Champion Mikulov  Takeover  Target   ET  HTM.S  DWDF.S

                                                                       20 May 2009   ~  31 December 2011


Taxi was selected as my obedience and performance dog and we worked hard together, learning the basics of obedience as well as some tricks and a start in other activities.

He gained a pass at CCD level obedience in September 2010

Taxi gaited the 20 kilometres to earn his Endurance Test (ET) title on 11 September 2011

He became a Show Champion in October 2011

He was the first Husky in Australia to have titles in the new ANKC activity Dances With Dogs

This has sure brought him some attention with this video clip:

and this radio podcast - done in Darwin in July 2011

Taxi tagged along to some Shows as a baby - just because we were going anyway!  He won Best Baby Puppy in Show on the second and third time he went into the Show ring!


This was at West Wyalong on 1 + 2 September 2009, and his cousin (Stanley) and aunt (Tarshona Spellbound Magic) also starred with big wins

Just couldn't stop taking the pictures through September  2009 -  he was such a  photogenic puppy!



October 2009 saw some more thrilling wins.  Thrilling for me as I was happy just having Taxi out there  -  win, lose or draw did not matter to me with this dog.

Canberra ABKC  -  Best Baby Puppy in Show


Siberian Husky Club of NSW  -  Opposite Baby Puppy in Show - to his sister Mikulov Whats Not To Love

There are many more pictures of Passion on her own Web Page here!


Early in 2010  -  and his coat dropped out completely  -  to be expected as the January summer and long daylight hours make an impact.  I guess he really didn't want his picture taken that day!

Or this one!

March of 2010 - and Taxi came on holidays with us to the beach for a week where his love of retrieving balls was consolidated during long walks on the beach


Denver came along as well as we had just got him back after 4 too long years away from us   (Mikulov Take Me Home)

Taxi was one of our Huskies who helped out Dr Harry Cooper during his demonstrations with children at the Canberra Royal Show.  This occasion was in February 2010  -  he was about 9 months old


These were snapped at one of our first obedience trials - early in 2010


He might not have passed that day - but he showed me that he was trying hard

When we passed (in September 2010)  -  we celebrated with hugs



And we danced - from September 2010  -  how we danced  -  and looking back, we both enjoyed this special time together

His first Pass - our second weekend of competition - December 2010 - DWD Freestyle ~ Starters

His first Pass in Heelwork to Music came along in May 2011  "aawww  -  shucks - it was nothing, really!"

All stops were out on 11 December 2011 and we danced hard and fast  -  with stunning success  -  for ourselves and for the breed in Australia  ~  Taxi was the first!

Our first title - in Heelwork To Music - done to the tune of "Little Brown Jug"

followed within a couple of hours by the Freestyle to "Jingle Bell Rock"  and we rocked that day!



Even now it is difficult to comprehend that within 3 weeks of these photos - he was gone

Taxi adored his public - and they reciprocated  -  from all walks of life

With Dr Harry at the 2010 Canberra Royal Show

with the world renowned trainers (who were very generous with their time and efforts)

Kath and Karen                                  Kamal




An easy jaunt around the Dogs ACT Grounds on 11 September 2011 saw Taxi gain his Endurance Test title

He started off enthusiastically pulling hard -  determined to be in the lead - or to catch up to me!

Richard took him for an 8 kilometre leg - I had my hands full with Passion (see above)


Smiles and success all round  -  with his sister Passion


We sure were lucky to have a fabulous trek through the NT with Taxi in July - August 2011  -  we hoped it was the first of many such trips with our dogs

Here we are at the location of the Tropic Of Capricorn  -  our slide on camper was quite comfortable, though a bit cosy with 4 dogs indoors, and the truck towed the dog trailer

I only had one opportunity to get away from them all!

Stanley  ~  Jingles  ~  Taxi  ~  River

At the abandoned Daly Water Airfield, built and used in World War II, Taxi went exploring with me

With Stanley we raced across the tarmac - almost taking off


During our trip we danced in the sun

and we rested  ~  with River and Stanley

Taxi resisted the temptation of Melissa Purich's prized hen

and he posed - wherever he saw that camera pointed at him!

In Alice Springs we were persuaded to participate in the fun class - Irish Brace  -  where the two dogs should be different and opposite in appearance and size

I thought that stacking Taxi with the Jack Russell Terrier puppy Idefix brought some obstacles

then we started out trotting around the ring to show off our strides!



Ultimately and to our great surprise - we won - and Taxi celebrated with his leap of joy

Taxi - an important member of the team pulling Santa's Sleigh every Christmas

in 2009 - he took a break with Roger while still harnessed and supposed to be "wowing" the public

They all sorted themselves out for a proper photo a bit later!

By Christmas 2011, he was an old hand at cadging pats from small girls



These photos were taken at Shows while he was accumulating Challenge Points for his Championship title



Born 20 May 2009,

These pictures are of the pups aged 2 days


Cricket just loves her pups

Taxi was a stand out dark red male


Aged 7 days

aged 14 days


21 days old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old


We were lucky enough to get one last photo at Christmas time 2011



In living  -  they said he was a heart breaker

I never thought so  -  for me he tried  -  often without understanding “Why”

In leaving  -  he broke my heart

20 May 2009    ~    31 December 2011




                        Family Album

Sire:  Ch Sibelk A Right To Impose



Dam:  Ch Tarshona Black Magic  ET


Taxi with his mother Cricket


With his sisters  ~  Jykeva and Passion


brother Gandor in Adelaide  -  Neuter Champion Mikulov Twilight Blue   -  much loved by Melissa Carr




3  x  Best Baby Puppy in Show

4  x Best Baby Puppy in Group

1  x  Opposite Baby Puppy in Show  (SHC NSW Specialty - October 2009)

1  x  Best Puppy in Group

3  x  Runner Up to Best in Group

1  x  Best Junior in Group

6  x  Best Australian Bred in Group


to  4  October  2011


Champion Mikulov Takeover Target ET  HTM.S  DWDF.S
Red and White, brown eyes
Sex Male Date of Birth 20 May 2009
Ch Sibelk A Right To Impose Gr CH Can Ch Innisfree's On Target

(Imp USA)

Innisfree's Peacekeeper Am CH Innisfree's Tradewind Am Can CH Innisfree's Return Engagement CD
Am CH Innisfree's Pegeen
Kadyak's Ms Alaska Am Can CH Innisfree's Red Roadster CD
Am CH Kadyak's Ms Kishwin
Am CH Innisfree's Ambitious Am & Can CH Innisfree's Brannigan Mex CH Innisfree's Willit Run
Am CH Innisfree's Chandalar Sage
Innisfree's Ariana Am Can CH Innisfree's Red Roadster CD
Am CH Innisfree's Marakesh
Illahee Enchanted Rhythm Gr CH Kolyma Beau Maverick Ch Rossfort's Nijinski (Imp UK) Am Can CH Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin CD
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal
Innisfree's N York Touch O' Class (Imp USA) Am Can CH Innisfree's Arreis Rannic
Innisfree's Cybis
Illahee Anastasia Aust CH Kolyma Shadrins Cinnar Ch Rossfort's Nijinski
Innisfree's N York Blazing Star
Aust CH Snopride's Tanooshka Kolyma Czar Givan
Chukchii Venus
Ch Tarshona Black Magic ET Ch Sibaska Starr Struck ET Gr CH Am Can CH Sekene's Starry Starry Night (Imp Canada) Am CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy Am CH Kalonik's Woodchip
Innisfree's Designing Woman
Sekene's Sleeping With The Enemy Innisfree's Ice Breaker
Sekene's Whisper Of Sin
Ch Foxfire Memphis Belle ET

(Imp South Africa)

Foxfire Ode To Alcinta Sth Af CH Alcinta's Rave Review Of Foxfire
Am CH Alcinta's Desert Passion Of Foxfire
Foxfire Capellia Sth Af CH Alcinta's Rave Review Of Foxfire
Arcticlight's Tiffany T Of Foxfire
Ch Volku Pagan Starr ET CH Am CH Cracar's Uriah Chills N Thrills (Imp USA) Am CH Alcinta's Modern Day Warrior Am CH Innisfree's Pagan Sinner
Alcinta's Kristelaire
Echo Call's Karakum Of Uriah Am CH Echo Call's Playboy
Echo Call's Elusive Mirage
Volku California Girl (AI) Am CH Tullemore's Copyright Tullemore's Point Of View
Am CH Tullemore's Keepsake
Volku Maiden Australia Rossfort's Savannah
Volku Cassandra
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