Down  Memory  Lane



Australian Champion Mikulov Patches  CD  AD  JD  ET  FD  FDX  AAD  NJC  NAC           'Patches'

21 August 1997  -  24 November 2006

more titles than any other Siberian Husky in Australia


Australian Grand Champion Volku Sudden Impact ET (iid Canada) 'Bullet'

15 June 1997   -  16 November 2005

Runner  Up to Best Exhibit in Show  -  Darwin Royal Show 1998

Winner of ten Best in Shows - but so much more!



Champion & Neuter Grand Champion

Mikulov Jingle All The Way  RN  ET DWDF.S  HTM.S  JC  WWPD  WPD  CA


26 December 2010  -  17 May 2020

the SECOND  Siberian Husky in Australia and the FIRST male with a Rally O title (after River)

the THIRD Siberian Husky in Australia with a Dances With Dogs Freestyle title ( after Taxi and River)

The SECOND Siberian Husky in Australia with a Heelwork To Music title (after Taxi)

The FIRST Siberian Husky in Australia with a Lure Coursing title

And  the FIRST with a Coursing Ability title



  Champion Mikulov Takeover Target   ET 



20 May 2009  ~  31 December 2011

Remembered as the FIRST in Australia with Dancing titles


Ch Sibertac Heat Seeker  ET  'Porsha'

19 December 2001  -  December 2014

Full sister to 2 Grand Champions

Sister of Jacki

Champion Sibertac Chase The Ace  ET    'Jacki''

19 December 2001  ~  28 October 2015

Champion / Neuter Champion

 Sibertac Somebody Told Me  ET   "Gary"


  8 October 2009   ~   4  May  2020

Gary arrived from Adelaide in January 2013  -  with a very quirky outlook on life. Titled on 26 April 2015, he enjoyed a long and happy life "with staff" in Canberra.  Campaigned to his Neuter Champion title late in 2015 he reigned supreme right to the end, when he was felled by a tumour in his chest



Mikulov Holy Smoke  ET


7 February 2005  ~   14 June 2013

Wilson  -  one of my all time favourite Huskies

Champion Mikulov Outback Jack  CGC  ET


 26 January 2005    ~  1  October  2012

Mikulov Take Me Home  ET   "Denver"

26  January 2005  ~   1  April  2017

Loved by Patrick and Talitha - the shining light of their Husky pack.   Brother of Biggles


Ch Tarshona High Voltage   CGC  ET    'Rebel'

 3 October 2005   ~   late 2018


Lived with her son Stanley in Canberra - and bossed him around!

Ch Tarshona Black Magic ET 




3 October 2005   ~   2 May 2019

  -  sister of Rebel


Champion Mikulov Want More Bling   "Luna"

 3 June 2009   ~    29  January  2019

owned by, campaigned and top producing dam for Steve Curtotti ~  Avalanches Siberian Huskies.

Taken too soon by snake bite


Aust Ch Foxfire Memphis Belle  ET  (Imp South Africa)

29 August 1999    ~     4 March 2013

Aust Ch Renegades Swan Princess  ET  (Imp USA)   'Odette'
Kabu's Straight From The Heart  ET  (Imp Canada)  'Mindy'


Aust Ch Mikulov Kabus Star  ET  (iid)   'Keah'

     4 April 2001  -  15 May 2014

  Chad's sister

Aust Ch Mikulov Star Trek  ET  (iid)   'Chad'

        4 April 2001  -  22 April 2014

  Best in Group at 7 months and 3 weeks


Champion Sibaska Hidden Prophet

21 Dec 1999   ~  April 2011

multi Best Exhibit in Group winner

Champion Mikulov Clint   ET     'Clint'

2 March 2000   ~   28 October 2010

 Runner Up to Best In Show  -  all breeds

Ch Mikulov Love Struck Romeo ET  CCD  CGC    'Romeo'

20 June 1998  ~  1 September 2010

Much loved pet of Chantelle Herba

Aust Ch Mikulov Winterburn 'Chilli'

6 November1996   ~    6 November 2011

Best in Show winner.  Sister of Killara

Champion Mikulov Mover And Shaker CD 'Shaker'

 13 May 1993   -  27 May 2008

Multi Best in Group winner and a dog with a CD Obedience title


Aust Grand Champion Sibaska Sekene's Starlet  'Sassy'

4 October 1998    -  April 2008

multi Best in Show winner


Ch Sibaska Kristari Kandy  'Kandy'

4 October 1998  -  July 2007

Sister of Sassy

Aust Ch Sibaska Starrstruck  ET  'Storm''

5 January 2002  -  13 August 2005

Runner Up to Best in Show winner. Brother of Kruger

Taken too soon, always missed and never forgotten

Sibaska Lite Up The Stars  ET   'Kismet''

w:  14 September 2003

Competitive in sled dog racing - which she loved, retired as a much loved pet in Canberra


Champion Mikulov Earl Grey CD ET       'Earl'

Our first home bred Best in Show winner   -  all breeds Championship show

2 March 1994   -   7  December  2007

Champion Mikulov All Aflame ET       'Flame'

w:  2 March 1994   Best in Parade  -  SHC of NSW

sister of Earl

Australian Grand Ch Mikulov Fire In The Sky ET 'Gromit'

multi Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winner   -  brother of Harley

20 October 1995  ~  8 May 2009

Champion Mikulov Fire On The Snow CD ET   'Harley'

20 October 1995   -  26 May 2006

sire of BIS winners + Grand Champions

Champion Mikulov Waylaid Wolf   ET   

 "Bear"   brother of Spook

 5 March 2003  ~  26 August 2015

Aust Ch Mikulov Spirit Oth Night 'Kilara'

w: 6 Nov 1996   Best in Show winner

Aust Ch Mikulov Super Model ET 'Jeannie'

w: 6 Nov 1996   Best in Show winner

Ch Mikulov Miss Manuva  'Lexie'

w:  20 June 1998   Sister of Kitty and Romeo



Ch Tarshona Howl N Success ET   'Suzy'

10 June 2001  -  12 September  2004

Aust Ch Chukchii Glacier Girl ET 'Chi'

3 Dec 1988  -  20 September  2004

The first and foundation of Mikulov Kennels and ultimately the Matriarch to be obeyed by all


Ch Norstarr Off The Planet ET  'Rhea'

18 October 1997  -  28 April 2004

We liked to think that you were too strong to be taken too soon by cancer


Ch Mikulov Ucanbe Ablak Kat  CD  ET  'Kitty'

 20 June 1998  -  January 2004


Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar (Imp USA) 'Zzar'

13 April 1988  -  7 August 2001

What a journey you undertook to finally rest with us


Champion Kolyma Silver Bounty 'Robbie'

1 June 1989  -  28 April 1999

Wolf in heart and spirit and never tamed



Aust Ch / NZ Ch Mikulov White Fang ET     'Fang'

w:  6 Nov 1996   Runner Up to Best In Show  -  all breeds

Aust Ch / NZ Ch Mikulov A Lone Lady  ET    'Ali'

w:  29 May 1991


Mikulov Hell Raiser CGC


w:  9 March 2007


Champion Mikulov Merlins Magic   ET  CGC


w:   9  July 2003


  Champion Mikulov Flaming Arrow    "Logan"

w:  4 November 2007  ~  24 June 2019

Champion Mikulov Delaware Ghost ET   'Spook'

w:   5  March 2003

Grand Champion Mikulov Fully Loaded   'Herbie'

He became a Philippines Show Champion as well!

w:  12 April 2005


multi BISS Ch Sibaska Out Of Africa  ET  'Kruger''


 5 January 2002   ~   21 August 2013


Now - Australian Champion/ New Zealand Champion / Canadian / Mexican Champion  as well!

Eukanmanuva Aroha CD  ET    (Imp NZ)    'Freya'

3  April 2002   ~   6 May 2011

One of he few with CDX Passes in obedience

Keelinga Spot O Tea  ET    'Teaser''

w:  22 March 2004

  Sibaska St Elmos Fire    "Elmo"

w:  5 May 2007

went to the best family home in Melbourne in May 2010  - an outcome which we are delighted with  -  as is his new family!




Australian Champion Cheenah Lady Kahlya

S:  Ch Sneginka Eskimo Prince

D:  Kiirunas Teddybjorn  (Imp Sweden)


8 August 1989  -  26 November 2004




     Itashka Icing On My Cake

       S:   Ch Nalowinds Beau Isle Royale (Imp USA)

       D:  Itashka Kamchatka Lady

        22 May 1993  -  7 January 2005


 photo    Phil Place 2004





Ch Mikulov Snow Mist


S:  Ch Chukchii Arctic Invader

D:  Ch Mikulov Running Gust


15 Nov 1992  -  15 July 2005




Itashka Annabelle  ET

S:  Ch Nalowinds Beau Isle Royale

        (Imp USA)
D:  Itashka Icing On My Cake


1 July 1994  -  16 October 2006

Cartilage damage in her right ear was a result of zinc responsive dermatitis - she kept shaking her head.  A haematoma formed and although it was treated, the cartilage damage resulted in her ear flopping over.


photo    Phil Place 2004


Canadian Champion and Australian Champion

Coalvalley's Light My Fire

(Imported Canada)



6 February 2001  ~  4 May 2011


Fire - you were only here with us for a short time but in that time you found a special place in our lives and in our hearts.



Champion Tellamist Lang Quenton  CD 'Quenton'

My very first (purpose bought) show dog and my first Best in Show winner

Champion Arigh O Floinn  CD  ET 'Flynn'

1 Jan 1990  -  28 August 2001

Ch Arigh O Maolagain  ET   'Mulligan'

 6 June 2001   ~  2 October 2012

Lived many years with Vivien and family in Perth from October 2006