Champion Mikulov Star Trek  ET   (iid)



Chad - aged 10 weeks

 aged 12 months - he has met his puppy potential


Wheel dog for Santa - Dec 2003 with Richard (aka Santa's helper)


Littermates:   Ch Mikulov Kabus Star  ET       Mikulov Kabus Dot Com       Mikulov Going Places  ET


Wins of Note:  Best Exhibit in Group  -  Cooma and District K & O Club  23 Nov 2001  aged 7 months and 3 weeks



Chad lived with a great family in Canberra and another Husky for some years

He enjoyed family activities like canoeing and has been worked in harness with a bicycle.

He accepted the daughters in that home with love and affection



In February 2009, Chad found that his luck had changed as the family could no longer keep him  -

He is back with us now until a new home turns up

Please contact us if interested




Pedigree of: Ch Mikulov Star Trek ET  (iid)
Can Ch Kabu's Grinnin From Ear To Ear Intl Can CH Runaway Of Arctic Sun Intl Can CH Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz Am Can CH Black Oak's Crescendo Black Oak's Beau Jacque
Innisfree's Lady Shandilar
Am CH Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn Ihalmuit's American Dream
Sekene's Eastern Mist
Bel CH New Look Of Arctic Sun Am CH Nivek's Bits N Pieces Marlytuk's Shaun Of Totempole
Nivek's Sugar Babe Of Kachoko
Am CH Nootka's Nikita Of Isbok Telemark's Fox-Fire Of Isbok
Isbok's Maiden Heaven
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Chelyuskin's Mela
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Samhain's Crystal Starfire
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Kontoki's Minute Made
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Innisfree's Midnight Lace
Naakeah's Seminale Winds Kahlua N Ice Of The Midnight Sun True Color Of The Midnight Sun
Dimondust Of The Midnight Sun
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Naakeah's Afternoon Delighte
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Innisfree's Sunny Blythewood
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