CHAMPION  Sibertac Chase the Ace  ET 




Jacki and her sister Porscha came to live here because they were born into a very special litter  -  one of the few sired by Casper in Australia.  She is the ultimate couch potato, and enjoys every hour she spends indoors.  Jacki gaited to her Endurance Test title and endured going to enough Shows to get all those CC points needed for her Championship title.


Her forte was in the stylish and true to type pups she produced for us.



December 2004

mature and on her way to the CH title


Now she spends time resting on her laurels!  -  Leaving the big winning to her brother and sister in Adelaide with Lorraine Harris



Jacki - such a cute 6 week old baby


Up and over the fence at 10 weeks

The potential of a 7 month old young lady

Matured into a lovely dog  -  December 2004



She wasn't shown under 7 months, but subsequently was awarded Puppy in Group at 4 consecutive shows.


Included were:

 Norwest Canine Association, on 24 August, where she was BCC and Runner Up to BOB for 11 points.


On 27 October at Junee Kennel Club, Jackie was Best Of Breed for 16 CC points.


Her coat dropped in November 2002 however, she gained BCC at the Adelaide Hills KC in January 2003


Her first litter was born on 26 January 2005

Sire:  Ch/ Am Ch Highlanders Duncan McLeod  (Imp USA)

2 days old here

In this litter are:

Ch Mikulov Outback Jack  ET

Mikulov Jacaranda

Mikulov Highland Chivas  (in Hong Kong)

Mikulov Take Me Home  ET


Mikulov Jacaranda (left)  and her mother Jacki

20 November 2005

Tilda is about 10 months old


Littermates:  Grand Ch Sibertac Highway To Hell  (Adelaide)    

  -      at the time he earned 1 000 CC points, he was the youngest

Siberian Husky in Australia to gain the title of Grand Champion


Grand Champion Sibertac Mistress For Xmas  (Adelaide) 

multi Best in Show Winner and dam of Champions


Champion Sibertac Heat Seeker  ET

(titled while with us and now the much loved pet and companion of June Hook - Canberra)


Grand Champion Sibertac Highway To Hell 

-  multi Best in Show winner for Lorraine Harris in Adelaide

Grand Champion  Sibertac Mistress For Xmas


For more information about Sibertac dogs, have a look at this Web Site:



Pedigree of: Champion Sibertac Chase The Ace ET
Am Ch / Ch Karnovanda's Gray Spirit  (Imp USA) Am CH Karnovanda's Born On The Fourth Am CH Kontoki's Dennis The Menace Am CH Legacy Of Innisfree Kontoki's Natural Sinner
Amaluk's Sierra Breeze
Am CH Innisfree's Feathered Rain Innisfree's Pegasus
Innisfree's Sierra Shanna
Karnovanda's Lightning Strike Karnovanda's The Replica Saber Of Calivali
Karnovanda's Bambi
Am CH Karnovanda's Primrose Path Kontoki's Natural Sinner
Karnovanda's Twilight Time
Am Ch Karnovanda's Amyre Am Ch Karnovanda's Dream Bear Am Ch Karnovanda's Care Bear Karnovanda's Some Kind Of Hero
Innisfree's Morning Mist
Am Ch Karnovanda's Aurora Reaba Quiquern's Silver Shadow
Karnovanda's Twilight Time
Karnovanda's Zinka Raven Am Ch Karnovanda's Sasha Groznyi Karnovanda's Viktor Groznyi
Karnovanda's Rally
Karnovanda's Windsong Saber Of Calivali
Karnovanda's Bambi
Ch Mikulov Spirit Oth Night Ch Mikulov Fire On The Snow CD ET Aust Gr Ch / Can Ch Innisfree's On Target  (Imp USA) Innisfree's Peacekeeper Innisfree's Tradewind
Kadyak's Ms Alaska
Am Ch Innisfree's Ambitious Innisfree's Brannigan
Innisfree's Ariana
Ch / NZ Ch Mikulov A Lone Lady ET Ch Kolyma Silver Bounty Rossfort's Nijinski
Innisfree's N York Blazing Star
CH Chukchii Glacier Girl ET Volku Jininski
Chukchii Danlee
Ch / NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET  (NZ) Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar (Imp USA) Can CH Talocon's Arctic Zephyr Talocon's Arctic Flash
Talocon's Nova Calypso
Talocon's Taneha Tasheena Talocon's Nova Taneha
Tai Wind's Xanadu
Eukanmanuva Tia Becochase Of Tevra Kuvinaad Taigen
Kuvinaad Tevra
NZ CH Chinook Of Tundra Kuvinaad Cheska
White Fang Sasha