We did the trip from Shanghai Airport to the city centre on the MagLev the first commercial high speed magnetic levitation train line in the world, and the fastest train in the world!  Opened in April 2004. It took the train about 8 minutes to cover 30 kms, and the speed is displayed as below. The fare was Yuan 50, about $ 10


17 July  -  Walking Shanghai revealed a busy city crowded with skyscrapers like these

the planted wall at the edge of the river was very cleverly done



17 July - an evening river cruise on the Haungpu River.  The lit up skyscrapers were spectacular



18 July  -  Yuyuan Gardens, built in the reign of Ming Emporer Jaijing, around 1559, and of a very traditional appearance


19 July  -  A trip to the observation deck of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is 457 m high.  we went up to the topmost of the 3 spheres along the Tower.