Tasha's Story

The story how we became parents of a red female Husky is a bit strange but not as difficult as her past life had already been when Tasha knocked on our door. According to the folder we are now the fourth owners of her which is very sad and for us unbelievable as nothing is wrong with her.  She is just a perfect and lovely creature and we will never give her away.

 The papers indicate that her very first name was “Freya” but you re-homed her as “Cassidy” the last owner has obviously changed her name again so she is now called “Tasha”.

Tasha was very naughty at her old place, one of our street neighbours. Her owner could not handle her at all so she kept escaping but came always to our place. We spoke to that owner and she told us what Tasha was doing at her place. She has obviously destroyed furniture, has dug over the whole backyard including escaping holes, jumped the fence but also showed aggressive behaviour to family members. While she kept escaping her previous owner thought it would be a good idea to get another puppy to keep her busy but this was totally wrong as she got worse and worse every day.

 After long discussions and days passing, we suggested to Tasha’s previous owner that we take her if she was willing to surrender Tasha to us instead of giving her to someone else or even in the Dog Pound. We both have lots of dog owning experience but have to admit that we never were owners of a Husky before. We were totally aware that we had to work hard to get Tasha's problems solved. We knew what it meant to take such a dog on board and also what it means for our lives to have a dog again.

We are lucky that we live a 2 minutes walking distance to a massive park so we walk her twice a day for more than one hour in the morning and in the afternoon. She is now perfect on the leash but also very good without it. Against a lot advice that you can’t train a Husky to walk off-leash we have tried it and it is working perfectly. Tasha is obviously already so deeply connected to us that she comes back at any time we call her. She never goes far away, lets other animals pass by and we never had a dangerous situation with other dogs or persons while walking her off-leash.

Whenever we have the chance to meet other dogs in the parks we do so to improve her social skills so she is now friends with anyone in our area. We also have our regular playtime on the weekends where other dog owners bring their puppies along to a secure fenced off-leash area. We take Tasha whenever we can with us in the car to give her the opportunity to meet other dogs and sniff around in other areas.

She has the choice to be with us in the house or outside in our massive backyard and can always be close to us, we never restrict her away from us.  We never close doors so that she can be around us. Wherever we are at our house Tasha will be close by and she sleeps in our bedroom to be close to us.

She stays in the house when we leave for work and we never experienced a surprise when we came back. There is only a happy dog waiting behind the door to greet us. She has never destroyed anything in the house. She does not bark or howl even if she is alone at home. She does not turn our backyard into a lunarscape. She even has given up digging little holes for her bones. She interacts perfectly with our cat which is always around her and most of the time they sleep close by each other and Tasha obviously enjoys the fact that she has a little fluffy friend to convey comfort when she has to stay at home when we go to work. She has never shown any aggressive behaviour to us or to visitors or neighbours or even children.

The habit of chewing hands just stopped shortly after we took her over with only a simple “No”. All other bad habits have never been seen since living here.


She is very intelligent and easy to train. She learns extremely fast and gets new tricks after two or three repetitions so it is fun for her and for us to train her new things.

We don’t know what we do better than previous owners, but in fact Tasha is a perfect dog. She has done nothing wrong in the past.  We now believe all her behaviours were based on her previous owners and were caused by their situations. She just has found her perfect family and is now in balance and harmony with herself.

We hope that the little feedback of one of your “problem children” gives you the power to go ahead with your wonderful rescue work and maybe we will see you at a Husky Club event.


Her birthday was at the end of November 2010 so we organised a birthday party for her with all her canine and human friends

I think that Tasha and her feline friend were a "dream team" but unfortunately our beloved cat was killed on a street far away from our home. We are very sad that we lost a piece of our hearts and Tasha lost her friend.