2015  -   remembering the year


We arrived home on 2 January after our own personal epic travels through Europe for half of last year.   Pictures have been placed here



Presenting the new  CHAMPION

Mikulov  Nobody Does It Better  ET


Titled on 21 November 2015 with a Best of Breed / Runner Up to Best in Group win in Canberra





and his litter brother - the new  NEUTER  CHAMPION

Mikulov  Hot  Summer  Night  ET


Titled on 1 November 2015 with an impressive record on the way:

2  x    Best Neuter  in  Show

15  x  Best Neuter  in  Group





Siberian Husky Club of NSW - Championship Show - 10 October 2015 Judge: Mr Ian Rasmussen (QLD)
Best Minor Puppy in Show:

Mikulov The World Is Mine - " Elektra" (aged 6.5 months)

Sire:    Ch Mikulov It Begins Again            Dam:     Mikulov Heaven Sent   ET

dob:  29 March 2015


Floriade 2015 in Canberra was themed around Reflections of World War I - skilfully and colourfully depicted by the plantings of bulbs in patterns to draw pictures.


We're showing Gary to his Neuter Championship title in Canberra

In early October at the Canberra Canine Carnival, he kick-started this campaign with

3  x Best Neuter in Show  +  2  x Best Neuter in Group

Champion Sibertac Somebody Told Me  ET - " Gary"

(photo Jill Loiuse Images)


Sire:    Ch Bannerbrite Hellfire         Dam:     Grand Ch Sibertac Mistress For Xmas

dob:  8 October 2009


Sometimes the dogs work so well in competitions

   -    different breeds and different disciplines    -  

 all responded with these great results:

19 September     ~    ACT Companion Dog Club   -    Obedience Trial

 Keeshond  Champion / Neuter Champion Nederhund Polaris RN
           CCD  Obedience:  Qualifying Score   89 / 100

bred and trained by the late Jill Cottee, owned and loved by Stuart and Bev Barr

Polly -  handled at this Trial by Mara


Labrador Retriever   Ethylwyn Pattons Echo (AI)  CD  RA

      CDX  Obedience:  Qualifying Score   176 / 200

  Owned, trained and loved by Sue Keal  -  handled in the individuals by Mara


Rally O  Novice  -  Morning  Trial   2nd    Mikulov Hot Summer Night ET  

                      91 / 100


 Rally O  Novice  -   Afternoon Trial  3rd  Mikulov Hot Summer Night  ET

                      88 / 100


 Rally O  Excellent  -  Morning Trial     3rd     Dobro Duntroon  RA CD HTM.N ET 

               84 / 100


Rally O  Excellent   -  Afternoon Trial   Qualifying Score  Dobro Duntroon  RA CD HTM.N ET        75 / 100


20 September     ~    ACT Companion Dog Club   -    Assessment Day

Intermediate Class    1st Place:  Mikulov Hot Summer Night  ET 

Transition Class    3rd Place:   

      Ch / Neuter Ch Mikulov Jingle All The Way  RN  DWDF.S  ET 


AND  -  on 14 November  -  Polly (the Keeshond) worked well!

She passed CCD  Obedience:  with a Qualifying Score   85 / 100



 Champion / Neuter Champion Nederhund Polaris RN  CCD



Born on 12 April 2003, she was over 12 at the time

This old dog was taught all manner of new tricks - and did them!



We present a new Champion - handled by Mara Herba

Champion  Baykalskee  Liberty  Belle


owner:  C Yate     breeder:  J & C Schmarr

Libby - a grand daughter of our lovely Herbie  -  Grand Champion Mikulov Fully Loaded



Siberian Husky Club of NSW - Championship Show - 27 August 2015 Judge: Mrs Ainslie L Mills (Canada)
Best Baby Puppy in Show:

Mikulov The World Is Mine - " Elektra" (aged 4.5 months)

Sire:    Ch Mikulov It Begins Again            Dam:     Mikulov Heaven Sent   ET

dob:  29 March 2015


More pictures of a younger Elektra:

aged 12 weeks

aged 18 weeks


We managed a getaway to the warmer north of the Hunter Valley for a week at the end of July  -  just to escape the cold winter of Captains Flat.  We stayed at the Grande Mecure Apartments at Rothbury -  a central point for quite a few day trips, and so much tasting and nibbling!

Yes, we tasted and we tried  so many samples  -  and we brought back our favourites.  Sharing pictures with you here


18 July -   we were at A Pooch Affair at EPIC in Canberra with our information booth and Huskies.  A lot of interest in the breed, our puppy Elektra, and the rescued Husky Sloan - who went for a walk with Renee - and she wanted to keep him!




Jasper  (was Sloan - from the Orange RSPCA) - who found a home!


Cooper found himself up there with the Snow Dogs!





1 June  -  first day of winter - we opened the front door to find a fresh fall of snow blanketing our landscape! It didn't last, melting through the day, but made for delightful picture opportunities





More snow on 12 + 13 July  -  What a winter!

Cooper was here and shared the fun of a run in the snow out front


Not relishing the task of getting this firewood indoors - and burning!


28 June - the Dogs ACT Endurance Test where we were successful with 3 Huskies and Cooper the Golden Retriever

  After we all had done 20 kilometres  (from left):

Mikulov Nobody Does It Better ET  (Hunter)

Ch Aeukanmanuva Stars N Stripes  ET  (Star)

Mikulov Hot Summer Night ET  (Loki)


Cooper  -  Dobro Duntroon  CD  RA  HTM.N   ET


Sadly in July we bid farewell to an old and faithful friend and work horse.  Our Ford Econovan had carried us safely on long and short journeys around this vast country. 

The automatic transmission started to let us know that it was worn out.  Too many kilometres under its belts!

Worked hard to strike a bargain when purchasing a replacement van with some urgency as we needed a dog transporter . . .  in a hurry.  We let the Toyota Hilux dual cab truck go as a trade in.  It wasn't sorry to get out of the snow.

Say Hello! to our new Hyundai van  -  exciting times ahead with this automatic, diesel fuelled van.  A smooth ride, and side doors on both sides - what a bonus


We were lucky enough to have a fabulous journey to the USA in May.  A real trek to out of the way places, with many small adventures along the way to share through these photos


We started off at Lake Tahoe   -  a few nice warm days of sightseeing


including a Wine and Food Tour


and then it snowed!


A day trip to Virginia City, Nevada  -  former silver mining boom town, now with many properties preserved as National Historic landmarks and a rich mining heritage




Las Vegas, where it was hot and dry  -  such a contrast in weather


Death Valley - a full day tour of this desolate and bleak region


The area around Orlando Florida was explored next

A fabulous day at the Kennedy Space Centre


Followed by our first cruise - 4 days out of Florida and to the Bahamas on the Carnival Sensation


Topped off by a day tour in Los Angeles to break our flights from Orlando to Sydney


We went to the Bega Valley K & O Club Shows on 7-8 February with our trusty camper van and dog trailer.  This is how we set up in the very comfortable Caravan Park

Our prime purpose was to compete with Cooper in Obedience.

Cooper is a lovely, amiable and very willing Golden Retriever owned by Terrie Fascianelli. Mara is lucky enough to borrow Cooper to train and trial him.  He won the Novice  CD Ring on Saturday night          -             188 / 200  for his third Pass and CD title

Dobro Duntroon  CD  RA

owned and loved by Terrie Anne Fascianelli and extended family


We went Dancing on 22 February

and came away with two FIRST PLACES and a title!

Cooper and Mara did a Heelwork To Music (Starters) [HTM.S] routine to the song Walking Back To Happiness

Dobro Duntroon  CD  RA  HTM.S


Canberra Royal Show  -  27 February

Best of Breed    ~     Italian Spinone

Champion Brookfire Testarossa   "Banjo"

owned and loved by Alistair Paterson who shared Banjo with us

Sydney Royal Easter Show  2  April -  Runner Up to Best of Breed



Another Dance competition on 21 March

saw Cooper and Mara gain two FIRST PLACES

Watch the video of the routine here


Cooper and Mara reprised and extended their Heelwork To Music  routine to a higher Novice level, using the same catchy song -   Walking Back To Happiness

Photo JillLouiseImages

Dobro Duntroon  CD  RA  HTM.S

21 April 2015  -  DWD Competition in Sydney

Cooper competed in Heelwork to Music  -  Novice and came away with another 1st Place and that Novice title

This is the third title Mara has trained and handled him to this year

What a fabulous time for all concerned (including Cooper!)

Dobro Duntroon  CD  RA  HTM.N


Celebrating our NEW CHAMPION

Sibertac Somebody Told Me  ET    "Gary"


Titled on 26 April with limited and sporadic showing

Now in a loving home in Canberra where he can enjoy retirement from the show ring, and live a pampered life as a pet and walking companion

(thanks Mal and Mary for putting your hand up for Gary)


Gary returned to the Show ring in October - to compete for his Neuter Champion title.  Gaining it with style - his progress to date is:


3  x  Best Neuter in Show

2  x  Best Neuter in Group



Vale   ~   Alois Mikula  OAM  VK

6 September 1919  ~  11 May 2015

Tupesy, Czech Republic  ~  Canberra, Australia

Beloved husband of  Vanda  (deceased)

Much loved father of  Peter,  Mara,  Honza  and  Christian

a proud Rat of Tobruk

an accomplished stained glass artist

a True Czech, a loyal Australian who migrated from war ravaged Europe in 1949



The front door of the house at Captains Flat - an outstanding example of Alois' glass artwork and one which both impresses and inspires



This marks the location of No. 161 Tupesy, birth place of Alois Mikula.

As a soldier in the free Czechoslovak army he took part in fighting in Libya in 1940 - 1942 and was a defender of the besieged Tobruk in the Prislosik Cs. Independent Armoured Brigade. 

He fought for the liberation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

An honorary citizen of the village of Tupesy


A full page about my Dancing Huskies in the Dogs NSW Journal (May)



Thrilled to have our 25 years of membership with Dogs NSW acknowledged!




Happy 7th birthday to Kayla!

January 2015



Vale  ~  Jacki

Champion Sibertac Chase The Ace ET

Sire:  Am Ch/Ch Karnovanda's Gray Spirit  (Imp USA)         Dam:  Ch Mikulov Spirit O Th Night

This photo was taken in January 2015, at the 10th birthday party of her son Denver

A special dog for Bev Exley and her daughter Antionella

The last survivor of a litter of 2 Grand Champions and 2 Champions with ET titles

19 December 2001  ~    28 October 2015