Champion   Arigh  O  Maolagain  ET



Sire:  Ch Saxony's Evening Tide  (Imp USA)

Dam:   Ch Taraglen Old Fashioned

 6  June 2001   ~   2  October 2012


This lovely dog was bred by Diana McGuinn of Arigh Irish Setters (near Canberra) and was retained as a promising show quality pup.  Mulligan came to live with us in January 2002 as Diana was concentrating on his litter mates.


He soon learned about life in the bush - the peace and quiet punctuated by startled kangaroos and rabbits being pursued by an enthusiastic Red Dog.


Titled in November 2002, Mulligan (and Mara) took to obedience training with the same enthusiasm  -  the leash was not needed to keep him at Heel after the first few lessons  -  he just wanted to walk beside Mara - as close as he could get.


Mastering the Stays (at some distance away) was a bit more difficult as Mulligan could not understand why he had to be away from her for a minute or two.





As the right parts of his coat started growing Mulligan tagged along to shows with the Huskies, being consistent about winning Best of Breed and the occasional Class in Group.


Many people were kind enough to take Mulligan into the breed ring when the Husky judging clashed. 


A Big Thank You to all of you



Winning Best of Breed at the Albury & Border Kennel & Training Club Show on 2 May 2004 meant that Mulligan was presented with the

Ch Taraglen Plantaganet

Best of Breed



which is a very prized trophy here



 A congratulatory kiss


Delighted to have won something for Mara


He doesn't know what - and he really doesn't care


At the same show, our lovely Siberian Husky Ch Starscape River Dance ET was Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Show


A dog who didn't mind dressing up  -  here modelling snoods in late 2004




Striding out on his way to winning

Runner Up to

Best in Show


at Tumut  (NSW)


on 23 March 2006


Judge Tony Valli at Tumut pondering his choices for Best in Show


 Mulligan was x-rayed in August 2006 and the 6 lower lumbar vertebrae were found to be fused.  This spinal arthritis explained the discomfort and irregular pains he had been feeling for some time.


It also effectively ended his dog show days (he was on 700 CC points) and also halted all ideas of obedience competitions.


He was prescribed pain killers to help him and responded very well.  He spent the rest of his life in a wonderful home with Vivien Jones where he was a much loved and spoiled pet.

In October 2012 came the sad news:

"His back legs  finally gave way and was unable to walk at all and it was time for us all to say to goodbye.  We are heartbroken as is everyone that came into contact with Mulligan.  He made a huge impact on everyone’s life and we will all miss him so much. 

I would like to thank you for letting me have such a wonderful time with this special Irish Setter."



one final "all time favourite" photo