Champion Silversuisse Dragons Serenity (AI)

                                RN JC


DOB:  15 April 2016

11 October 2017:   Hips scored    4 : 3 = 7           Elbows:   0  :  0   



18 April 2018  -  2nd Place for her Rally O Advanced title - at Metropoliatan Mid Week DTC Obedience trial (93/100).

At the same trial, Mara handled her brother Drago to 2nd Place in his first Rally O Novice trial (96/100)


Drago - left                 Kora - right


21 months old  -  7 January 2018

Exciting news as she won on the Dogzonline Point Score for 2017! 

She was No.1 Rising Star of her breed for NSW

10 December 2017

Kora is awarded the 2017 Perpetual trophy at the ACT Companion Dog Club  for Competition Day Point Score winner



At her first trial at Rally O Advanced (all off leash) on 25 November 2017, Kora won 1st Place.  The trial was memorable because Dicey gained her 3rd Pass in Rally O Novice, for her RN title  -  the fifth of our Huskies with a Rally O title!


Kora wins her next Rally O Advanced Trial  -  20 January 2018!  96 / 100

Both these trials were held by the Newcastle ABDTC


Best Junior in Show  -  7 July 2017  -  Dogs ACT Group Specialty Judge - Mr T Aizawa


In the same Day, Jingles won Best Neuter in Show at the Cluster and

also pulled 400 kg in competition for his Working Weight Pull Dog  (WWPD) title



She's so much more than just a pretty dog in the Show (conformation) ring!


15 February 2017  - 2 x Passes in Rally O Novice - the day she turned 10 months old


Rally O Novice (RN) title gained with 2 x 1st Places on 14 May 2017 at the ACT State titles


Through the winter of 2017, Kora enjoyed and revelled in Lure Coursing, where she got to chase plastic bags on a string system worked by pulleys. She placed 3rd in her first Junior Course competition, gaining her Junior Courser  (JC) title on  28 May 2017

Through the rest of that winter, Kora gained  4  Passes at the higher level - Coursing Ability Title  (CAT).  She needs 10 Passes for that title  - and we will both enjoy getting them through Winter 2018!

    6 August 2017

  1  October 2017


29 October 2017  -  we participated in a Dances With Dogs Workshop in Sydney - we learned a swag of tricks and tips, and a relaxed Kora chewed the fat at eye level with one of the other participants

(Pixie Farms Thumbelina - not as reliable on off leash Stays  -  with Noelene her doting owner)


17 months old  -  1  September 2017

15 months old - on a cold and frosty morning in June 2017


Sydney Royal Easter Show  -  Best Puppy of Breed  -  April 2017


Bitch Challenge line up at Sydney Royal Easter Show


Tristan won Best Puppy - Siberian Husky at the 2017 Sydney Royal Show as well!


Selfies were taken with her adoring public on the benches


8 months old  -  January 2017



9 December 2016  -  the day she gained the final CC Points needed for her Championship title - aged 7 months & 3 weeks


Kora  -  aged just 6 months in these pictures - the first weekend we saw her and brought her home  (23 October 2016)


Kora's Show Record


21 October 2016  -  her first Show  -  BCC & Best Minor Puppy in Group


9 December 2016  -  BCC for the final Points needed for her AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION title  -  aged 7 months & 3 weeks, she remains the YOUNGEST White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia to gain her Champion title

4 x Best Minor Puppy in Group            3 x Best Puppy in Group                    1  x  Best Junior in Show


Pedigree     -     Champion Silversuisse Dragons Serenity (AI) RN JC
Sire : Dragon la Blankpapilio (CZE) S: Banshee Boy Vom Hause Zenz (CZE) S: SK Gr Ch/CZE Ch African-Jambo From Old Vienna (CZE)
D: Melory Of White Condor (CZE)
D: CZE Ch Apolena U Panaka (CZE) S: Falco Z Vrchanova (CZE)
D: Healthy Od Liskutinky (CZE)
Dam : Ch Eiramor Jasmyne Snowflake S: Snoweyriver Rain Spirit (Imp Zaf) S: Sth Af Ch Snoweyriver Luck Dragon (Zaf)
D: Sth Af Ch Snoweyriver Magnolia Star (Zaf)
D: Ch Edelvalley Crystal Clover S: Perseus Abko-Parchovany (Imp SVK)
D: Royal Lily Akbo-Parchovany (Imp SVK)