A story of some dogs in need and how their lives turned around for the better, thanks to a very generous family


Chris and Barbara Philbrick contacted us in July 2007 when they read Diesel's information on our Web Page.


"We would be interested in Diesel, he is a stunning looking dog. How could someone mistreat him?  One of us (mainly Barbara) is home most of the time, we and have the time to spend with Diesel in a non threatening environment.  He will have room to move and find his own space without getting loose and he could settle in under the guidance of Delilah and Max."


Here is their story about Dezi


We had an uneventful trip home to the South Coast of NSW, arriving about 6 pm.  Dezi traveled well and slept during the trip occasionally sitting up to check on us and stick his nose behind Chris’ right ear, between the two of us or just glancing out the window.


We tried to put him out in the garage last night, but he cried, scratched at the door, so he came inside and spent the night inside and settled finally after pacing for a couple of hours – no messes, thank goodness.


This morning at 6.15am when Chris was taking the other two dogs out, he got very excited, so I got dressed and we took them all out.  He loved being on a 40 metre leash, charging around, thoroughly enjoying the freedom.  Today has been spent quietly with him inside with me most of the day, and lying down beside me and being quiet, settling in quite well, still skittish about sudden movements, but seems to be improving, coming when he is called and wanting attention, especially when the other two dogs are getting patted.


From his behaviour so far he was definitely a man’s dog, though it may be his reaction to the alpha male, he is house trained and understands “come”.  He has obviously been fed from the table at some time as he hovers at meal times. 

He definitely has been a house dog previously and obviously has had a traumatic incident that caused him to mistrust people but he is coming on by leaps and bounds and given time will turn into a treasure.


A new family can make such a difference!

With Barbara (left) and with Chris (above)

What a difference two weeks have made.  When we first got Dezi, he was a very anxious, timid dog.  The first two days, he was only allowed off the enclosed deck on a lead, then he was free with a long lead, with a piece of bamboo tied to it, just big enough that if he tried to get through the fence, it would get caught up, but then we got tired of releasing him when he got caught up.  He has now been free to run in the enclosed back garden for over a week and has made no effort to escape.  He comes when called, comes for attention, and happily follows Barbara around the garden. 

He knows when it is time to go for walks, and loves charging around the paddock checking out the smells on a 40 metre lead, comes when called. He charges around, running between both of us and the look on his face is pure joy.  He enjoys being spoilt with treats, and is in raptures being brushed.


He loves the damp patches in the paddock just below the dam and he must have needed to find them to get water whilst on the run.  We wonder how long it was.

He comes inside and settles down quietly and quickly.  Enjoys the company of the other dogs, Max is definitely the alpha male, though Dezi and Delilah have still to sort out their pecking order, but apart from the occasional growl, there are no major problems.  He is still wary of strangers, but now retreats a short distance, rather than hiding.  He occasionally gets into mischief but a short sharp "UH" stops any further misbehavior, like taking empty blood and bone bags, he is quite funny!!

We now have three dogs, Max with his beautiful brown eyes, Delilah with clear blue eyes and Dezi with a one brown and one blue eye.


We have grown to love him in a short time, he has the sweetest temperament, and we are proud and pleased to provide him with "doggie heaven"


Vale  Dezi   ~  passed away 31 March 2016



Delilah  -  a tumour scare  - age 14 years

When Mara was clipping Delilah in November 20120, she saw an enlarged area on her back above her tail.  A visit to her Vet revealed a large tumour and it was decided to surgically remove it.

The surgery removed a 2 kg growth/tumor that was not attached to the skin or any major internal parts so the prognosis was hopeful.   A biopsy of the tumor was done so that we can determine a plan for the future.   She was a strong and healthy girl so should have had a few more years. 


On the eve of Cheenah Pegii Delilah’s (Delilah) 15th Birthday in early September 2011 here are some pictures of her.  As you can see she is happy and healthy.

She was, naturally, showing a bit of age, but enjoyed the excursion into the paddock, though followed her own very strict regimen.  Although at times she froliced about like a puppy and enjoyed sniffing around for rabbits or whatever!

Like us all as she grew older she did not appreciate her routine being disrupted or changed.  She still enjoyed a pat and a cuddle and could demolish a bone very efficiently.  Although she hated being brushed and groomed so at times looked a bit of a “scruff” until we drew the line!!   Independent Old Lady!!! 

Thank you for rescuing her and you can be assured she was loved and cared for till it was time for her to cross the “Rainbow Bridge”. 

Then in June 2012 came this news:  the Cutaneous Myxoma that she had removed 18 months ago had returned and was more aggressive (growing very fast), extensive and had invaded, and was constricting, her anal sphincter and its surrounds.  Surgery was not really an option as it would involve significant portions of her bowel.  Myxomas are invasive and a further recurrence was probable.  She was also beginning to suffer increasing disorientation.

Chris and Barb made that sad decision (although it was really already made for them). She had a good life with them and was 16 ¾ years old.

Cheenah Pegii Delilah  N1633828

6 September 1996     ~    23 June 2012

Vale Lila   ~  passed away  aged 16 years 9 months


Remembering Max


26 December 2000   ~  6  April 2014


A lucky Husky - lucky to have found Chris and Barbara when he needed sanctuary to have have lived many happy years with them

A son of  Champion Mikulov Earl Grey    and    Chekita Ebony and Ivory