2017  -    a year of change


10 December  -  Kora is awarded the 2017 Perpetual trophy at the ACT Companion Dog Club  for Competition Day Point Score winner

2 December  -  4 of our dogs participated in a fund raising photo shoot with Santa at the Kempsey Evening Riverside Markets  -  and they proved popular as well as successful fund raisers

25 November  -  Dicey  -  earned her third Pass and her Rally O Novice title.  Kora - won Rally O Advanced at her first attempt -  at the same Trial, run by Newcastle ABDT Club

22 October  -   a lovely Show double with Tristan winning Best Exhibit in Group and Jingles  winning Best Neuter in Show at Inverell

1 & 2 October  -   Tristan gained 2 titles in 2 days!  His Junior Courser for Lure Coursing and his Show Championship with a Best of Breed win in Canberra

24 August  -  A red letter day - we moved our 17 Huskies and 1 White Swiss Shepherd Dog to our new property in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. We immediately noticed the absence of that bleak Winter weather which we had endured for too many years of living at Captains Flat

29 & 30 July and 12 & 13 August  -  We hiked 16 kilometres for each of 4 days across 2 weekends with Jingles, Mish, Rhett and Corsica (2 legs) who each carried 30% of their body weight in back packs. A total of 64 kms hiking distance.  These 3 Huskies earned their Working Pack Dog titles - the first in NSW, if not Australia!

8 & 9 July  -  Jingles qualified twice at Weight Pull (12 times his body weight was the requirement) for his Working Weight Pull Dog title. On 9 July he pulled 400 kgs - the highest weight pulled at the competition for special awards: Highest Weight Pulled and Highest Weight / Pull Weight ratio

18  June  & 15  July  -  Dicey  won her first 2 Rally O Novice Trials - and she is not yet 12 months old!

18  June  -  Corsica  qualified again at Lure Coursing for her Junior Courser title - the second Husky in Australia with a JC title (after Jingles) and the first female Husky in Australia to do so

28  May  -  Kora  qualified again at Lure Coursing for her Junior Courser title - a first for the breed in Australia

13 + 14  May  -  Kora trialled in Rally O Novice for 2 x 1st Places and her RN title

7  May  -  Kora and Jingles gained Passes at the first Lure Coursing Meet of the season

11 + 12 April -  the Sydney Royal Easter Show  -  both Tristan and Kora won Best Puppy of Breed

Kora  -  our White Swiss Shepherd Dog - gained 2 Rally O Passes on the day she turned 10 months old

Tristan   -  kept up his winning ways with a Best Puppy in Show in March




A big change in our lives  -  we moved away from Captains Flat!  We have agreed to sell the property of Mara's family here at Mikulov and we have moved north to a warmer climate.  All of which is taking quite some time, especially sorting and packing 30 years worth of items  -  and 9 dogs!

11 acres, off the Putty Road near Bulga in the Upper Hunter Valley


Christmas in Adelaide with Richard's family. This pic is Richard, his sisters Irene, Gyna and Wanda and Mum Maria


Some things we thought to have left behind after our move, but doing Santa Sleigh work proved NOT to be one of those!


Saturday 2 December saw the Sleigh and 4 dogs at the Kempsey Riverside Markets where they were props for a photo booth - all in the name of fund raising for a local Kennel Club


25 November  -  a  lovely double at the Newcastle ABDTC Rally O Trial

Dicey  -  earned her 3rd Pass for her Rally O Novice Title:  Mikulov Running With Scissors  JC  RN

Kora  -  1st Place in Rally O Advanced at her first attempt

Kora is awarded the 2017 Perpetual Goldberg trophy at the ACT Companion Dog Club  for Competition Day Point Score winner



22 October  -  the first weekend of Shows since our move  -  at Inverell

Tristan  -  Best Exhibit in Group  (Judge:  Mrs Helen Furber)

Jingles  -  Best Neuter in SHOW


One the first weekend in October Tristan stood out  -  earned 2 titles in 2 days!

1 October -   Junior Courser  -  Lure Coursing


2 October  -  Championship title with a Best of Breed in Canberra



24 August  -  the move with 17 dogs in convoy away from Captains Flat to our new home near Bulga

More pictures of our trek here


In Winter we hiked!  With the dogs carrying back packs.  A new ANKC title is on offer  -  Working Pack Dog (WPD)  and is earned after the dog carries 30% of its body weight in backpacks over four 16 km legs, a total of 64 kms across 2 weekends.  Mara walked the entire distance with them!

Here Richard is with Jingles (what a ham!) and Corsica

Mara is being towed by Jingles and Mish while Richard has Corsica and Rhett Butler




8 & 9 July  -  saw Jingles succeed in 2 Weight Pull competitions held by Dogs ACT in conjunction with the Advance International Gala.  He pulled 400 kgs the required 15 m for his last 2 Qualifications. 

And the moment when Mara realised that Jingles had done the pull successfully!

With the Judge, Eliza Perry (from Melbourne) and his sashes for Highest Weight Pulled  and Best Weight / Pull Ratio

Of course we lined up for his official podium photo!

And at the same cluster, both Jingles and Kora won through to Class in Show

(Kora  =   Best Junior and Jingles  =  Best Neuter)


Corsica - ran in 2 Lure Coursing Trials for 2 Passes and her Junior Courser title. 

The first female Siberian Husky in Australia with a JC title.



Avalanches Corsica Blue JC


7 May - the first Lure Coursing Meet of the season  (at Marchmont, near Yass)

Jingles  -  2 committed runs for his second CAT Pass

Kora  -  learned enough about running on the day to earn 3rd Place and her first Junior Courser Pass



Sydney Royal Easter Show  -  11 + 12 April

Tristan  -  Mikulov This Is Now  

 Best Puppy of Breed  -  Siberian Husky

Kora  -  Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity

 Best Puppy of Breed  -  White Swiss Shepherd Dog




Lure Coursing  -  1 April 2017 at the Dogs NSW Complex in Orchard Hills

the first practise runs for the year saw our dogs have the best time!

Tristan  -  Mikulov This Is Now   -  aged 8 1/2 months


his sister  -  Dicey  -  Mikulov Running With Scissors


Jingles - who knows that "running with the bag" is his destiny

Kora  -  Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity  -  our White Swiss Shepherd Dog - with those long legs, she is built to do this


Sunday 26 March  -  instead of packing items, we took a boot load to the annual Bywong Car Boot Sale  -  and got pictured on the front page of the local rag!  Yes, those are Richard's legs poking out from the left hand side of this shot!  (click on photo to go to a larger version)


Best Neuter in Show!  11 March at Robertson - and Jingles won a 10kg bag of local potatoes  -  we dined out on those for more than a few meals!


Corsica had 5 puppies on 9 December 2016 -  aren't they just gorgeous, and all have gone to the best family homes!


Introducing  Kora  -  our new dog  -  a new breed for us  (aged 8 months in these pictures)


Kora is a White Swiss Shepherd Dog  -  still a rare breed in Australia!

Ch Silversuisse  Dragons  Serenity  (AI)

She came to stay with in October last year and has endeared herself to our dogs as well as to ourselves. We went to enough Shows after she arrived for Kora to gain the final CC points for her Championship title on 9 December 2016, making her the youngest White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia to gain that Champion title.


On the day she turned 10 months old, Kora was entered in 2 Obedience Trials - and passed Rally O Novice  -  twice!

She came into season the next week, and we missed a double trial because we cannot take girls in season to trials.

She needed 3 Passes for her Rally O Novice title, and waited until the ACT State titles in May for 2 more Passes with 1st Placings and that RN title.


Fire!  about 20 kilometres away from us, this area around Carwoola was burnt on 9 February, destroying 15 houses.  Driving along the road is a constant reminder of how vigilant we need to be during the long hot summer


Contrast those pictures with this one taken along the same stretch of road - 3 winters ago -   when the frost lay thick early in the morning (on our way to a show or trial, I would guess)



At the first Shows in Canberra for the year, Rhett gained the final CC points needed for his Championship title  -  a real hero!

Champion Sibertac Hollywood Hero 

-  bred, owned and loved by Brian Parker and his daughter Amanda Meier



Happy 9th Birthday Kayla!  January 24th



Vale  Denver

Mikulov Take Me Home  ET


26  January 2005  ~   1  April  2017

Loved by Patrick and Talitha - the shining light of their Husky pack.  

Brother of Biggles