The NSW Government Department of Lands set aside money for some years to cover the cost of rehabilitation work on parts of the abandoned mine site. We were enthusiastic and supportive of all the work done, especially as it led to some very interesting excursions on our part into previously inaccessible areas over several weeks of the years around 2006-2012.

The storage tanks were tackled early on, with this prominent sign as a marker point to locate areas of interest.  More pictures of that work here


These pictures were taken during the unearthing of the main adit (or entrance) and the subsequent work done on cleaning it up and making the area safe for viewing


This is what the area looked like before 1 May 2006


This is the view looking down from above the adit.  Railway tracks have been uncovered and are found to lead directly into the entrance.    That was unexpected!

This picture shows the unearthed top concrete lip and the first letter found  "M"
When the concrete sign was cleared, a bit of delicate 'hands on' work was needed to push through a hole and see what was inside.


Torch, excavator and digital camera were all there  -  just in case.

Everyone lined up to get a photo with the newly unearthed sign that day!

Here are Mara and her brother Peter Mikula on 30 April

And now to answer the big question:  What was inside that space?   The torch revealed . . .

Yes folks, all rubbish and not a single item of historical interest

For safety reasons it was decided to wall in the open tunnel

This was started on 1 May

The cement dried overnight - and so did the immortalising of the names of the builders  -  and on 2 May, the outer wall was built up to finish the job