Champion Mikulov Love Struk Romeo ET


Chosen by Chantelle as her very own pet, Romeo enjoyed living with her and going on outings to dog shows and obedience trials with us.  This combination resulted in a well-rounded pet, a real ambassador for the Husky breed and a gentle and loving dog.

And  -  proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks  -  Romeo gained the third pass for his CCD obedience title at 10 1/2 years old in 2008!

His sister Kitty gained her CD obedience title in May 2000 at a much younger age!






His grandsire Sanazzar and his dam  Chimo  -  very similar in type to all of his family


Ch Mikulov Love Struk Romeo  CCD  CGC  ET   11 June 1998  ~  1  September 2011
CH Sibelk Lestat

(iid USA)

Am CH Innisfree's Irish Derby Am & Can CH Innisfree's Brannigan Mex CH Innisfree's Willit Run Innisfree's Red Roadster
Arctic Trail's Winnie The Pooh
Am CH Innisfree's Chandalar Sage Innisfree's Tullemore Dew
Innisfree's Solid Gold
Innisfree's Hailey Am CH Innisfree's Strongbow CD Innisfree's Pegasus
Innisfree's Kissing Sinner
Am CH Innisfree's Sahar Of Demavand Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Anikita's Canadian Export
Am CH / Aust CH Innisfree's Shop Till Yu Drop (Imp USA) Am CH Innisfree's Voyageur Am Can CH Innisfree's Red Roadster CD Weldon's Beau-Tukker
Innisfree's Kissing Sinner
Innisfree's Lucy Innisfree's Pegasus
Innisfree's Goldilocks
Kaila's Sunset

Ch / NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET  (Imp NZ) Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar

(Imp USA)

Can CH Talocon's Arctic Zephyr Am CH Talocon's Arctic Flash Corrak Of Tawny Hill
Weydigs Angelique
Am CH Talocon's Nova Calypso Talocon's Crimson Casanova
Sno Tow's Erica
Talocon's Taneha Tasheena Am CH Talocon's Nova Taneha Talocon's Crimson Casanova
Sno Tow's Erica
Am CH Tai Wind's Xanadu Perry's Yukon
Talocon's Talia
Eukanmanuva Tia Becochase Of Tevra Kuvinaad Taigen Myshka's Taimak
Kuvinaad Ysatis
Kuvinaad Tevra Kolyma Innisfre Darius
Kuvinaad Laika
NZ CH Chinook Of Tundra NZ CH Kuvinaad Cheska CDX OD Hunevoss Axedl
Kuvinaad Laika
Am CH White Fang Sasha Kolyma Innisfre Darius
Hunevoss Kykailee