2019   -  we're sharing the highlights of this year


And as November and December came and went, the threat of close bushfires increased


Culminating in this on 31 December - the Rural Fire Service contractor bulldozing a fire trail through the middle of our property  -  not far beyond the dog yards



To keep our small and planted garden looking this good, we need water!


Taking delivery of yet another water tank  -  now we wait for rain


Can't believe that we moved here almost 3 years ago - and it hasn't rained since (virtually)


Kora - became the FIRST White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia to earn a Dances With Dogs -  Freestyle title  (FSS)

19 October  -   2nd Place - we worked a routine to Chubby Checker's song  It's Pony Time



2 September - and Essence reached another milestone. We took the White Swiss Shepherds to the Adelaide Royal Show.  All 3 won their Classes, and Essence won Challenge / Runner Up to Best of Breed - out of Puppy class!  She was 8 months and 23 days old


followed with Essence winning a Best Exhibit in Group  -  27 September 2019 -  New England Celtic & ABKC Show - Best in Group and Best Puppy in Show aged 9 months and 18 days


Hiking through the Winter saw Dicey carrying a Back Pack with 30% of her body weight a distance of 16 kms  -  4 different days across 2 weekends.  Mara hiked with her, and took some extra dogs around the Belanglo Forest for 16 kms legs towards their titles as well.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog:  Ch Silversuisse Dragons Quest (AI) CCD RN CD

German Shorthaired Pointers:  Ch Tarlorise Milo Of The Glen RN

                 Ch Tarlorise Walk On The Wild Side


The result  -  Dicey earned her Working Pack Dog (WPD) title!

Champion Mikulov Running With Scissors  RN JC WPD

Essence made a great start towards her Championship title with 3 x Best of Breed and 3 x Best Puppy in Group wins over 8 - 11 August at Hillsborough

The final CC points needed for this title were gained on 5 October


We took our dogs to the Dog Lovers Show at Sydney's Olympic Park, where we divided our time (and our dogs) between 2 breed stalls

Jingles did a sterling job at the Siberian Husky Club booth, along with River and her daughter Winter. (thanks to Denise for bringing these gorgeous girls)

Essence enjoyed her time on the tabletop at the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Association booth

Joined by Kora in front of a great Swiss backdrop for many, many photos


20 July  -  we took Kora and Essence to Sydney, where each won her Class at all 3 Shows there.

Kora added a 12 point CC to her tally on Friday.

On Saturday, she won Best  Opposite Australian Bred in Show

Essence won Best Minor Puppy in Show

- these wins were at the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Association of NSW Breed Specialty


6 July - and Essence reached another FIRST for the breed with a  3rd Place and 82 /100 in Rally Obedience at Grafton (Rally O Novice level). Aged 6 months and 26 days, she is the YOUNGEST White Swiss with a Rally O Qualification  in Australia.

   Her Mother, Kora (left), earned her 4th Rally O Master Pass with 91/100

she needs 7 Passes for that title.


8 + 9 June - what a weekend - 2 titles gained with our White Swiss Shepherds!

Justin earned the final CC points for his Championship title on 8 June. Aged 7 months and 18 days, he is the YOUNGEST WSSD in Australia to get a CH title - all done in 4 weekends of Shows.

Ch Silversuisse Justin Time

Kora relished running 2 clean runs at the NSW Lure Coursing Association Meet at Orchard Hills on 9 June. This gave Kora her 10th Qualifying Certificate, and thus her Coursing Ability (CA) title. She is the FIRST WSSD in Australia with a CA title

Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity (AI) RN RA RE RAE JC CA ET HTM.S HTM.N WPD


14 April  -  Jingles earns a First for the Siberian Husky breed in Australia.  He ran fast and far for 2 clean runs at the Lure Coursing meet at Orchard Hills.  This gave Jingles his 10 th Qualification, and his Coursing Ability Title  (CAT)


 5 May  -  Jingles earns the final CC Points needed for his Grand Champion title  -  And he made that achievement with a Runner Up to Best Neuter in Show!  Richard handled Jingles at Group level to win Best Neuter in Group, then handed over to Mara for the "In Show" judging.  Thanks to Judge Sandra Reeves for giving him the nod.

This is his final Show appearance as he bowed out at 8 1/2 years old


We took 2 White Swiss Shepherd Dogs to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for breed judging on  16 April  -  and came home with 2 x 1st PlacesKora astounded us by winning Runner Up to Best of Breed, and Essence was Best Baby Puppy in Breed

This picture shows Mara with Kora and Chris Harris with Essence getting the applause with the other major winners in the breed.

And - for the first time in way too many years  -  we went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show without any Siberian Huskies!  The end of that era??


March - and we enjoyed a few weeks in Vietnam  -  based in Ho Chi Minh City, we also visited the sights of Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam.  More pictures here



Kora - started the year off by caring for her 2 daughters, born 10 December 2018, very premature and needing intense care. 

All pulled through, despite a too hot January which saw all of us (dogs and people) sitting under the air conditioner in the back room, just waiting for cooler times!

Essence is staying here to grow up and share fun times with ourselves and her mother

At her first Show on 10 March, Essence placed 3rd in 3 - 6 months Sweepstakes. This was the day she turned 3 months old, the youngest age a puppy can be exhibited in a Show in Australia


2 + 3 March  -  Kora was trialled in Rally O Obedience and won both Classes on both days.  This gave her the RAE title  (Rally Advanced Excellent)

To gain this obedience title, a dog must Pass both Classes at the same Trial, so on the same day, 5 times. The Pass mark is 80 / 100.

Kora WON both Classes at each of her 5 trials, meaning that she gained 10 x 1st Places for the title.

A rare feat  -  not many dogs in Australia have achieved this. And Kora is the FIRST White Swiss Shepherd Dog to do so.


10 March  -  brings us to the story of Milo

Owned by Sue Brown, this German Shorthaired Pointer, Ch Tarlorise Milo Of The Glen, astonished some of us by earning his first 2 Rally O Novice Passes at the CDC Trial that evening.

Mara had only met him that afternoon at the dog Shows and agreed to take him to CDC to trial as Sue had some mobility issues going on.

Not only did Milo Pass, but at Trial 2, he won Novice with 97 / 100

We're committed to finding one more Rally O Trial to earn Milo that RN title  -  which was done in June in Canberra.

Milo also ran successfully for Mara in Lure Coursing at Tarago on 2 June for his first Junior Courser (JC) Pass


Kora  -  her first weekend back out doing ANKC activities after rearing her puppies  - 23 February saw her win BCC at Canberra Royal Show, even though she had dropped all her coat.

24 February  -  Kora WON the Heelwork To Music - Novice class at the Northern Suburbs DTC competition  -  TWICE

This gave Kora the HTM.N title  -  she is the first White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia with this performance title.

We worked to the Badfinger song:  Come And Get It, and I was so pleased with the way Kora held the correct and different positions close to my body.

The top Sash reads: Congratulations on attaining your title


Happy 11th Birthday  Kayla  -   24  January


Vale   ~   Luna  ~  Ch Mikulov Want More Bling 

 3 June 2010  ~  29 January 2019

 (suspected) Snake bite ~ a daughter of Rebel


Vale   ~   Cricket    ~  Champion Tarshona Black Magic  ET

3 October 2005  -  2  May  2019

S: Ch Sibaska Starrstruck ET     :  Ch Volku Pagan Starr ET



We enjoyed having Cricket stay for a few days over Easter - we caught up on good times and made more memories.  3 pictures above were taken then. The other picture shows a young Cricket (left) with her full sister Rebel (Ch Tarshona High Voltage ET  -  who died in late 2018).  These 2 Huskies shaped generations of our dogs, stamping them with a special look, and a gorgeous, sweet nature which we still see some generations away from Cricket and Rebel.


Vale Bindi               9 September 2007    ~    19 July 2019

Champion Sibaska Star Shines On  ET

Our beloved Bindi lost her fight against a debilitating and hard to diagnose illness. The undisputed pack leader until her son Jingles took over. Bindi then retired to live in Canberra with Shadow, our multi-titled Cybord. The last of Kimberley's Sibaska Siberians to live with us has gone and is mourned and missed.