The World Dog Show - held in  Helsinki, Finland - 6 - 10 August 2015

The annual showcase of dog breeds and performance sports held under the CFI banner, and possibly the most prestigious annual Dog Show in the world.

Mara handled Remu - our hosts' Finnish Hound, purely a hunting dog who brought enjoyment to his owner every winter hunting season.


To our absolute joy, the result was   1st Place    Open Dog Class             (12 entries)


We saw breeds that are not found in Australia

Sarloos Wolf Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog  -  the size of a large calf!



And lovely dogs in breeds we are familiar with (or even owned!)

White Swiss Shepherd

Cane Corso - with cropped ears

Finnish Lapphund  -  is there a dog of this colour in Australia?



The highlight was watching the judging of Breeders Group each day.

Up to 400 dogs on the stage each evening  -  at the same time!


Just the place to take that perfect photo of your win!


This breed stall educated us about Remu



This display celebrated 125 years of the Finnish Kennel Club