Ali aged 4 months  -  the first of the "new style" quality generation we bred here back in 1991

A very different look to our previous pups

Ali aged 11 months  -  just after she won her first Runner Up to Best in Group  -  and feeling very happy with herself

Runner Up to Best in Show  -  Asian Breeds Club of NSW  Nov 1992  (Handled very capably by Chantelle Herba)


Ali as a mature 4 year old

3 years old


Ali in mid 1994 with her pups Flame and Earl

Flame, Ali and Earl pose with a pack of sculptured dingoes on the lawns of Canberra's Parliament House.  They proved to be more animated than the others in the pack.


Ali went to Caroline Yate in Christchurch New Zealand in May 1998, in whelp to Mikulov Chazell, and produced a number of

New Zealand Champions


Ali takes time out to pose for this picture

Ali gained her New Zealand Championship


Ali was a single pup (hence her name), but we repeated the mating to produce younger brothers and sisters, including  Ch Mikulov Power Broker ET, Ch Mikulov Mover And Shaker CD ET ,  Ch Mikulov Fade To Black,  Ch Mikulov Wind Dancer


She was the breed representative for the Utility Dog Club of NSW Contest of Champions on 5 November 1994, at a time when the breed was considered rare in the show ring.  Hip score:  1 : 3 = 4



Wins of Note:

1993 Sydney Royal Show:  reserve BCC

1993 Perth Royal Show  Best of Breed

1995    RNCAS (Canberra)   BCC



Pedigree of: Aust CH / NZ CH Mikulov A Lone Lady ET
Aust Ch Kolyma Silver Bounty Aust Ch Rossfort Nijinski  (Imp UK) Am & Can CH Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin CD Snowmist's Blizz Of Arcticlight Snowmist's Attaboy
McCracken's Fair Holly
Can CH Kimlan's Kisima Of Arcticlight Yeso Pac's Southern Comfort
Tadluk's Balashika
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal Can CH Mangden's Korvik Of Telemark Baltic's Pacesetter
Akalan's Kodiak Red
Am CH Arcticlight's Gypsy Sinner Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Rix's Gypsy Of The Bastion
 Innisfree's N York Blazing Star   (Imp USA) Am Can CH Innisfree's Red Roadster CD Am CH Weldon's Beau-Tukker Weldon's Beau-Buck
Weldon's Enuk-Balto
Am CH Innisfree's Kissing Sinner Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Innisfree's Kismet
Innisfree's Orange Omega Am & Can CH Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar Innisfree's Sierra Beau-Jack
Innisfree's Sierra Royal Kate
Innisfree's Isis Weldon's Beau-Buck
Innisfree's Islandka
CH Chukchii Glacier Girl ET Volku Jininski CH Kolyma Czar Kolenka Aust Ch Rossfort's Nijinski  (Imp UK) Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal
Frostypine's Anya Tushin Of Hunevoss
Myvore's Lara
Hunevoss Nikaela  (Imp NZ) NZ CH Tameila Rjukaan  (Imp UK) Jlahka's Play It Again Sam
Quinbury's Lowiczanka
NZ CH Forstal's Nadia   (Imp UK) Choudak's Kimovitch Of Forstal
Kenstaff's Natasha
Chukchii Danlee CH Chukchii Silver Wolf Forstal's Tumac Forstal's Kassan
Micnicroc's Nanuska
Danlee's Karelia Wapahkwa's Avik
Forstal's Kobuk
Danlee's Karelia  (Imp UK) Wapahkwa's Avik Saugeen's Yakut
Wapahkwa Of Siberia
Forstal's Kobuk Minicroc's Petya
Douschka Of Northwood