Champion  Mikulov  Etched  In  Frost  R N   ET  DWDF.S






It was pure luck that Savanna had her litter here at our place on 10 May 2010

One of the grey females was a real stand-out, so she stayed

From an early age, River had a combination of stunning good looks and great conformation with a grey coat and dark brown eyes

Friendly, happy and extremely dominant - even from an early age  -  she responded to training very positively.

Outgoing and confident, River sure was noticed in the show ring with a series of Class in Group wins from day 1  -  as well as wins in Sweepstakes

aged 2 weeks  -  and dark grey way down all her legs

aged 3 weeks here


aged 4 weeks

9 weeks - and she has grown legs!


So pretty and eye catching


aged 3 months here  -  her first show - 15 August 2010


Best Baby Puppy in SHOW 

15 October  -  Forbes KC  -  Judge:  Mr J Lewington (SA)



River came to the Northern Territory with us in July - August 2011 and along the way she went to 14 Shows

Her record during this trip was outstanding:

1 x Runner Up to Best in Show

2  x Best Exhibit in Group

1  x Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group

5  x  Best Junior in Show

4  x  Best of Breed

10  x  Best Junior in Group

DARWIN ROYAL SHOW  2011  ~  Bitch Challenge, Runner Up to Best of Breed  &  Best Junior in Group

She took BCC at every Show for a total of 118 CC points and gained her Championship title along the way


She loves her half brother Stanley!

Always ready for a game

2010-11  -  WINNER   ~  Siberian Husky Club of NSW   ~   POINT SCORE


Best Puppy  AND Best Bitch



21 April 2012



another first for

Mikulov Siberian Huskies

River became the first Siberian Husky in Australia to gain any Rally O title when she earned her third qualifying Pass in Rally Novice, giving her the Rally Novice title


Champion Mikulov Etched In Frost  R N


River goes Dancing!

She is a dog with great aptitude, a lot of focus and a love of performing the tricks and turns. Taking so much in her stride, I only started training her seriously on 1 January 2012  -  after accepting that my dog Taxi had died. 

We worked on a dance to Forever in Blue Jeans with the Queanbeyan & District Dog Training Club which was part of the Demonstration Day on 29 May 2012.  Here is a clip:

At the Cootamundra District ABKC in May 2012, we performed a routine which won us 2nd Place in the Freestyle - Showcase Your Dog    informal lunch time competition


This was reprised  when River WON the Freestyle - Showcase Your Dog informal class at the Cootamundra ABKC Shows on 12 May 2013 with a different impromptu Dance routine


Endurance Test  -  1  July 2012  -  and River breezed through!



Best Exhibit in Group   ~   19 August 2012   ~  Coolamon Ganmain KC

Judge:  Mrs Anna Brankovic  (Serbia)

River went to Tasmania with us in October - November 2012!



River's first litter was born on 17 November 2013  -  1 gray male, 1 black male, 1 gray female

more pictures here




SIREGrand Champion Sibertac Highway To Hell    "Chad"

DAMStarscape Savanna  ET

River's litter  -  she is the dark grey pup at the bottom of the pile

1 grey male

2 black females

4 grey females

(here aged 3 days)


Here aged 4 weeks

-  she is still the dark grey pup at the bottom of the pile

The grey colour extended down her legs to her feet  -  never had a pup with this much colour at such a young age before!


The other pups in this litter went to the best pet homes  -  their gorgeous looks and so friendly temperaments meant that they were much sought after family pets.


River's record of wins:

1 x Runner Up to Best in Show

4  x Best Exhibit in Group                                      4  x  Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group

5  x  Best Junior in SHOW                                       15  x  Best Junior  in Group

3  x  Best Intermediate  in Group                            2  x  Best Australian Bred  in Group

1  x  Best Baby Puppy in SHOW                                    8  x  Best Baby Puppy in Group

3  x  1st Place  -  3 - 6  months Sweepstakes

4 x    placings   -  3 - 6  months Sweepstakes

1  x  Best Minor Puppy in SHOW                                3  x  Best Minor Puppy in Group

1  x  Best Puppy in Group

2  x  1st Place  -  6 - 12  months Sweepstakes

to 27 April  2013


her sister Harper has an important role as baby sitter in her family


Pedigree of:     Champion Mikulov Etched In Frost  R N   ET  DWDF.S
Hips:  5 : 4 = 9

Eyes checked clear:  20 June 2012

Sex Female Colour Grey and White
Date of Birth 10 May 2010 Eyes Brown
Grand Ch Sibertac Highway To Hell Aust/Am Ch Karnovanda's Gray Spirit (Imp USA) Am CH Karnovanda's Born On The Fourth Am CH Kontoki's Dennis The Menace Am CH Legacy Of Innisfree
Am CH Innisfree's Feathered Rain
Karnovanda's Lightning Strike Karnovanda's The Replica
Am CH Karnovanda's Primrose Path
Am CH Karnovanda's Amyre Am CH Karnovanda's Dream Bear Am CH Karnovanda's Care Bear
Am CH Karnovanda's Aurora Reaba
Karnovanda's Zinka Raven Am CH Karnovanda's Sasha Groznyi
Karnovanda's Windsong
Ch Mikulov Spirit Oth Night CH Mikulov Fire On The Snow CD ET Gr CH Can Ch Innisfree's On Target (Imp USA) Innisfree's Peacekeeper
Am CH Innisfree's Ambitious
CH & NZ CH Mikulov A Lone Lady ET Ch Kolyma Silver Bounty
CH Chukchii Glacier Girl ET
Ch / NZ Ch Eukanmanuva Chimo ET Talocon's Arctic Sanazzar (Imp USA) Can CH Talocon's Arctic Zephyr
Talocon's Taneha Tasheena
Eukanmanuva Tia Becochase Of Tevra
NZ CH Chinook Of Tundra
Starscape Savanna  ET Starscape Maximize Starscape The Sandman CH Volku Dream Weaver Am CH Kadyak's Native Dancer
Can CH Kabu's On The Edge Of A Dream
Norstarr Summer Dream Ch Sledog Bolshoi Buran
Norstarr Indian Summer
Southernlite Crystalize Rossfort's Savannah (Imp UK) Rossfort's Nureyev
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal
Norstarr Silver Shadow Am CH Sledog Polar King
Kishiga Yankee Rose
Ch Starscape Riverdance ET  (AI) Am CH Tasman's Rushing Whitewater (USA) Wildoney's Couldbee An Angel SD Am CH Wildoney's Fired Up N' Reddy To Go CD,SDO
Am CH Innisfree's Wild Wind CD SDX
Am Can CH Tasman's Diamond In The Ruff Am CH Huskavarna's Donatello
Am Can CH Krykan's Northern Lights
Southernlite Crystalize Rossfort's Savannah (Imp UK) Rossfort's Nureyev
Arcticlight's Canadian Crystal
Norstarr Silver Shadow Am CH Sledog Polar King
Kishiga Yankee Rose
Pedigree generated by



These pictures below are of Savanna as a tiny baby in her litter of 3  (born 25 September 2006) who we raised and enjoyed before sending them back to her breeder.

Their mother is Flow  - Champion Starscape Riverdance ET  -  another special dog who shared our lives

Flow had been hit by a car, suffered a brain injury, and became pregnant with this litter by accident.  It was not known whether she would be able to care for the pups, but she proved to be a super mum - still friendly, gentle and caring.

Savanna  is  River's mum  here aged 1 day


SAVANNA  -  aged 5 weeks

aged 7 weeks


                                          Like mother   ~  like daughter



                          Like grandmother   ~  like grandaughter

Savanna worked towards her Endurance Test title and gained it by gaiting 20 kilometres on 1 August 2010.

A small step forward for Savanna, and one which we were happy that she accomplished

She went to the best home in Sydney in October 2010 where she was loved and cared for by Matt.

Savanna started suffering seizures from May 2011 and her prognosis is not certain