From time to time over the years friends have asked us to take one of their dogs and campaign it to the title of

Australian Champion

This is something we enjoy doing, and those dogs always had a share of the indoors with our dogs as part of our family while they were with us.

When campaigning one of these Siberian Huskies,      we do not enter or exhibit our own dogs as   competition  -  all our time and energy is spent  presenting these visiting dogs to their best advantage

Some of these dogs have their own pages

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and in 2014 something completely different  Mara was back in the Gundog ring with an Italian Spinone

Banjo  -  Alistair Paterson's Spinone    


born:  26/2/08 

Sire:  Nantiderri Ribollo Del Gaesten  (UK) 

Dam:  Ch Palma Capuano  (Imp UK)


Entered in 17 Shows to make sure that he gained enough CC Points for his title, we just got there in mid July 3 days before we left for Europe







Champion title gained in September 2015

for breeders Craig and Jayne Schmarr  & owner Caroline Yate

Champion Baykalskee Liberty Belle

Ch Baykalskee Hard Dayz Nite   x   Ch Baykalskee Indeed I Am






Champion title gained in April 2007

for breeders & owners Ken and Louise Steinman

Champion Salazar  Imposition  ET

Ch Sibelk A Right To Impose   x   Ch Sundanze Kona Kailua



Champion title gained in October 2006

for owners Yvonne and Michael Beasleigh

Champion Sibaska Sekenes Scandal   ET

Aust Gr Ch /Am Ch/Can Ch Sekene's Starry Starry Night  (Imp Canada)  x

Ch Kristari's Della Street   ET  (Imp USA)


Champion title gained in March 2006

for breeder & co-owners Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer

Champion Krisaido Outlaw Starr  ET

Ch Canyonlands Most Wanted  (AI)    x   Sibaska Hearts O Desire


Champion title gained in February 2006

for Nicky Edwards

Champion Mikulov Street Shooter  ET

NZ Ch Sibaska Starr Shooter   x  Ch Kristari's Della Street   ET  (Imp USA)


Champion title gained in April 2005  -  for breeder & co-owner Jenny Campbell

Champion Krisaido Make Believe

Am Ch Sibex's Fantasia  (Imp USA)  x  Aust Ch Starscape Riverdance  ET


Champion title gained in November 2004  -  for owner Lynne Munro

Champion and American Champion

Highlander's Duncan MacLeod  (Imp USA)

US Ch Highlander's Silver Bullet    x    US Champion Yukonwind's I'm Your Lady


Champion title gained in August 2004  -  for breeder & owner Lynne Munro

Champion Starscape Lazy River  ET (AI)

US Champion Tasman's Rushing Whitewater   x   Southernlite Crystallize


Champion title gained in March 2004  -  for owner Kim Trudgen

Champion Sibelk Eternal Flame

Aust Grand Ch/ Canadian Ch Innisfree's On Target (Imp USA)  x  Aust Ch Mikulov Winterburn




Ch Kishiga Bigger Than Texas

bred and owned by Annie Jackson  (Norstarr)

Whelped:  15 May 1990

Sire:  Ch Chukchii Slver Wolf

Dam:  Chukchii Texas Rose

Australian Champion / New Zealand Champion

Eukanmanuva Ureka (Imp NZ)  Ureka


bred and owned by Caroline Yate


    20 May 1995   -  19 May 2008

Aust Ch / NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET (Imp NZ) 'Chimo'


bred and owned by Caroline Yate



Aust Grand Ch Mikulov Fire In The Sky ET 'Gromit'

owned and loved by Nicky Edwards

20 Oct 1995  -  8 May 2009   BIS   +   BISS

Ch Sibelk Eternal Flame     'Flame'

w:  30 July 2000


Duncan came here from Lynne Munro of Starscape

Aust & Am Ch Highlanders Duncan Macleod   'Duncan''

we helped him become an Australian Champion and he stayed . . .  and stayed until he retired to the comfort of a Philip Island home

28 March 1997     ~    8 September 2008

 Aust Ch Mikulov Street Shooter   ET 'Streaker''

w:   5  March 2003

(owned and loved by Nicky Edwards)

Aust Ch Starscape Riverdance  ET  (AI)    'Flow''

w:  20 July 2001   -  Runner Up to Best in Show winner

Aust Ch Krisaido Make Believe   'Minerva''

 w:  16  November 2003

 Aust Ch Krisaido Outlaw Starr  ET  'Stoli'

w:  14 April 2004

Aust Ch Sibaska Sekenes Scandal  ET   "Monty"

w:  4 October 1998

owned by Yvonne and Michael Beasleigh

 Aust Champion Salazar  Imposition  ET   "Rusty"

bred, owned and loved by Louise and Ken Steinman

w:  13 October 2001

Champion Mikulov Magic Happens  ET

"Ellie"    owned by Yvonne and Michael Beasleigh and family

w:  4 November 2007