NEUTER GRAND  CHAMPION

                        Mikulov  Jingle  All  The  Way

          RN  ET  DWDF.S  HTM.S   JC   WWPD   WPD  CA


 aged 2 1/2 years old in these pictures

26 December 2010   -   17 May 2020

Jingles has ANKC recognised titles in more different activities than any other Siberian Husky in Australian history

What an achievement for a dog who had to be kept busy

"He may have been an arse, but he came through with the goods when it counted"

"Not the Messiah  -  just a very naughty boy"


2019   -   we highlight 2 GREAT achievements!

April 14  -  Jingles earned his Coursing Ability title  (CAT) with 2 clean runs at the NSW Lure Coursing Association Meet at Orchard Hills  -  he ran clear at 10 separate Meets to earn this title.  Course lengths averaged 800 metres.


May 5  -  Jingles earned his NEUTER GRAND CHAMPION title at the Morisset & District All Breeds Kennel Club.

At this Show, Jingles went through to Runner Up to Best Neuter in Show

 To earn this title, a Neutered dog must be shown and awarded for quality enough times to accumulate 1 000 CC points.

Thanks to Judge Mrs Sandra Reeves  (NSW)



2017   -  more different activities to fill Jingles' days

9 July 2017  -  at his last ever Weight Pull competition (held in Canberra as part of the Dogs ACT Gala event) Jingles pulled 400 kg, and  WON Highest Weight Pulled at the Competition and also Highest Body Weight / Pull Weight ratio


Hiking for his Working Pack Dog title  -  4 hikes, each of 16 kms length, over 2 weekends, making a total of 64 kms. The hitch was - he had to carry 30% of his body weight. Jingles was weighed at 27 kgs, meaning that he carried 8.1 kgs  -  mostly as 600 ml water bottles, some filled with ice but most with fresh water - which he shared with us during the hike.

24 August 2017 - and we moved to our retirement property near Bulga, in the Upper Hunter Valley.  Quite a convoy (18 dogs) and Jingles surveyed it all from his perch on the back of the laden truck


Jingles enjoyed going to dog Shows, and with most Clubs offering a Neuter Class at their Show, he came along and lorded it over our other dogs from the top of the trolley.

Runner Up to Best Neuter in Show  -  5 November 2016  -  Holbrook Show Society  -  and it was an exceptionally windy day

Best Neuter in Show  -  11 March 2017  -  Robertson A & H Society  -  and he won a 10 kg bag of Robertson potatoes!

Best Neuter in Show  -  8 July 2017  -  Dogs ACT EPIC Gala in Canberra  -  our Kora won Best Junior in Show at the Working Dog Show that day as well


2016  -  A year of different activities which kept Jingles engaged and gainfully occupied

We competed in Heelwork to Music on 29 January, and won First Place in HTM-Starters for his first Pass  (160 / 180)

He worked to the upbeat and favourite song by The Proclaimers  - I Will Walk 500 Miles

Holding the various Heel positions with such precision!  On 21 May 2016, at the Dogs NSW DWD Competition, Jingles repeated this twice more for another 2 x 1st Places and his Heelwork To Music - Starters title.  The SECOND Husky in Australia with a Heelwork To Music title - after our enigmatical Taxi





We also tried Lure Coursing with Jingles

Some are destined to run with the bulls  -  it wass Jingles' destiny to run with the bag

This is the sport traditionally reserved for Sight Hounds  (like Greyhounds and Whippets) but which was recently opened as an ANKC competition sport to dogs of all breeds.

Each dog in turn chased a white plastic bag lure which was pulled along a track by a motor.  The string which moves the lure can be seen in some of these photos

He was keen and committed to the lure - even ignoring the herd of horses just one fence away!

Showing a clean pair of heels!  (17 April)


Lure Coursing competitions - a highlight of Jingles' year

19 June 2016    -  Jingles qualified at Junior Coursing for the first time  (164.5 / 200)

8 August 2016  -  Jingles competed in Adelaide and raced to his second Pass and his Junior Courser title  -  a first for the Siberian Husky breed in Australia

25 September 2016  -  He continued to compete at the CAT level  -  needing 10 Passes of a minimum of 170 / 200 to earn the title of Coursing Ability Test  -  that goal kept him occupied well into his old age!



Working hard at Weight Pull through Autumn of 2016  -  Jingles really tried in our daily practice sessions, but getting him to commit to doing the Pull was another issue entirely. He danced, he howled, he just sat down;  and then after lodging his protest, Jingles dropped his head and put his shoulders in to the weight, pulling with apparent ease and no ill effects.


We took Jingles to a few Weight Pull competitions in Sydney before he got the hang of what was asked for.  His first successful Pass was in Canberra on 2 July 2016, when he pulled 400 kgs at the Dogs ACT Gala event.  Jingles had to pull 12 x his body weight a distance of 5 m to qualify, and for him, that was 312 kgs, so he pulled more than the minimum required to get a Certificate.

Winter of 2017 was Jingles' weight pull highlight as he passed twice in Sydney on 9 + 10 June

9 July 2017  -  at his last ever Weight Pull competition (held in Canberra as part of the Dogs ACT Gala event) Jingles pulled 400 kg, after dancing around on the Start line.

His Pull of 400 kg meant that he WON Highest Weight Pulled at the Competition and also Highest Body Weight / Pull Weight ratio

Here we are with Judge Eliza Perry from Melbourne


Jingles got his picture taken on the Podium at the Gala event

 - along with all the other big winners!


in 2013 Jingles went Dancing with Mara!

Mara reprised the Dance to "Jingle Bell Rock" which Taxi had been successful in doing back in 2011 when Taxi danced to his Dances With Dogs Freestyle - Starters title in Sydney, becoming the first Siberian Husky in Australia with Dance titles.

Dancing with Jingles had its moments  -  Mara worked hard to keep him interested enough in staying in the ring throughout  -  this was not accomplished in his first few competitions.

With perseverance and motivational training, we were successful.


Jingles passed for the second time and earned that title on 24 August 2013

The THIRD Siberian Husky in Australia with Dances with Dogs Freestyle - Starters

  -  and all of them owned and trained by Richard & Mara Herba



3 generations:     Jingles  ~   Bindi     ~       Madison

(May 2011)

A singleton pup, born via caesarian section at 4.30 am on Boxing Day 2010, Jingles arrived healthy and loud  -  and from that moment he was going to stay with us.  He was raised indoors with us and his Mama Bindi made sure that Jingles was allowed free rein to chew and play with our other Huskies  -  which he did with impunity.


Thus he grew up to be fearless and very confident, and a great dog to have indoors with us.

Below aged 3 weeks


Jingles tried all sorts of "people foods" from when he first got teeth - something his mother was relieved to encourage.        Below aged 5 weeks


                                     See him grow up in the pictures below!

Here aged 9 weeks


Here at 12 weeks old  -  the day of his first Show - 1st Place  3 - 6 months Sweepstakes +  Best Baby Puppy in Group


Here at 4 months old  -  1st Place  3 - 6 months Sweepstakes +  Best Baby Puppy in Group


Jingles won the 3-6 months Sweepstakes at Cootamundra - 8 May - 4 1/2 months old

our friend Belinda Mitchell came Second with Nova her Pharaoh Hound



Runner Up to Best in Group for his first Championship Points

                 ~  Nowra DKC ~ 17 Sept 2011


Best Minor Puppy in Show  -  Canowindra PA&H Society

  -  24 September 2011

The next day, he won the same award at Lockhart!

Best Minor Puppy in Show  -  Lockhart A&P  Show Society 

-  25 September 2011

This is a dog with a sense of humour! 

More of those pictures below

Best Puppy in Show  -  Siberian Husky Club of NSW  -  8 October 2011

Sometimes we wondered how we managed to run around the ring - and stay on all our feet!  Yes, he  nipped my trousers, but quite gently


And, Yes!  he bit me on the way around!

These pictures show how he could stride out - even as a puppy he covered a lot of ground

an evening Show in Darwin  -  July 2011


December 2011 - 12 months old

 April 2012  -  with his mother Bindi



Kamal Fernandez came out from London in June 2011 to share a weekend of wonderful insights into training issues.  Jingles poses with his new friend!


A repeat in June 2012 - Jingles has grown up a bit more, and learned a bit more

We went to a Rally O Trial on 22 June 2012  -  Just to assess his progress

RESULT:  Jingles earned his first Rally O Novice Pass  -  80 / 100


We present the FIRST MALE Siberian Husky in Australia with a Rally O Novice title



Champion Mikulov Jingle All The Way  RN

8 September 2012  -  2 more trials for 2 more Passes


Runner Up to Best in Group  -  Adelong  -  March 2012

Best Junior in Show   -  The Utility Dog Club of NSW

May 2012



Wins of note:

2  x  Best Baby Puppy in Group

2  x  1st place  3 - 6 months Sweepstakes

3  x  Best Minor Puppy in SHOW               14  x  Best Minor Puppy in Group

5  x  Best Puppy in Group                             3  x  Best Puppy in Group

3  x  Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group

1  x  Best Puppy in SHOW                           1  x  Best Junior in SHOW

2   x  Best Intermediate in Group

before 20  August  2012, and after then:

5  x  Best Neuter in SHOW

Jingles' daughter from his only litter (dam:  Ch Sibaska High Light ET) won Best Baby Puppy in Group at her first show  (14 October 2012).   Mikulov Jingle Belle Rocks  -  Roxanne  -  one of 7 black and white pups in her litter  -  now in the best family home in Tasmania



Pictures of Jingle's parents:


Australian Grand Champion Sibertac Highway To Hell



Australian Champion Sibaska Star Shines On ET



Pedigree of:    Champion / Neuter Grand Champion Mikulov Jingle All The Way   RN  ET   DWDF.S  HTM.S  JC  CA 

                                                                                                                             WWPD  WPD

Date of Birth   

26  December 2010  

Sex:  Male          Colour:  Black and White          Eyes: blue

Grand Champion Sibertac Highway To Hell Aust Ch / Am Ch Karnovanda's Gray Spirit (Imp USA) Am CH Karnovanda's Born On The Fourth Am CH Kontoki's Dennis The Menace Am CH Legacy Of Innisfree
Am CH Innisfree's Feathered Rain
Karnovanda's Lightning Strike Karnovanda's The Replica
Am CH Karnovanda's Primrose Path
Am CH Karnovanda's Amyre Am CH Karnovanda's Dream Bear Am CH Karnovanda's Care Bear
Am CH Karnovanda's Aurora Reaba
Karnovanda's Zinka Raven Am CH Karnovanda's Sasha Groznyi
Karnovanda's Windsong
Ch Mikulov Spirit Oth Night CH Mikulov Fire On The Snow CD ET Gr CH Can Ch Innisfree's On Target (Imp USA) Innisfree's Peacekeeper
Am CH Innisfree's Ambitious
CH & NZ CH Mikulov A Lone Lady ET Ch Kolyma Silver Bounty
CH Chukchii Glacier Girl ET
Ch & NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET  (Imp NZ) Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar (Imp USA) Can CH Talocon's Arctic Zephyr
Talocon's Taneha Tasheena
Eukanmanuva Tia Becochase Of Tevra
NZ CH Chinook Of Tundra
Champion Sibaska Star Shines On ET Gr CH Am Can CH Sekene's Starry Starry Night

(Imp Canada)

Am CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy Am CH Kalonik's Woodchip Am CH Innisfree's Norwegian Wood
Am CH Innisfree's Antoinette
Innisfree's Designing Woman Am CH Innisfree's Hunter
Am CH Innisfree's By Design
Sekene's Sleeping With The Enemy Innisfree's Ice Breaker Am Can CH Innisfree's Arreis Rannic
Innisfree's Daisy
Sekene's Whisper Of Sin Tamerlane Of Innisfree
Am Can CH Innisfree's Sunny Blythewood
Sibaska Madison Avenue ET Gr Ch Sibaska Starry Sunrise Gr CH Am Can CH Sekene's Starry Starry Night (Imp Canada) Am CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
Sekene's Sleeping With The Enemy
Kristari's Sugar And Spice

(Imp USA)

Am Can CH Innisfree's Fire And Frost CGC
Am CH Kristari's Spice Is Nice
Ch Kristari's Della Street ET

(Imp USA)

Am CH Solocha's Magnum P I Am Can CH Innisfree's Fire And Frost CGC
Am CH Garlan's Act 111 O' Kasan
Kristari's Chambray Am CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
Am CH Kristari's Remembrance
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