24 August 2017 saw up load up and head north - away from the cold Winter at Captains Flat to the warmer climes of our new home in the Upper Hunter Valley

This picture shows the layer of frost on our suitcase. 

Also the roofing iron strapped to our faithful Mazda truck!



A double crate at the rear of the truck bed meant a great view for 3 of the Huskies

Jingles of course was Master of all he surveyed from a great perch.

Ellie and Corsica took comfort from his calm demeanor



The dog trailer was full of 5 Huskies and a White Swiss Shepherd. That's Rhett Butler (gray) on the left, and the 2 black youngsters are in the rear - Tristan and Dicey

Have beds  -  Will travel!  A selection of the beds of choice is strapped tot he roof of the trailer



The Hyundai Van carried its fair share of Huskies

Hudson and Bindi - crated beneath one last load of ironing!

Did I mention that the Van was shared with Asia and her 7 pups?  They coped so well with the long hours of travel  -  hardly a peep out of the little ones



At one of the stops on the way - this at the Goulburn McDonalds