Hall of Fame

We take this opportunity to highlight some of our special dogs
and their achievements

All of us can recall special times of closeness to a special dog. We have some of our favourites here to share with you.




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Champion Mikulov

Takeover Target   ET   DWD.S   HTM.S

20 May 2009  -  31 December 2011


Taxi was the FIRST Husky in Australia to earn titles in the ANKC performance discipline  Dances With Dogs

11 December 2011  -  2 Passes and 2 Titles

-  Heelwork To Music (Starters)  - done to the tune of "Little Brown Jug"

-   Dances With Dogs Freestyle  (Starters)   to "Jingle Bell Rock" 





Mikulov Etched  In  Frost  RN   ET  DWDF.S

Siberian Husky Club of NSW   ~   POINT SCORE   ~   2011 WINNER 

 Best Puppy  AND  Best Bitch

River was the FIRST Husky in Australia to earn titles in the ANKC activity Rally O and the SECOND with a Dances With Dogs title


Rally O (Novice) title gained  -  21 April 2012

Dances With Dogs Freestyle (Starters) title gained  -  19 August 2012



Australian  SUPREME Champion



our first SUPREME Champion Husky

Title gained at ACT Ladies KC on 2 December 2012  - 

Judge W Thompson (Canada)

BEST of Breed / Best Exhibit in Group



Mikulov  Jingle  All  The  Way 



The FIRST Husky in Australia with a Lure Coursing title (Junior Courser),   the  SECOND Husky and the FIRST male Husky with a Rally O title;  the  SECOND Husky with both Dancing Freestyle and Heelwork to Music titles

Jingles    -  a dog with a wicked sense of humour!

Rally O Novice title gained with 2 Passes on 8 September 2012


Aust Champion Mikulov Earl Grey CD ET (Earl)

2 March 1994   -   7  December  2007


S: Ch Kolyma Silver Bounty     D: Aust/NZ Ch Mikulov A Lone Lady ET


Our first homebred Best Exhibit in Show winner

(all breeds Championship show)



The ONLY Best in Show winning Siberian Husky

with a CD obedience title

At the Leeton-Griffith ABKC on 25 August 1996, Mr Don Watkins (Vic) awarded Earl Best Exhibit in Show.
In that year, 1996, Earl was the winner of the Siberian Husky Club of New South Wales pointscore competition.
Among his many other wins Earl was awarded Challenge Dog at the Siberian Husky Club of New South Wales Club Shows in October 1996 under Mrs Gish Lesh (NSW) and again in October 1998 under Breed Specialist, Ms Edna Stevenson (Vic)

The youngest Siberian Husky to win a Best Exhibit in Show at an all breeds championship show in Australia


Australian Champion

Mikulov Scarlett O Hara (Scarlett)


S: Aust Grand Ch Innisfree's On Target (Imp USA)
D: Aust & New Zealand Champion Mikulov A Lone Lady ET


She was whelped on 20 October 1995, making her 8 months and 10 days old at the time.
This red bitch - owned by Desley Fairhall "Jasabe" Townsville - was awarded Best Exhibit in Show at the Ayr Agricultural Society Show (Queensland) on 28 June 1996.  A record which stood for almost 15 years


Mikulov About Last Night (Abbot)

S: Rossfort Shadrins Light (Imp UK)
D: Aust Ch Chukchii Glacier Girl ET


Won the Baby Puppy trifecta

at his first show


1. He won the 3 - 6 months all breeds Sweepstakes
2. He won Best Baby Puppy in Group and
3. He won Baby Puppy in Show


Whelped on 10 May 1994, 'Abbot, at his first show, on the day he turned 3 months old  -   the youngest age a Baby Puppy can be shown in Australia, he was exhibited at the Trundle P & A Society Inc (NSW) under Mrs June Weston for these record-making wins



Aust & NZ Champion Eukanmanuva Chimo ET (Chimo)


S: Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar (Imp USA)
D: NZ Ch Chinook Of Tundra (NZ)

'Chimo' holds the dubious Siberian Husky breed record of whelping the largest number of pups in New Zealand. She had 8 males and 2 females in June 1999, sired by Aust Ch Mikulov Fire On The Snow  CD ET.
An earlier litter she had for us, sired by the same dog on 6 November 1996, produced two Best Exhibit in Show winners - the red bitches, Ch Mikulov Winterburn (Trudgeon) and Ch Mikulov Spirit Oth Night (Morrison) - and a Best in Group winner in the grey dog Ch Mikulov Due South ET


Aust Grand Champion Volku Sudden Impact ET (Bullet)
15 June 1997   -  16 November 2005

S: Am Ch / Can Ch Kadyak's Native Dancer (USA)
D: Can Ch Kabu's On The Edge Of A Dream (Imp Can)

Many of Bullet's achievements have earned him a place on this list.

Bullet was the Youngest Siberian Husky in Australia to gain the Grand Champion title - 1 000 Challenge points - at the time he passed that milestone, 9 days before his 3rd birthday.

He was the youngest Siberian Husky to be awarded Dog Challenge at the SHC of NSW Championship show. He was 9 months and 15 days old when Mr Hugh Gent (NSW) awarded him this, and also Runner up to best in Show. At that show he also won the 6 - 12 months Sweepstakes and the Best Headed class.

He was the youngest Siberian Husky to win a Best Exhibit in Group (Group #1) at a Royal Show when Mrs S Rickard (Vic) awarded him this, plus Runner up to Best in Show at the Darwin Royal Show on 26 July 1997. He was 13 1/2 months old.

He was the first Siberian Husky to win Best Exhibit in Show at the prestigious North of The Harbour Winter Classic Show in Sydney, which boasts a full panel of international judges. On 18 July 1998, he was awarded best of Breed and best Exhibit in Group by Mr CE MacDonald (South Africa) and went on the win Best Exhibit in Show under Mr D Powers (Mexico).

The next day Bullet gaited 20 kilometres and earned his ET title


Aust Champion Mikulov Patches






21 August 1997    -    24 November 2006
Our Patches was the first Australian born and bred male piebald Siberian Husky in Australia to gain his Champion title - done easily with 2 Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group awards. He was the third piebald Champion to be made up in Australia, after 2 mature imports.

He was the first and only piebald in Australia with a CD (Obedience title) and an ET (Endurance Test) title, and gained 2 titles within 7 days (Champion on 7 May 2000 and CD on 13 May 2000).

Patches gaited the 20 kilometre distance for his ET title on 6 August 2000, making him the only Siberian Husky to have gained 3 titles in 3 months. He has AD (Novice Agility) and JD (Novice Jumpers) titles, as well as 2 Flyball titles,  and AAD Agility titles

the only Champion and registered Siberian Husky in Australasia to gain ANKC titles in Flyball


We played a part in helping gain the title of Grand Champion for our first Mikulov Husky late in 2002.

Gromit, the lovely (then) eight year old red male owned by

Nicky and John Edwards who live in Adelaide



Australian Grand Champion Mikulov Fire In The Sky  ET