - our 3 dogs each win a Class in Group at the same Show

We announce that River is the first Siberian Husky in Australia to gain a Rally Title

3rd Pass gained on 21 April at Tuggeranong Dog Training Club

Champion Mikulov

Etched In Frost  RN



Around this time we met Mona Lindfors  -  a delightful lady from the far away country of Finland who was spending a year in Australia.  We consider ourselves very lucky that Mona wanted to spend time with us out here  -  her love of all dogs and care she gave our Huskies was overwhelming.



Mona judged the Junior Handlers NSW State Final competition at the Spring Fair dog show in Sydney in August  -  quite an honour!



Bolt came here for his 2nd birthday party on 15 April

His mum Madison and other family members Bindi and Jingles helped him celebrate

 - as did their people!              (from left:  Bindi       Jingles     Bolt     Madison)


Another dog in need of a home was brought here in June.  As soon as he turned up, we knew he was staying, for this was our friend Shadow  -  who had been here before. 

Introducing:  Cybord Shadow

registered as an Associate Siberian Husky  x  Border Collie mix - known as a Sibord and a popular breed trained for performance work.   Shadow has his own page here


Endurance Test  -  held on 1 July at EPIC  in Canberra by Dogs ACT

This year saw us take 5 of our Huskies plus Shadow through the 20 kilometre run

We present our  2012 Endurance Test titled dogs  -

Shadow   -  Cybord Shadow  ET

Nova    -  Mikulov Frock Star  ET

River   -  Champion Mikulov Etched In Frost  RN  ET

Stanley  -   Champion Mikulov Full Metal Jacket  ET

Bindi    -  Champion Sibaska Star Shines On  ET

Keida  -   Mikulov Heaven Sent  ET


Rally O  - 

23 June 2012


Jingles was entered and taken along to participate  -  just to gauge his progress through the exercises  -  to our delight  -  Jingles gained his first Pass  at Rally O Novice




Kamal Fernandez brought his special and magic training workshops to Queanbeyan in early July.  We were there  -  for full weekends as well as private lessons!  And we took away enough tips and advice to last for the next 12 months!





Tash had a lovely litter of black and white pups  -  born 1 July

With Jingles as their dad, it was not surprising that all the pups are a deep coal black!


more pictures here


July   -   and Jingles gained his Championship title!
CHAMPION Mikulov Jingle All The Way




What a journey with this singleton pup - many zany adventures got us here

  -  and what fun he is

9 August  -  and it snowed - starting around 4 pm  -  Shadow was not impressed!



19 August  -  Ganmain Show Society   Judge:  Mrs Anna Brankovic  (Serbia)

River  -  Best Exhibit in Group  -  Ch Mikulov Etched In Frost  RN  ET


25 August  -  Dogs NSW Dances With Dogs double competition

River  -  Dances With Dogs Freestyle  -  Starters

title gained in one day with a 3rd Place and a Qualifying Pass



Champion Mikulov Etched In Frost  RN  ET  DWDF.S




the FIRST FEMALE Siberian Husky in Australia

and only the second of the breed to gain a

Dancing With Dogs title


8 September  -  a super day for Jingles!


We present the FIRST MALE Siberian Husky in Australia

with a Rally O Novice title




Champion Mikulov Jingle All The Way  R.N.

2 more trials in Canberra for 2 more Rally O Novice Passes  -  and his title!



23 September  -  Dogs NSW Dances With Dogs double competition

Shadow  -  Heelwork To Music  -  Starters

title gained in one day with 2  x   1st Places


Cybord  Shadow  ET  HTM.S



2 October  -  We left on our very exciting tour of Tasmania, taking some of our Huskies with us and exploring many places "off the beaten track".  8 weeks of camping, exploring and going to dog shows  -  a wonderful and very fulfilling time for both of us.




Proudly presenting Stanley

Australian Supreme Champion Mikulov Full Metal Jacket  ET

who gained this title with a Best Exhibit in Group win at the ACT Ladies KC Show in Canberra on 2 December 2012. (and it was very windy that day - as the photo suggests!)      Thanks to Judge W Thompson from Canada who awarded this win - an early Christmas present for us!  Stanley turns 4 on 11 December -  cause for an extra celebration on his birthday.

NOTE:  This title was introduced around Australia on 1 July 2012 with the minimum requirements of  3 x Best in Show wins or 10  x  Best in Group wins.  Stanley finished with 4 x Best in Shows and 15 x Best in Groups.



We still delight young and old by bringing Santa to greet them indoors and out just before Christmas

Shadow became part of our Husky team to help out this year


2012  -  we said "Goodbye" to too many

Huskies who were loved by ourselves and their special families

-  and who are now missed by all who knew them

Each dog was special, unique and is remembered with affection




Champion Mikulov Outback Jack  CGC  ET


26 January 2005  ~  2 October 2012

The tip of his tail was all black - not even a few white hairs


Biggles enjoyed his retirement years with Tara and family in Canberra and sired the lovely Mikulov Cool Montie




Kristari's Sugar N Spice

(Imp USA)


10 March 1999  ~  6 November 2012

All the way from the USA  -  she was the mum of Gr Ch Sibaska Starry Sunrise, among others

 for Kimberley Rankin


Sugar enjoyed her retirement years with Kath and John near Melbourne


Deeply loved by many and missed by all whose lives she touched 



6 November 1996  ~  21 December 2012

Aged 16 years, 2 months


Sire:  Ch Mikulov Fire On The Snow  CD ET

Dam: Aust/NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET


This photo was taken when she was 15 1/2 years old.  The last of a wonderful litter which included the Champions Harley, Chilli and Killara and Star - a much loved pet.


Champion   Arigh  O  Maolagain  ET

6  June 2001   ~   2  October 2012


Sire:  Ch Saxony's Evening Tide  (Imp USA)

Dam:   Ch Taraglen Old Fashioned


My lovely Irish Setter, Mulligan made me happy with his devotion and made me laugh with his goofy antics.  In 2006 he took the long journey from here to Perth and spent many happy years with Vivien, bringing her family the same Irish Setter enjoyment that he brought us here.


The mould was broken with his passing  -  there won't be another one like him!