September and October saw us spend time at Floriade in Canberra - the theme for 2015 was Reflections and the flower beds were planted as floral tributes to the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli, representing iconic symbols of war and peace.  Arrangements of bulbs in colours drew pictures  of medals and ribbons, the dark shadow cast by a plane flying over the multi coloured fields of France, a Slouch hat, the Red Cross, a poppy, the eternal flame and the Southern Cross.



We came across this tribute to the warriors.  An opportunity to donate to the RSL, and plant a poppy on the wall!


A few stand out Tulip blooms were beautiful enough for us to try to photograph


We treated ourselves to NiteFest on 25 September - one of the coldest evenings in that week!  Nevertheless, the experience was worthwhile, to be recommended, and helped with a hot water bottle under my jacket and the Wine and Beer tastings on offer, turned out to be memorable.


The lights and music show on Nerang Pool was a real highlight, midst so many stand out spectacles

Quite a contrast to the day time view of the same pool!


A veritable corridor of lights!

A close up of the walls:

And in daylight - not even a taste of what to expect after dark!


Yes, it was free,  yes, it was tasty, yes, it was warming on the way down!



Dogs Day Out at Floriade on Tuesday 6 October

The youngsters - Corsica and Stellar  may have found the day a bit hot, but enjoyed the walk around



And the flowers were as stunning as 2 weeks ago!



Fun at The House of Mirrors

The picture below demonstrates how it was done!


Plenty of pools for hot dogs like Corsica