Coco's Story


Coco was abandoned in a NSW Boarding Kennels with her pure bred Husky male companion in September 2007. 

When it was realised that she was pregnant, Coco came to us to have her litter.

On 23 November 2007, 4 pups were born.  One of them didn't make it. We undertook to raise the pups and find homes for them.

All the puppies have gone to their new homes now  -  happy, weaned and healthy



4 days old

3  weeks  old



Little Miss


black and beautiful female

This one is growing up to be stocky and chunky  -  showing more similarities to Cattle Dog or Border Collie ancestors


She has brown eyes and her short coat is predominately black, with a scattering of brown hairs through it.  She is loving her new life in outer Sydney



This pup grew up very similar to her mother, with a rich red coloured coat and warm brown eyes.  Her fur is shorter than a purebred Husky and her markings are almost identical to those of her mother.


Aimee went to live in Sydney




This one is growing up with almost 100% Siberian Husky physical characteristics.


She is enjoying her new life with two other Huskies in Moss Vale


Mother:  Coco

3/4 Husky  -  but all heart  -  took a longer time to re-home. After being desexed and cared for by Ania Smarz in Canberra, the best lifetime home in Melbourne was found.

Dad:  Gizmo  -  re-homed to Brisbane - and loving it!



In June 2013, we were delighted to read this from Sharon:


It has been 5 years now since Coco came to us and hasn't time flown by!  She has accepted (or gracefully put up with!) another two dogs joining our household, home renovations, various attempts by the house-humans at landscaping, human visitors coming and going, and a cranky, old male cat trying to "rule the roost"!

Coco is well-recognised around the neighbourhood, and still gets complimented on what a "beautiful" dog she is, and "Such a Lady!".  She particularly likes our walks to the local beach and really enjoys swimming - especially when it's a hot summer day.

Coco shares a special bond with my little boy Charles (who has a neurological disorder), and is quite protective of him and assists him by letting herself be used as a support for walking up and down steps and by shielding him from the other dogs when they are excited and trying to jump up on him.


Coco has herself had a couple of health setbacks at the beginning of this year - a nasty ear infection and then pancreatitis so has spent a little time at the vets and is now on a special, low-fat diet to keep things in check.




We heard that Coco passed away peacefully on 23 December 2016  

-  such a long and happy life for this deserving and very lucky dog!