Shamus  -  A tale with a "happy ever after" ending

This Husky came to us for re-homing from a NSW local Council Dog Pound early in 2005.

Tanya and Karl decided that he was just the dog they were looking for, so he went home with them and now lives in Queanbeyan.  Here is an update from Tanya.


I have sent you some photos of Shamus one year on from his adoption.  He has had a great year. He has been accepted by our family and friends, and he gets plenty of outings.  We have all explored a lot more of our neighbourhood than we had before, and he makes a good personal trainer!  I know I love going bushwalking with him, I'm sure Shamus must love all the sights and smells. (and the occasional kangaroo!) 

We have built a dog run down the side of the house which has 1.8 m high fence surrounding it on three sides (the house is on the other), a cement floor and a little patch of dirt to dig in (he can't get anywhere with these excavations).  Shamus runs around the yard when we are home, he is never out there all day, and always stays in the run when we are at work or shops.  He has never made a move to jump the yard fence, but I still wouldn't put anything past him if he was home alone and bored!

It was a wonderful day when we got Shamus and we haven't regretted it


Shamus is a very good dog.  He obeys every command (except 'Come' - that is still being worked on!), and I have trained him not to make a 'bolt' for the front door if someone opens it.  Whenever the deck door is open he often hesitates before being told he can go outside, even though he is allowed to now that our yard is fenced off.  When we walk he doesn't pull and even Laura and Rachel can walk him.  He sits before we cross a road and walks at heel on command (but needs a lot of reminding). 

Most importantly he is wonderful with our girls Laura and Rachel, and any children that he meets for that matter.  He is included on our Christmas cards, and is invited to BBQs and weekends away (which shows what a good dog he is). 

Shamus is totally spoilt.  He has his own nice mat in the lounge room to hang out with us at night, he loves doggy chocolate   -   if we eat chocolate so does he! 

He has a bed in our room, so we know that sometimes he snores.  He's just like any other member of the family really.

In deciding on a second dog, we have had the same discussions we had when deciding to have a second baby!  How will Shamus feel about that?  Will he feel replaced or rejected?  Will he not like sharing our attention?  Or will that be outweighed by him having companionship during the day, and another friend to play with?

After deciding that he would benefit from a second dog being here, we would like to choose another Siberian Husky needing a 'forever home'.

Oscar came to our place for fostering prior to being re-homed as a "victim of Christmas 2006" from the Wyong Council Dog Pound.  No past history as he was a stray with no microchip details recorded.

An "almost perfect" Husky, it was not long before Tanya and Karl heard about his need, came out with Shamus and met Oscar, and he soon joined their family.

In the car without a second thought! 

That's what we like to see a dog going to a new home do!

Oscar and Shamus - two more mature gents in a moment of contemplation