Australian Champion

Mikulov Patches


21 August 1997   -  24  November 2006

I thought of you today   -   but that's nothing new

I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too

I think of you in silence and often speak your name

All I have are memories    -    and pictures in a frame



Titles in six different disciplines  -  his excellence was rewarded with

                                                    Australian Champion  (Ch) -  May 2000

                                                    Companion Dog obedience  (CD)  -  May 2000

                                                    Endurance Test (ET)  -  August 2000

                                                    Novice Agility (AD)  -  June 2001

                                                    Novice Jumping  (JD)  -   November 2001

                                                    Novice Flyball Dog  (FD)   -   April 2003

                                                    Australian Agility Dog  (AAD)   -   June 2003

                                                    Flyball Dog Excellent  (FDX)   -   September 2003

                                                    Novice Jumpers Certificate (NJC)   NADAC  - Sept 2004

                                                    Novice Agility Certificate (NAC)   NADAC  - Sept 2004



photo by Sue Town

Patches is one of my all time favourite dogs.  He is the first one I trained using the clicker and I feel that the time and effort I put into Patches (daily, over some years) has resulted in him becoming a remarkably willing and perceptive dog.  When working with me, he watched closely and was very tuned into my body language, seeming to do what I wanted with no obvious commands or signals from me. Patches gained ten titles, and I was thrilled with this achievement knowing that it will be many years before this breed record is matched, let alone surpassed.

It's daring to be different   -   even from a very early age!


It was quite a surprise for puppy #3 to be a piebald, given that his dad was grey and his mother is red.

A puppy's natural instinct to retrieve was encouraged and worked with from an early age 

-  even if Patch chose a sock to steal!


Through winter of 2004 Patches worked in NADAC Agility,

gaining his first two NADAC titles NJC and NAC in September


Through 2003 he enjoyed the sport of Flyball where he competed in one of the

ACT CDC (Companion Dog Club) teams.

At Canberra Royal Show 2003, his first competition, he gained 11 Flyball Dog points. 

At Sydney Royal Easter Show 2003 he gained 21 more points, enough for his first title.

At Werriwa on 27 September, he gained another 115 points, enough for his FDX title.


The story of Patches and Flyball is told in an article Mara wrote

 (click here)


His Australian Flyball Association  (AFA)  registration number is 578A. 

Patches was the AFA Dog of the Week (18 July 2003) 

For his feature article,  go to the AFA Web Site


Through 2003 we tackled Open Agility and gained 2 passes towards that title.              

Canberra Royal Show - 3rd out of 40 + entries

SHC of NSW - 3rd

Photo by Caron-Lee & Ingo Kahl

In August 2003 we auditioned in Sydney for a television program called Bark Off.

We devised a routine which combined obedience, agility, tricks and doggy dancing, worked around a "Mission Impossible" theme.

While we were applauded for our performance, we did not get a role 

- we found out later that Patches was TOO WELL TRAINED!

Still, it was a fun day, one which reinforced my confidence that Patches would do whatever I asked of him

- if he could understand what I wanted.




the start of the Bark Off routine              -                     some of the dogs who auditioned


We got a photograph with Molly Meldrum for the Web Page!



On the first weekend in November 2003, we participated in the

9th Australian Healthpact Masters Games

Dog Handling  -  Open Obedience, Open Agility and Cross Country


We weren't rushing over the A Frame

Medals galore! 

Open Agility   -   Gold

Dog handling Overall for my age group   -  Silver

Cross Country  -  Silver

Open Obedience  -  Silver


Read more about Patches' participation in the Masters Games   

Click Here


Patches was the July 2004 "Photo of the Month"  on the ADAA Web Site




Patches' page is included in the world-wide list of three Performance Siberians

on this Site

Siberian Husky World    WorkingDogWeb




3 notable piebalds  -  Batman,  Patches  and Keisha (Batman's mother)


An "all round fun" dog to be with  -  Patches loved life and always tried his best for me


 running free  -  with Rhea

with Batman  -  his black piebald cousin



The Adelaide Royal Show in September 2004 saw the

largest number of piebald Siberian Huskies at any Royal Show in Australia to date



from left:

Iceman   Chinnookums The Iceman  7/5/04  owned by A&B Parker & L&J Harris

(Sibermoon Runticus   x  Articfox Neeka)


Batman   Jasabe Batman Returns ET

Teaser   Keelinga Spot O Tea   22/3/04   R&M Herba

(Articmate Snowman  x  Keelinga Flite O Fantasy  (iid) )







meeting Dr Harry


filming a Magnet Mart TV commercial with Clint

Doggy Dancing - jump over my leg


Doggy Dancing - the finale  -  salute to the public

Agility demonstration at Pet Expo 2000

     On 10 June, 2001 Patches passed Novice Agility for the 3rd time to gain his  AD (Agility Dog) title.

4 August, 2000 saw Patches gaited to his ET

(Endurance Test) title by Erin Frewin


            with Kitty at the ACT State Obedience titles  - 

                  13 May 2000


On the 13th of May, 2000 Patches was fifth in the Novice Dog Class at the ACT State  obedience Titles

with a qualifying score of 175. This give him his third qualifying score and CD (Companion Dog) title. 

The picture shows him with Kitty who was 4th in Novice Bitch at her first Obedience trial. 


These were the only 2 Siberians entered! 

Kitty went on to become Ch Mikulov U Canbe A Blak Kat CD ET

and spent her life as a much loved pet with Michael Earle.


On the 7th of May, 2000 Patches went Dog Challenge and Best of Breed

and thus got his final CC points and qualified for the conformation title Australian Champion.

Aust Ch Mikulov Patches  CD AD  JD  ET  AAD  FD  FDX  NAC  NJC

Sex Male  
21/8/1997   - 24/11/2006 Breed Siberian Husky
Owner R & M Herba Breeder R & M Herba
Colour & Markings White Grey Piebald Call Name Patches
CH Kolyma Silver Bounty CH Rossfort Nijinski  (Imp UK) Am Can CH Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin CD Snowmist's Blizz Of Arctic Light
Am CH Kimlan's Kisima Of Arctic Light
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal Am CH Mangden's Korvik Of Telemark
Am CH Arcticlight's Gypsy Sinner
CH Innisfree's N York Blazing Star  (Imp USA) Am CH Innisfree's Red Roadster CD Am CH Weldon's Beau Tukker
Am CH Innisfree's Kissing Sinner
Innisfree's Orange Omega Am Can CH Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Innisfree's Isis
Aust CH / NZ CH Eukanmanuva Ureka  (Imp NZ)

NZ Gr CH Matrak Myvidov


CH Matrak Miloshki CH Sneginka Yukon Bear
CH Kimoberg Kopek Penny
CH Kolyma Vital Spirit CH Rossfort Nijinski  (Imp UK)
CH Innisfree's N York Blazing Star  (Imp USA)
Eukanmanuva Tia Becochase Of Tevra Kuvinaad Taigen
Kuvinaad Tevra
NZ CH Chinook Of Tundra NZ CH Kuvinaad Cheska NZ CDX NZ Obed CH
NZ CH White-Fang Sasha




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