A  Forever  Home for a  Husky  in need

            is truly a  Happy  Ending

We feature some of the Siberian Huskies who we personally have helped find new family homes,

homes where they are valued and loved for all of their lives.



Zeke  -  a long coat or woolly Husky  -  came from a Pound in Sydney in December 2009


This picture shows his badly neglected coat - forming a solid wall of matted hot and filthy fur around his body.

We looked deeper than just the coat  -  and into the eyes of a friendly and gentle Husky who just needed a break and a new start


He went to a new home in northern NSW in February 2010


Read about his coat and what it takes to look after a long coat Husky here


Grooming a long coated Husky


In late 2007 we took in Coco -  a dog with a difference  -  she was pregnant when she turned up - having been abandoned in a Boarding Kennel at Taree (NSW)


Coco passed away peacefully on 23 December 2016  -  a lucky dog to have found a family who loved her and cared for her for so many years

Read Coco's story here




Dezi was a scared and lost young black and white male who came from the Wagga Wagga Council Dog Pound in July 2007.  We waited so long for the right people to adopt him  -  and Barb and Chris Philbrick were these people!  He joined Delilah and Max who were happy and settled with them already.


In May 2008, Tara (who was Treasure) went home to live out the rest of her life with this caring family.


In November 2010 Delilah had a 2kg tumour removed from her back - what a scare for an old dog - but she lived past her 16th Birthday!


Sadly Dezi died on 31 March 2016

Click here to read about these dogs


Each Husky who has stayed here and who has been placed in a new home deserves to be remembered. 

Here are their pictures





Chelsea  - a black and white female with too much energy for a pregnant Mum with a toddler. Chelsea arrived in October 2018, and stayed till the "right" family turned up in June.

Winter  -  a black and white male puppy who was surrendered to us in March, aged 14 weeks, after he started being a puppy with teething issues. He went to a sensible family in the Hunter Valley who started training from day 1.



Archie  - sadly surrendered after his owners moved unto rental accommodation. Now a happy family member in Canberra, with Harli as his Husky friend

Kruze  -  bought as a Christmas present for a family with 6 children. Raised with love and care - but he grew too large, too energetic and way too playful. He found a great home as a calming companion for an older, insecure female Husky.


Kobe  -  surrendered after his family moved house  -  aged 12 years. Happily he quickly found a retirement home in Melbourne with Anna - who already had 2 elderly Huskies for company





Eddy  -  a black & white male found wandering on 7 December 2016. Bite wounds on both hind legs and scrotum. Stitched treated and neutered by RSPCA, who then asked Husky rescue to foster and re-home him.  This lucky Husky has a great home in Melbourne with Andrew (another Husky)



Fletcher - turned up in need again! After he was rescued in near starvation in 2013, his home disintegrated due to family illness. Lucky for him - Fletcher found a great home at Kiama.  Walks on the beach for Fletcher these days!



Ace  -  a black & white neutered male who came here for care while he was waiting for a new home back in March.  Ace now lives in Melbourne - and sleeps on the bed!



Liam -  a Ranger at Orange Council asked us to take this dog as he was surrendered after killing a cat. He went to live in Albury - in a home with no cats!

Dakota  -  a black & white female aged 18 months who we were asked to reprieve from Inverell Council Dog Pound after she was seized while chasing goats.  She found a home in Brisbane with a young couple who wanted to add one more to their Husky pack.



Mr Cozmo Star  -  This happy and energetic black & white male was hit by a car and his right front leg was amputated on 22 February.  He came to us for fostering and re-homing, and found the best possible home in Adelaide.



Mya  -  born in July 2006, we wondered if such an old dog would find a new home, after we were asked to take her out of the Canberra Dog Pound.  However, a wonderful family from Melbourne drove up to meet her, and took Mya home  -  for good!

Murray -  a 3 y o gray male who we were asked to take from a Southern Highlands Council Dog Pound. He found the best home in Melbourne with 2 other Huskies and a blogger!





Finn  -  a pure white eye catching male who was surrendered after he grabbed a cat.  Many people wanted Finn, but with our careful screening, he found a home with no small animals.  A happy ending all round

Storm  (now Marley)  -  a female Malamute x Husky who had been through several homes in her 4 years.  She is now living in a retirement village in Canberra - where her happy nature is brightening up many of the residents, as well as her owners.

I just wanted to tell you what joy Marley brought into Tony's and my life. 
Tony would take Marley with him in his Colorado almost everywhere he went. 
Since Tony's heart attack Marley has been a great comfort and wonderful 
companion to me and I just wanted to thank you for rescuing Marley and 
giving her to us. She is a very beautiful and special girl. 
I'm often stopped by people in the Village and told this. 
I've also been walking her outside the Village and people stop to tell me 
what a beautiful looking dog I have!  (September 2019)


Nala  -  a red and white gorgeous long coat or woolly who was surrendered to RSPCA Shoalhaven and who we were asked to take in.

After 3 weeks of grooming she was transformed into this stunning red head who went to live in Wagga Wagga - replacing a recently passed old dog.


Cosmo  -  a 5 year old Malamute x Husky who was surrendered after a marriage breakdown.  He went to a great home in Canberra as a companion for a young Husky

Karli (now Yuki)  a black and white female with blue eyes who was found wandering on the Pacific Highway near Toncurry!  This lucky lass found a great home in Canberra where she gets the best of everything!

Coco  -  a black & white female Husky who spent time at RSPCA Shoalhaven. We were asked to take her in, and she found a great home in Canberra - to help fill the gap left after a much loved older Husky had passed away

Chase  -  a black and white male who we were asked to reprieve from the Canberra RSPCA.  It took a while, but he found the right home in Canberra, with a family who had a shy woolly female Husky.

Diago - a red & white male, born 20 June 2007, who was surrendered when his owmers moved onto property - out of town.  It took some months for the right home to turn up, but Diago went to live in Bombala - a great companion following the passing of Dezi (story above)

Teddy Bear  -  a gray and white male who was surrendered for re-homing at 11 months of age when he grew too big and jumped up on the children. He went to an active young man in Canberra who has given him heaps of attention  -  and exercise

Suzi - came to us as an unsocialised and in season 8 month old pup. Desexed and given attention and exercise, though she still gives her new owner some heart-stopping moments, Suzi is home to stay!



Marley  -  a lovely black female who had been re-homed a few times through her life (born in June 2009). This time we kept her until we were sure that the couple who took her would keep her.  And they did!

Whiskey  -  a 6 year old red and white female who was surrendered because her family had no time for a dog with 2 small children in the home.




Czar  -  9 1/2 years old, and needing a home after a marriage breakdown.  Czar went to live with a  family in the Hunter valley, was operated on for a dislocated hip on 4 December and recovered well enough to continue enjoying his new lease on life.  MANY THANKS to all who donated to help us with the cost of this operation  (a bit over $ 1 800)





Pearl  -  a gorgeous black and white 14 months old female Husky who was surrendered by her owners when she grew into an untrained and under exercised young adult Husky.  A caring couple in Leichhardt gave Pearl a home where her needs were met and she became a well-adjusted family pet




 Willow  -  A black and white 16 months old female Husky who was surrendered by her owner as an untrained and destructive young adult.  She went to Sydney to live a comfortable life with a  new family


   Honey  -  Surrendered following a marriage breakdown, this 8 year old red and white female Husky found a fabulous home with her own new pack (Keeshonds and a male Husky) on the NSW Central Coast, where she enjoyed runs on the beach, and visited Santa at Christmas time

In January 2019 we were told some sad news that Honey has a rare cancer and the vet thought she had only weeks left. 

More pictures of the extraordinary life Honey led in her new home are here


Lilly   -  came to us from the Pound in Casino after being seized when found roaming loose, and pregnant.  Her 4 pups were born on 22 May and raised here until they were old enough to go to families who so wanted to take home a rescued Husky pup.


Lilly went to live with a couple who worked at Uluru in the Northern Territory  -  what a well travelled Husky!

Jasper  -  a gray and white neutered male, aged 9 months when surrendered to the Orange  (NSW)  RSPCA by his owners who could not take him when they moved house.  This lucky Husky easily found a home in Canberra with a young couple whose Samoyed had recently passed away.  Jasper goes to obedience training classes at the ACT Companion Dog Club every week  -  so necessary for a young male Husky.



Thor  (was Max)  -  a gray and white male who was surrendered by his owners after being hit by a car in southern Sydney.  A caring Vet set the break and asked Husky Rescue to take him in, so he arrived here on 9 March.  Thor found a home in Canberra with a young female Husky friend.


Hunter  (was Bruno) came here from the Canberra Dog Pound, weighing 17 kgs, way too thin, after being surrendered for re-homing.  He quickly found a great new home in Brisbane  -  another lucky Husky!


Diesel - when his owner became too ill to care for an active one year old Husky, we were asked to take him in and find a new home, which we did!  Diesel now lives in Canberra, and loves his new life!

Roger - a darling red male born in February 2004, needed a new home when his owners' life situation changed and they started travelling to remote nursing situations with work.

Chris and Barb welcomed Roger, despite his lame hind legs, having 2 cruciate ligaments repaired over the years.  We heard that Roger passed away on 14 January 2018  -  just 1 month shy of his 15th birthday


Kira  -  was surrendered when her owners moved and could not keep her.  She now has a loving home in Canberra  -  what a piece of luck!


Noya  -  a pure white beautiful girl  - and so lucky to find a home in Queanbeyan, with a family who took her to the South Coast for weekends!  Sadly she died in her sleep on 6 December 2015


Afah  -  this 2 1/2 year old red male was surrendered to the Rutherford (NSW) RSPCA.  We were asked to take him out of the shelter environment and re-home him.  He had only been with us a few weeks when we heard the sad news about Noya.  Afah helped fill the gap in that family's home and settled in quickly.




Nitro  -  a black and white male Husky who had been surrendered to Camden Vet Clinic for euthanasia.  The nurses found him too nice a dog and asked us to reprieve him, which we did.  Nitro was lucky enough to find a great home with a young active couple in Canberra

Kya  -  this red female was a reluctant surrender by her owner when neighbours complained that poultry had been killed.  Such an "almost perfect" Husky found a great family in home in Canberra within a few days of being advertised!


Claude  -  a truly remarkable Husky born with a withered front leg and reprieved from a Sydney Dogs Home. Didn't stop his new family from seeing beyond the deformity to a gorgeous and so loving Husky


Lulu  -  this gray female was surrendered when her owner became too sick to look after her.  She arrived here on 6 January, and waited patiently until a Husky experienced family met her in May - and took her home that day!

Lulu thrived in her new home. These pictures were taken after 12 months of happy family life.  All it takes is a little bit of TLC for a rescued dog to bloom - and repay your kindness in so many ways.




   Cohen - we were asked to foster him via RSPCA Yagoona as he was not thriving there

He is now very happy in Darwin and has a Husky friend!

It took a few months - but the right home for every dog will turn up



Fletcher  -  a too thin young male who spent a chunk of time through this year in a shelter after being seized - weighing 19 kgs.  He came to us for rehabilitation and re-homing and is now in Canberra - a lucky dog - and so worth while to save!


Jazzie  -  this red female was found straying and quite thin (starving)  in western Sydney and after spending time in Renbury Animal Shelter, was reprieved and came to us for fostering and re-homing.  She now lives on the NSW South Coast and is starting to run in harness with her friend Diesel


Cameo and Chatelaine  -  2 litter sisters born on 18 October 2012 and not sold when they were pups.  These were surrendered in to us for re-homing in April 2013 - after they had outgrown the cute and cuddly stage.


Chatelaine  -  gray and white with blue eyes - is now living in inner Sydney

Cameo  -  black and white - went to live in western Sydney with Aidan and his family

Chloe - this gray and white female Husky was left with a family friend when her owner was posted to Afghanistan.  After some months, it was agreed that Chloe could be re-homed so she came to stay with us while this was organised.  Chloe now lives with a family with 4 children in Menai, NSW.

Astra  -  a gray and white long coated female Husky, she was surrendered for re-homing after her owners went to live overseas and left her with Dad - on a rural property where of necessity she was kept chained.  Now living in Castle Hill - a true city girl!


Sammy - this black and white female was impounded at the Goulburn City Council Pound on 7 January and released to us for re-homing as she was a stray and no owner turned up for her.  She now lives in Cooma


Miika - a gray and white female picked up as a stray, and later surrendered by her owner. Aged just 10 months when she arrived here for fostering, Miika found a great home in Western Australia.






Misty  -  a red girl from a Pound in Sydney who found her new place in Danijela's life in Canberra - just in time for Christmas:

We do our morning walks of 30 minutes - I use this time to continue with basic obedience: stop sit wait go shake drop and come. I found she is most responsive during this time and I get almost 100% from her. Dog park and socialisation with other dogs are reserved for the early evenings. We do have other Huskies to play with. She is happy to follow me around in the dog park and bring the occasional ball back, plays well with all -   even small annoying dogs.

New Years Eve  -  we had a party, German Shorthair Pointer, American Staffy and Misty. We had a BBQ at my place and the dogs played, Misty being ‘hostess’ was so well behaved.  At the end they all slept together for a while until I was ready to go to sleep then I called her in to join me . . .


Mika  -  in Adelaide with Jackie and Kym who wrote in September:


She really has come out of shell in the past month.  We think of her a cat stuck in a dog’s body.  She loves to give cuddles and kisses and would jump up on the couch and curl up in your lap if you’d let her.  She is the complete opposite to Chevy.  Chevy likes pats but after a couple of seconds, he’s bored and wants to go do his own thing too.  Whereas Mika loves pats and as long as you keep patting her, she will stay by your side.  A few times we’ve been driving somewhere, and she jumps into the front on Kym’s lap only to want to curl up and have cuddles. 


She is just an absolutely beautiful girl and we couldn't imagine life without her.  She is the perfect fit for our family and we thank you so much for everything you have done.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring this beautiful girl into our home. 


   Benji  -  This pure white male Husky was surrendered to Backtown Council Dog Pound in June by his owner.  Benji quickly found a new home with a family on NSW's South Coast - to help fill the gap left by the recent death of their pet Malamute.

Harlow  -  a gray and white female born 21 August 2011, and pulled out of a Council Pound in April 2012.  She went to a family in Castle Hill - company for Memphis, their pet Husky - very generous of them all!


  Sasha  -  born on 30 June 2011, she was sold as a young pup to an extended family who lived on land in western Sydney with inadequate fencing to contain a growing and active Husky.  She was hit by a car on 2 March and after the break was plated and screwed by AWL, she came here to rest and recover.


It took 8 weeks for the bones to mend, and yes, it was difficult to keep her calm and stop her running and jumping - all which may have set back the healing process.  After that time, we screened many calls until we found the right family for her  -  they lived a few suburbs away from where she came from!  She went there as a healthy and active Husky  -  just before her 1st Birthday!  She finally got a "lucky break"



   Khan  -  His owners surrendered him to Blacktown Council Dog Pound in Sydney in March 2012, saying he was too big for their yard.  He was born on 20 March 20122 - making him 11 months old. His ears were badly fly bitten - that will heal with treatment and time.


After doing all his Vet work, Khan went to a home in Goulburn with a young couple, looking for a Husky to love. They took him to the Million Paws Walk in May - and met Rach and Chad


 Monty   -  a too thin gray and white male pup who arrived here in February 2012, being surrendered by his owners, aged 13 months.  He quickly found a home in Sydney with a family with 4 children - to play, exercise and love him!


 Dime  -  a black and white male who was surrendered by his sick owner when he was 11 months old.  He stayed for long enough to get the Vet work done, then went to a great new home in Tasmania

He sure is a  Lucky Dime


 Cyba  -  turned up again at 11 years old!
for the 3rd time  -  his story this time around was that he was surrendered to the Griffith Dog Pound in Western NSW.  Of course we took him in, and he went to a home in Sydney with Quinn - another rescued Husky

 Mailen (was Bide)  and Sass  - 2 white litter sisters who were bred in Victoria and sold through a Canberra Pet Shop - ended up here looking for new homes after their owner was involved in a motor cycle accident at Christmas 2011 and had to move accommodation to recuperate.  Both found the best new homes and are happily settled in Canberra.


 Shadow  -  15 months old with congenital deformities of both front legs (meaning that the deformed joints turned her feet outwards) - her owner was too sick to keep her any more so Shadow stayed with us till her new home came along.  In January Shadow went to live in Perth with Katrina's family  -

I can't imagine my life without her now.  She is eating a lot more, which is great and she seems very happy.  Jake (our Labrador) adores her as does my daughter and I.  She has slotted into our family like the perfect piece to a puzzle and we would never part with her, we adore her. I take them both for a run at 0400 before work and then she is waiting for me at the door when I get home from work to go for another run.  She only seems to want to go outside to go to the loo or when its run time. She goes to the toilet and then runs really fast back inside, and gets back on her spot on the lounge.

Thank you so much for allowing her to come and live with us. She is the most perfect dog; settles so easily and is so very loving.  We are so very happy and love her dearly.

This picture shows Shadow relaxing in February 2012


Our beautiful girl turned two a couple of weeks back, she is loving life bossing everyone around and organising the house to suit her needs (ha ha). She is the most beautiful girl and we are blessed to have her in our lives. Shadow and Jake are like two peas in a pod, they do everything together.

Anyway just thought I would give you an update on our beautiful girl whom we absolutely idealise, I could not image my life now without her in it, she is the most cuddly bear I have ever meet such a smoocher but ever so intelligent.

Her weight is perfect and she looks terrific

Here in October 2012:



This year started with Tasman - a neglected Husky in Tasmania who was rescued by Meika and with our encouragement and the generous donations of so many of you, found the Vet care he so urgently needed.


We thank you all for restoring Tasman to the gorgeous dog he once was and delivering him to his new home with Des and Marguerite in Brisbane.

For his story CLICK HERE    


Erik The Red was found in the Renbury Animal Shelter in western Sydney - aged around 9 weeks!

Why such a young and friendly pup was roaming the streets remained a mystery, and we are still asking why no owner turned up.

Erik went to a great family home in Canberra - replacing an older Husky who had recently died  -  a happy ending all round!

Rusti was in the Renbury Shelter and came here with Erik - no relation, though.  Rusti found a home with Andy in Canberra who was missing his Husky Breeze and needed another furry friend to come home to.

We heard that Rusti passed away on 22 March 2015 after a short illness

Thank you Rusti for many years of companionship




THANK YOU for your help with Tasman - a very deserving Husky in need of Vet work, food and a flight to Canberra just after Christmas in 2010 where was fostered with us here then went to a forever home in Brisbane

For his story CLICK HERE  

Sally  -  a gorgeous red female who had been surrendered by her owner to the Ranger in Gundagai because he was moving to a new job in Queensland.


So young (born 23 January 2009) and so in need,   Sally was quickly taken in by Tracy and Peter as company for their elderly Husky and has proved to be a perfect addition




Tillie  -  another gorgeous black and white long coat Siberian Husky - what striking blue eyes.  One of the prettiest Huskies to come through Rescue here for a long time.


She is a long coated Husky  -  like Zeik - and her coat needed some shaving to get rid of dirt and matts - especially around her rear


Tillie was reprieved from the Blacktown Pound on Christmas Eve (with Max) and came here where she quickly went to the best home in Canberra with Kate a Louis  -  who have taken in a few long coated Huskies looking for home  -  and these dogs enjoy competing in Flyball copetitions around Canberra.  Keep and eye out for them - and go up and say "Hello"


And now for something completely different  -  Texta!


A pet shop puppy who was surrendered to Husky Rescue and came to us for re-homing - at 5 months old and in season.

She has been advertised for $ 495 in the Pet Shop as a Husky because she had blue eyes, but in reality she is a cross breed Coolie or Sheepdog type, possibly with Shiba Inu, as she is small - only 17 inches at the shoulder and has a short tight coat.


Nonetheless, Texta was a puppy in need, and after desexing and care, she went to a great family in Wanniassa on Christmas Eve

  -  a great gift all round!



Sam  -  came to us as an owner surrender in Goulburn.  A young dog with little training but a lot of joy.

Same went to a home with Francoise in Canberra  -  her old dog had passed away and Sam helped fill the gap left in their family.

Jade  -  surrendered by her owners to the Gundagai Pound, we picked her up on our way past one weekend when coming home from a dog show.  Jade quickly went to a great family home in Brisbane where she has a Husky friend - Cassius.

After 2 days, we got the email  " I don't think there's any chance she's coming back your way.  She feels very much ours already."

more pictures here

Rimmer  (was Rocky) - a young black male (born 9 December 2008) who came here when his owner moved to a new job.

This lucky and deserving dog went to a new home with Jason and Rochelle, and their dogs Scoobie and Axis


Rimmer was lucky to have a happy ending in this permanent home



Heidi  -  a red and white female long coated Husky we found in the Renbury Animal Shelter in Sydney in March.  A bit of organising was needed to get her transported to us, but a bath and a brush showed a gorgeous girl who was so worthy of rescuing.

Heidi went to live with Kayla in Adelaide, and through our advertising, we were contacted by a former owner who lost her when living in Sydney, and who subsequently moved to the next suburb in Adelaide where Heidi went to!

What a happy reunion

Casper came from Blacktown Council Pound in Sydney.


His striking white coat made him a stand out  -  a male we wanted to find a good home for.


This home turned up in Victoria - and Casper went to join a  recreational sledding team in mid February.


Lucky Casper!


Trader was another too old and too thin male Husky who has been abandoned in a Sydney Council Dog Pound.

We reprieved this lost soul and he stayed with us in April and May while being advertised.

Trader went to a family in Melbourne, where the picture below shows how easily he settled in and how important he became to the youngsters there.


Pulled from a  Sydney Council Pound where his owners had dumped him - for growing out of the cute puppy stage.  Max was 9 months old!


He arrived for foster care with us in mid August, and we knew immediately that here was a very people-oriented young Husky who only wanted someone to love him.


An almost perfect Husky, Max went to a young couple in Melbourne to help fill the gap left by the passing of their red Husky Couper  -  at 15 years old


more pictures here


   Phoenix  -  his elderly owner could not manage an active Husky pup so surrendered Phoenix for re-homing at 8 months old.  Val and Brian in Dubbo wrote in December 2013: 

It has been three and a half years next March since we adopted Phoenix from you and we thought you may from time to time wonder if we still had him and how he was going.

We took him to training for about 18 weeks and he reached the agility stage, but because he would not recall off the lead we had to give up on that idea.  He loves going to the leash free area  and gets on well with with all the other dogs.  He makes friends with everyone and they all love the way he "talks" to them  -  he has a lot to say.  He is the center of  our life and makes us smile every day.


It saddens us to tell you that Phoenix passed away on the 17 November 2018 after a battle with cancer.  

Phoenix gave us eight years of joy and was a great friend to everyone who knew him. 

I will always be grateful to you for entrusting him to our care.

February 2010  -  Sascha


Sascha was in Tweed Heads, NSW, and found a new family in Brisbane, who wrote:


 "Sascha has become a wonderful addition to our family and is so loved.  She gives so much back to us every day. She will be 5 on 31 Dec 2010 – so was born in 2006.  We have a boy named Sye who is 10 and they play non-stop all day long.  She has given him a new lease on life after loosing our little Shiba at the beginning of this year."


These pictures were sent by her happy owners




Arcticmate Tsarina


born - 9 January 2000

came into Rescue care in October 2009 and found a new home  -  despite her older age and associated ailments

We were happy to have her fostered here as Buffy is a grand daughter of our unforgettable Robbie  -

Champion Kolyma Silver Bounty

 Tasha was surrendered because her owner was not well enough to look after a young and active dog, Tasha went to a home in August which ultimately did not work out as she proved too active and was not trained or exercised enough.


In July 2010, Tasha found a "forever home" 

with Annett and Andre.


More pictures here

Duke  -  an Alaskan Malamute

We were called by the Chris Hogan, the Ranger at Gundagai Pound to reprieve a "Husky who was too nice to put down" and turned up to see Duke trotting out to greet us - without a collar and leash!

We guessed his age at around 5 years old, and his poor coat condition and very worn neck fur indicate that he had been chained out in all weather - somewhere!


Duke found a wonderful home close to Canberra on 17 July

Jewel  -  a gorgeous pure white Husky with blue eyes who found herself needing a new home when a baby arrived.  She was surrendered by her owner, and found a new home in Canberra within a few weeks.

Lucky Jewel!

Pure white Huskies are not very uncommon but we have seen enough over the years to know that they are gorgeous, especially if that white fur is bathed and kept clean.  When partnered with piercing blue eyes these dogs really are picture-perfect.

If only each of them has a happy home for life



A Husky - Border Collie crossbred who was pulled from a  Sydney Council Dog Pound and wound up with us for the first time in May 2009.


We always wonder if Husky crossbreeds will ever find homes, but Shadow was one of the lucky ones  -  he went to a great home near Newcastle in December

Sadly his owner died in early 2010, and ultimately David's widow asked us to help Shadow find a new home  -  which we did.

Finally in June 2012, Shadow came home here and stayed until another family just could not bear to be without him, so he went to Canberra in June 2014.


This special dog has his own page on our Web Site:


Thunder  -  We pulled him out of the Canberra Dog Pound in May.  Entire, not microchipped, with no prior history, and with corneal dystrophy clouding both eyes.

Another Husky who had outgrown the "cute puppy stage" and been abandoned.

Lucky for Thunder, a wonderful family drove up to Melbourne to take him back to their home in early June.


Sable  -  a Malamute we were asked to reprieve from the Council Pound at Moss Vale.  She was heavily pregnant and had 4 pups in June.


The best homes were found for these pups  -  and Sable got to stay with her male pup Bear 

 -  a bonus all round!


The picture below shows Sable and Bear romping in Lake Ginninderra (Canberra) in the January heat of 2009

Arcticchase Red Wolf  -  Rusty

born 21 April 1999,

arrived for re-homing on 4 June 2008


Surrendered to AWL in Brisbane by his owners when their landlord would not let them have a dog, he is a perfect gentleman and obvious house pet.  Rusty went to his new home in Townsville on 21 June



DeeDee  -  she had 3 pups in the Queanbeyan Council Dog Pound before we reprieved her on 25 October  -  the entire family came here for care until the pups were old enough to go to their new homes.

In April DeeDee (now named Pippa) went to Brett Haddon in Victoria to help his team of dogs give Sled Dog rides in the snow.


TARA  -  a new name came with her new home

Tara came to us known as Kiss - at least 10 years old, found wandering the streets of Brisbane with no microchip, no prior history and no hope of finding a new home. 

She arrived here on 4 June, way too thin, yet full of life and so very happy.

At least that's what we thought -  then Tony and Catriona Steinborn wanted her as a companion for their 13 year old Cocker Spaniel Toby who with them was missing Kobi (the lovely white Husky pictured at the top of the page) who had passed away recently. 

We heard that Tara passed away peacefully on 31 October 2014, after 6 amazing years with her family

 Nalle  -  a purebred Siberian Husky with a long coat  (Woolly), grey and white with two blue eyes arrived here on 20 May.

Aged at least 10 years, with her long coat matted, dirty and neglected for months, she had pneumonia on arrival from Renbury Animal Shelter in Sydney.

Nalle went to Amanda in Canberra who had wanted an older Husky for some time.  We heard that after a happy life, Nalle died (a tumour burst) on 28 February 2011

You can read about long coats here:


Wolfgang  -  Wolfgirl Jak  -  28 July 2007   ~  December 2019

As has happened with many other Huskies we have helped find new homes for, Wolfgang came here for fostering and re-homing due to his breeder's reluctance to take him back.

Wolfgang went to replace T'Alk - a older red Husky who had passed away a few weeks previously.  Wolfgang sure filled the gap in this family's life.



In December 2019 came this sad news: 

Unfortunately we had to have Wolfgang put to sleep.  He was 12 1/2 years old and was only diagnosed with a spinal problem about a week ago.  He had a great life with us here in Helensburgh and pulled everything but a sled. Thanks so much for helping us to find Wolfgang, he will be sorely missed. 

Treasure who first arrived here in 2003 came back looking for a new home in May 2008.


She very quickly went to join Delilah, Diesel and Max with Chris and Barb Philbrick in Bombala.

With her new name "Tara",   her new canine friends and new loving owners,   she was happy and settled until she passed away on 21 February 2015.


Read more about these dogs here

Iggy a pure white male with blue eyes turned up again!

A real "little person in a furry coat"

He went to Melbourne on 14 May


Jake went to his new home in Griffith on 9 May

Maple arrived in February 2008  - more dead than alive!


This gorgeous pure white female Husky had been desexed the day before (while in season) at the Council Dog Pound in Sydney where we found her.  She was pitifully thin, and suffering from double pneumonia.


It took weeks of nursing by Maggie Corby to turn her around, but we are happy to let you know that Maple went to live with a great family in Melbourne now


More pictures here

Justin Timberwolf    -  Born 1 September 2007, he arrived on 3 March via Goulburn Dog Pound. Abandoned when he outgrew his puppy cuteness, this little guy soon went to a home on the NSW South Coast.

Coco and her 3 pups were re-homed separately after they were weaned. 

Her story is told above



Crystal - a grey girl pup who was surrendered by her "BYB" when he could not sell her or her brother

Born 20 September 2007


Storm  -  a black male (brother to Crystal and surrendered at the same time with their mother, Sheba) who went to the best home on Sydney's outskirts to replace a much loved dog who had recently died.


Sheba  -  the gentle and long-suffering mother of Crystal and Storm  -  she died too soon - under anesthetic while being desexed in December 2007


We remember you Sheba and wish we

could have given you the home you deserved




Hutch  -  a Shyvarne grey male born 9 October 2004.  He went to Alice Springs to replace a much loved Husky who died from injuries sustained in a car accident.


Cyba  -  Wolfstar Rumour, born 30 January 2002 -  turned up again!  He went to a new home in Griffith, NSW after his owners surrendered him when they could not find accommodation to include dogs.  Cyba was surrendered to the Griffith Council Dog Pound in early 2012 and came back here till he found another home.

Penny October 2007

Roger - born 14 February 2003, he arrived back here in November and was re-homed to Canberra early in 2008


Hero - a dark red male with blue eyes and no history as he came from Hawkesbury Council Dog Pound.  He went to a family in Terrigal on 14 October 2007 to replace a pet dog who had recently died.

Kobe - a white male with blue eyes - surrendered by his owners (even though they had reprieved him from the Sydney Dogs Home earlier in the year) he went to a family near Sydney on 14 October

Kobe went racing in 2008  -  a picture below!

Ringo  - Born 24 February 2005, he was surrendered by his owners and went to a family (on 14 October) to replace Koolebah My Mishkah - a 14 yo Husky who had recently died.

In December 2010 they wrote: "Ringo our boy is the love of our life.  He never lets us out of his sight and is always close.  I take him to Bayview doggy park where he is more concerned as to where I am than having a good time with other doggies. Thank God we came to the husky picnic when we did and found our Ringo  .  . cannot imagine being without him now"


In late December 2016 we were told of the sad passing of Ringo due to lesions on his brain. A condition which took him in 5 days, despite intensive Vet care.


Rocky  -  this darling black boy stayed with us for many months until his owner allowed us to find him a new home.  On 25 August, Rocky went to a family who recently lost their old Husky - Ch Bannerbrite Blazin Komet


Max  (we called him Picard) -  Born 14 July 2006, he is a black and white male with brown eyes and a raw hairless patch on the top of his head, this Husky came from Kurri Kurri Council Dog Pound with no prior history.

He went to The Oaks on 13 July


Gus - a black and white male born 31 Jan 2007, a BYB pup who ended up in Hornsby Council Dog Pound and arrived here in June.  Gus went to a family near Wagga Wagga

Ice - a grey male Husky with pronounced corneal dystrophy on both eyes.  Aged around 5 years, he was left with his sister in Kennels in February 2007, and re-homed on 16 June to Tamworth.


Mandy  -  Ice's red sister who also has Corneal Dystrophy on both eyes, she found a great home in Belconnen (Canberra) on 13 May.

Delilah - Born 6 September 1996, she is a white female with blue eyes. Cheenah Pegii Delilah was found in Windsor Dog Pound (owner surrender) and came to us in March.  She went to Chris and Barbara Philbrick in Bombala, NSW and lived a long and happy life, passing quietly on 23 June 2012


Read more about this family's dogs here


Sasha - Born 14 June 2005, she is a black and white female Husky, she came to us from Wyong Council Dog Pound on 3 January. Sasha went to a family in Moruya on the South Coast.


Oscar - born 12 June 2000, this black and white male Husky came from the Wyong Council Dog Pound on 3 January and went to the best home with a family in Queanbeyan.

Was a just another dog dumped at Christmas time?
We will never know as his prior history is a mystery.


Click here to read about his new life.






Arcticmate Nikkita - born 9 July 2002, a grey female Husky with blue eyes, she was surrendered by her owner and arrived in August.  She was re-homed on 25 November to a family in Canberra

Allimor Pivotal Moment  -  born 1 September 2001, Faith is a black and white female Husky who was surrendered by her owner and arrived here on 2 August.  She went to a family in Belconnen on 16 September

Billy - his owners in Sydney were sad to give him up, and have contacted us since then to check on his progress through life.  In May 2006 Billy found a new home in Bundaberg (Queensland) with Jason and Kathy Foley, and their young Husky Chilli

Click here to read about Billy's' new life.

Wolfgang is a Husky  /  Shar Pei crossbred dog

The very heavy muzzle is typical of a Shar Pei



Wolfgang  -  Born in January 2006, he is a red and white male with blue eyes. Not a purebred.  Surrendered by his owner in July 2006, Wolfgang was soon re-homed to a family near Mittagong.

Johnny - Born 4 August 2004, he is a black and white male Husky reprieved from Renbury Animal Shelter on 9 August.  He went to a young couple in Watson, ACT, even though he "walked funny" with some hind end weakness.  No explanation has been found for this, though speculation is rife that he may have been injured by a car when out unsupervised in a previous home.


He lived a full and happy life with them until he passed away on 2 March 2015.

A lucky and loved Husky

Ben  -  turned up again!

Born 11 November 1999

A grey and white male with flea bitten ears and blue eyes, he was surrendered by his owner on 9 June and was re-homed into Canberra.

Ben died peacefully in October 2008

Narla  -  Born in June 2004, this is a white female with blue eyes. She was surrendered by her owner on 9 June (with Ben) and was re-homed near Sydney.

Arcticmate Blue Velvet  -  born 12 November 1998, a black and white female, Velvet was surrendered after her owner tragically had a stroke.  She arrived on 27 May 2006, and went to Proserpine, QLD to a very loving home



Rusty  -  born 22 September 2004, a red and white male with brown eyes. He came from Wyong Council Dog Pound on 24 February so has no previous history.  He went to a new home on 2 May to the NSW north coast.

Boris  -  born 26 May 2003, a black and white male with blue eyes, he was surrendered with Natasha on 27 May 2006 after a marriage breakdown.  The two dogs went to a new home together


Natasha  -  a black and white bi-eyed female, born 26 May 2003, she was lucky enough to find a home with her brother Boris in Sydney.



Billy  -  a red and white male - owner surrender on 8 April, he went to a new home in Queensland on 2 May

Sebastian - born in October 2004, he arrived as an owner surrender on 26 March, with one ear flopped over and rear end weakness - the result of a car accident.  He went to a new home on 6 April, where he joined  Chopak (see below) and went with his family to Townsville in December 2006

Tasha -  a black and white female Husky with bi-eyes, she came from Hawkesbury Council Dog Pound on 11 March and was re-homed to Jerrabomberra within a few weeks.


Faith  -  a crossbred Bull Terrier (?) she came to us on 9 February after being left at the Queanbeyan Dog Pound  -  soon after weaning a litter of pups (possible pig dogs?).  Faith was re-homed to rural NSW in September

Dante  -  born 15 June 2005, this grey male was surrendered by his owner on 15 January.  He was re-homed to a young couple in Canberra.


Raven  -  she is Dante's black sister and was re-homed to a family in Sydney

Tasha was surrendered by for owners to a Sydney Council Dog Pound in March 2006.  It didn't take long her her to be reprieved and come here.  It took even less time for Tasha to find a new home with Shane and Kaz in Canberra.


Here she is enjoying trampoline time with Tayla.

Suma is an Arcticmoon Husky bred and owned by Nola Randell. When Nola's circumstances changed, she asked us to find a new home for the then 8 year old Suma (May 2004). Suma went to Kylie Blundell and her family, and these pictures show an older but still happy Suma in March 2006.

We heard from Kylie that Suma passed away peacefully on 9 June 2006  -  she was happy right up to her end


Lakota, a black male Husky, went with Ken and Jenn Byrnes (and Khia the Malamute) and made himself at home  (Jan 2006)



Enigma - the thinnest Husky we have seen (so far) arrived here in early May 2005 after whelping in an Animal Shelter (no pups survived).

Taken in by Dean Stacey in Cooma, she enjoyed lots of TLC and started putting on weight - slowly - This picture in July 2005


Over time Enigma was restored to full health  -  and became a happy, desexed Husky pet.


This picture was taken in January 2006.


What a happy ending to her sad tale


We heard from her family that Enigma died on 20 September 2010 - having an inoperable brain tumour


Their care and love of Enigma helped her enjoy many years with their family  -  time she would not have had if we had not reprieved her 5 years previously


Kobi  -  this white sweetheart arrived to stay while her owner travelled and worked overseas.  She stayed, and stayed (for 2 years) . . . and eventually we are asked to find her a new home  -   in April 2005.  Tony and Catriona took her in as a companion for their Cocker Spaniel, and both dogs have thrived together since then. 


We heard that Kobi died peacefully on 24 May 2008

Archer  -  black and white male Husky, born in December 2003, this dog came from AWL in Taree NSW on 2 May 2005.  He was re-homed to a family in Albion Park and came back here for boarding as needed.


Cheenah Missy  -  born 1 July 1996, this isabella white female Husky was surrendered by her owner who was moving into a unit in December 2005. Re-homed to Canberra within a few weeks, she had several months of good life before passing away.

Bear - came from Cowra and went with us to the 2005 Picnic in the Park at Parramatta wearing the "I NEED A HOME" jacket

Bear went home with John and Robyn Higgins - and hasn't looked back since!  (Nov 2005)


Gabriella in Lithgow gave Panda a loving home in 2004 and generously opened her home to Silva

in April 2005.  Both these girls thrived in their loving home.




*  we don't take in Malamutes  -  BUT  -   read about these exceptional dogs  

     who spent time here    *

Roger  -  a grey male Malamute, surrendered by his owners on 13 November 2005.  He was re-homed into Canberra and has thrived.

Candy  -  a female Alaskan Malamute, born 9 May 2003, came here from Hawkesbury Council Dog Pound after being surrendered by her owners.  She was re-homed in July to the NSW central coast. 

Bundy  -  a lovely woolly (or long haired) female Malamute who came here from Queanbeyan Council Dog Pound on 7 February, and who was re-homed on 29 March to a local family who enjoyed her for 3 years until she passed away.


Her long coat was so matted that we had to clip it all off to get her comfortable, to clear up her skin and to start brushing from scratch so that the growing coat would not matt or knot.


Mishka   -  red and white female, born June 2001, she was surrendered by her owners after a marriage breakdown.  She went to a family in Canberra to replace a recently passed away Husky.  When they retired to country Victoria, Mishka went too!


We heard that she died peacefully on 17 July 2012 - after a long and happy life

Almost 11 years old in the picture below

Che Bear came here to stay while his owner travelled overseas in June 2004.  He stayed, and stayed . . .  eventually his owner agreed to let him go to a new family as she knew she wouldn't be able to take him home for some years.  Tanya Kidner in Canberra took Che Bear and often sent us pictures of him

-   what a happy dog he is now! 

(March 2005)


Icepower Our Domino  - born 31 December 2002, she was surrendered by her owner and arrived in July 2005.  She was re-homed to SA in January 2006



Chopak  -  an Earl Grey son who was surrendered for re-homing when his family moved.  He went to the best home in Canberra, and eventually Sebastian moved in with them.

Shamus - we wondered if he would ever find a new home. Then, out of the blue Tanya and Karl Higgins called us, met him and took Shamus home in February 2005. 


Oscar joined their family from Wyong Council Dog Pound in January 2007


Click here to read about their new life.

In July a female Husky was surrendered with her two pups (born in April) when the owner could not cope with unsold and growing Huskies. As well as desexing Honey, we put effort and money into worming, vaccinating and micro-chipping.  The results sure were worth it  -  all 3 dogs found the best pet homes.

Ghost is the white male pup - such a good natured boy, who was neutered before he left us.


Angel - the sweet grey sister

Cash  -  a grey and white male, born 1 October 2003 and surrendered by his owner in March 2005.  He went to a new home in Goulburn on 17 May


Shamus  -  black and white male with blue eyes who came from Renbury on 27 April.  He was re-homed to Queanbeyan and the family was later joined by Oscar.  Sadly, Shamus died in February 2010


Simba  -  and black and white male with brown eyes who was re-homed in Canberra in March 2004

Shadow - a grey male whose 70 year old owner reluctantly surrendered him on 25 November when she realised that she could not cope with such a strong dog.  He found a new home in Tasmania in time for Christmas!

Moby was surrendered by his owners in December 2004 when they re-located to a job with an unfenced cottage as accommodation and Moby began wandering.


It didn't take Moby long to find his place in front of the TV with Lloyd. Ruth and Lloyd ran one of the Aussie Pooch Mobile units in Canberra at the time - so Moby was scrubbed very clean.

Misty is an isabella white female Husky with blue eyes.  She came to us from the Newcastle RSPCA in July 2004.

Misty found her new owner (Stan Brodala) at the October 2004 Picnic in the Park - held by the Siberian Husky Club of NSW.  She didn't take long to settle in on the couch!

Snowy came to us from the Sydney Lost Dogs Home. We despaired of ever finding him a new family as most callers overlooked a 6 year old, unkempt and downcast male Husky.

Not Kelvin and Kylie who took him into their home in Canberra - where he shared his first Christmas in 2004 with them.


We heard that he passed away in October 2009  -  a long and happy life!



Treasure now called Tara -  this grey girl came from the Queanbeyan Council Dog Pound with no prior history. She went to a great home with a young family in Victoria, but came back for re-homing in May 2008.


Click here for pictures


Rex  -  small black and white male Husky who had been hit by a car in Parramatta and arrived via the Vet there on 3 December.  He was re-homed in February 2004 to a family in Seven Hills

Dakota  -  Born 23 May 2003, she is a stunning red and white female with blue eyes who was surrendered by her owners.  She went to a good home in Sydney on March 2004

Primrose - a black, tan and white very small female (possibly cross bred with a Shetland Sheepdog?) who came from the Sydney Dogs Home in September 2003 with no prior history.  She went to the best home near Sydney.

Gypsy  -  a black and white female, born in December 2000, who was re-homed to a family in Mudgee.



Panda  -  Born on 20 March 2002, she came from Blacktown Council Pound in June 2003 and was re-homed to the best home with Gabriella in Lithgow. Gabriella also took Silva in as an older Husky.  Panda passed away on 6 March 2014  - she had a long and happy life.

Aska  -  a red female Husky with blue eyes, born in October 2000 who needed a new home and went to a family in Sydney.


Betty came from the Lithgow Council Dog Pound via a kind soul and stayed with us until a new home was found  -  in Cowra!

Phantom  -  a black male with blue eyes who stayed with us as a foster dog.  His new family in Castle Hill collected him in August 2003.

Kimba is a white female who was surrendered by her owner and went to a family in Cherrybrook.

Rosie  - a red female with blue eyes who was born on 3 June 2002 and needed a new home.  She went to a family in Campbelltown in April 2003.



Jolie  - a red female who came to us from the Sydney Lost Dogs Home and was eventually re-homed to Sydney in April 2003.


Arcticmate Chimalis - Ski  - a black and white female born 24 March 1997 - was reluctantly surrendered following a marriage breakdown.  She was re-homed in Captains Flat.




Hayley - born 24 November 2001, this black and white female with blue eyes was surrendered by her owner when she outgrew her "cute puppy stage" and came in to season. Re-homed to Sydney in June 2002


Tayla  -  a red and white female Husky who was re-homed directly from the Queanbeyan Council Dog Pound in January and then surrendered to us is May 2002 when her new owners could not contain her in their yard.  She jumped fences to escape. She was successfully re-homed to South Australia in June 2002.  She died suddenly from an aneurism on 15 July 2008.


Balto died on 23 October 2014 - aged 14 1/2 years  -  a long, happy life for a Husky discarded in a Dog Pound as a young dog

Balto  -  This young black and white male with blue eyes came to us from a Sydney Pound. He was re-homed into Canberra in July 2002 and often came back here to stay when the family went on holidays. 

His companion - Ch Mikulov Clint ET  -  sadly died in September 2010  -  Sad for his Family - but Balto revelled in the attention that being an only dog brought.

His family moved to Cairns in March 2011, and sent this picture of Balto, aged around 11 years.




Bullit  - this red male Husky was called Bullet in the Nose - when he was found in December 2000 on the side of a road near Bathurst, he had been shot.  Sue Smith arranged for Vet work to be done to heal Bullit and this dog came here until a fantastic family in Canberra took him in in May 2001.


Two very special Huskies who will never be forgotten

Because of them, we took a positive and active step to help and re-home Huskies in need

The very first Husky we took in back in early 1990.  When we went to collect her she was tied to the front door - and no owner would speak to us. This was our initiation into the world of Husky surrender  -  some owners won't help us to help them.


Kolyma Silver Lady

Stoli - born 22 June 1998 and died too soon in 2002. 

     I wish I had done more to keep you here, safe and alive


Stoli taught me to screen new owners so very carefully