2018  -    a year of settling in


-  our computer crashed in July this year

If you have a dog from us, or we have sent you photos of our dogs, would you please email them

as attachments as all our archived photos between 2009 and 2018 were lost   siberians@mikulov.org


Our property at Captains Flat has been sold - after 55 years in the Mikula family!





We're lovin' our new property - especially now that we have been here for a few months!

First task for 2018 was to cut down 4 dying pine trees from the front of the house - and then cut them up for firewood (probably not needed), mulch the thinner, smaller pieces and remove the detritus

Not much left - now that all that work has been done!

Spring 2018  -  and the garden is thriving!


Kora -  spent the last few weeks on 2018 caring for her 2 premature female pups who were born by emergency c section on 10 December

from 2 very fragile and under-developed pups

to stronger, well furred pups with their eyes open, beginning to take an interest in their surroundings


Kora  -  this gorgeous White Swiss Shepherd earned these titles in 2018  -  versatile and willing  -  and with a litter at the finish of the year as a bonus!

Rally O Advanced

Rally O Excellent

Endurance Test

Working Pack Dog

Heelwork To Music  -  Starters

Working Weight Pull Dog


Young relatives of Mara (on her Father's side) visiting Australia from the Czech Republic and cramming as much of Australia in as they could get to.

Sisters, Katerina and Monica, spent a few days with us, and of course we visited Ascella Organic Winery to taste their offerings


A tour to Borneo in October - November  -  so many Orangutans!

A once in a lifetime chance to see Orangutans  -  sharing more pictures here

Enjoy these photos of wild Orangutans who are fed daily at specific sites where we watched their antics


This is the dominant male, with noticeable face phalanges signifying maturity

This female has a very young infant, also a unique tattoo number in her left inner thigh



Championship titles this year!

Champion Mikulov Running With Scissors  RN  JC  -  Dicey

Champion Avalanches Corsica Blue  ET  JC  WPD   -  Corsica



We went to the Adelaide Royal Show in September

While Tristan went into the breed Ring for his final Show, all our dogs enjoyed "fan time" from their adoring public on the benches.


The highlight was both Tristan and Kora competing in Weight Pull  -  both were successful and both earned their 4th Qualification and thus their Working Weight Pull Dog titles  (WWPD)




And this is an enthusiastic Pull in an earlier competition (August - Dogs NSW)


Kora - the first White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia with a WWPD title


here she is taking up the slack and deciding to commit to the Pull in Adelaide


Working through the 5 m at an August competition at Dogs NSW - another success!


Dicey  -  her litter of 3 female pups was born on 11 August  -  all went to the best homes

Here aged 3 weeks

Here aged 6 weeks


We did the Endurance Test in Canberra on 29 July!

4 of our dogs gaited 20 kms beside a bicycle - with a twist this year as both Richard and Mara hired electric bicycles to ease their load

Champion Mikulov This Is Now  JC  RN  ET   (Tristan)

Ch Avalanches Bling Bling  ET  (Bindi)

Avalanches Corsica Blue  JC  WPD  ET   (Corsica)

and Kora  -  our White Swiss Shepherd Dog  - Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity  (AI)  RA  JC ET  -  who insisted that Mara cycle the entire 20 kilometres alongside her!


We tramped the packed dirt trails for miles in Belanglo Forest this Winter  -  the dogs carried 30% of their body weight in back packs, which was about as easy for them as it was for us to do the walking!

We needed to complete 4 legs of 16 kms each for their Working Pack Dog title  (WPD).

Ch Avalanches Bling Bling and Ch Mikulov This Is Now JC RN  made sure that our pack was a close knit family

Corsica has done it!  She has hiked all 4 legs, and is looking great for it!  Corsica has her Working Pack Dog title  (WPD)

Avalanches Corsica Blue JC WPD

Avalanches Asia Snow Blaster  ET   -   the grand lady of our pack



25 May  -  and our Huskies were invited to St Pauls College (University of Sydney) where their Winter Ball was in full swing. The dogs sure added to the Winter theme, and were cuddled by all.  Jingles,  Tristan,  Bindi  and  Kora  were so accepting of myriads of cuddles



The ACT State Titles for obedience and Rally O were held in Canberra on

12 + 13 May

All 3 White Swiss Shepherds worked so well and brought home the Sashes!

Handled by Mara:   Kora (left) Rally O Excellent - 2nd Place at her first trial at this level

                             Tui  (centre)  Rally O Novice -  1st Place and his RN title

Handled by Heather:  ABC (Right)  CCD title gained with 1 x 1st and 1 x 2nd Place 

-       also the CCD title holder for 2018


At the Metropolitan Mid Week Club Rally O Trial on 18 April, I handled the littermates with fabulous results.  They had just turned 2 years old

Kora  -  Rally O Advanced  -  2nd Place  and  TITLE

 Tui  -  Rally O Novice  -  2nd Place  at his first trial in this Sport



Enjoying overseas visitors - Karsten Gronas from Norway with his wife Eveline who spent a week with us after Easter (Karsten had judged at the Siberian Husky Club of NSW Championship Show and is a very experienced sled dog musher).

As well as enjoying as much Australian sunshine as they could, we spent a day touring wineries during the "Little Bit of Italy at Broke" weekend. Ascella Organic Wines are on the next road to where we live - we could walk home from there!


We travelled in February and March!

Hawaii   ~   Florida  ~  a Bahamas Cruise  ~  Mexico  ~  Las Vegas

more pictures here



     What a trifecta!  Morisset Agricultural Society Show  -  11 February

All 3 of our dogs won their Class in Group

Jingles - Best Neuter in Group

Corsica  -  Best Open In Group

Tristan  -  Best of Breed and Best Intermediate in Group


Kora - exciting news as she won on the Dogzonline Point Score for 2017! 

She was No. 1 Rising Star of her breed for NSW

Followed with a 1st Place in Rally O Advanced at Newcastle ABTC on 20 January

Rally O Advanced title gained in April 2018, with 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd Places


Winter sees our favourite canine sporting activity, and the dogs tell us that they just love Lure Coursing.  All 3 have been successful by qualifying at each competition so far.  The dogs need 10 Qualifications to gain their next Lure Coursing title, which is the Coursing Ability Title.

I've always wanted a dog called CAT!

       This is Jingles - who constantly tells us that he was born to run with the bags

Dicey -  with her "airs above the ground"

Kora - who certainly gets carried away when allowed to do this running

(Thanks to Jo Hagan for capturing these photos of our dogs with her split second shutter timing)



The proximity of the open cut coal mines has this surprising side effect:

Bates Hill was fired and these 2 photos were taken a split second apart - such clarity and such an immense blast




Happy 10th Birthday  Kayla  -   24  January