From time to time, we take in Siberian Huskies in need of a new home.


The reasons why dogs are surrendered to us are varied, but each case sees a needy dog looking for a new home.


Why do we do it  -  time after time?


When people say, "I couldn't foster because it would be too hard to give a dog up"; we say, "How can it be harder than knowing a dog died because no foster home took it in when needed?"


CLICK HERE to see pictures of some of these dogs in their new homes.  Settled in and happy in a secure future.





The Siberian Husky is a northern breed sled dog, which means they have lots of fur and lots of energy and the desire to run fast and far. They don't like to be left alone, so they do best in an active household with a secure fence, no cats, and at least one other dog.

They are fun, smart, funny and paired with the right trainer and technique, trainable with many excelling in agility and obedience work as well as sled racing.

These dogs must be permitted inside the house and taken on family activities and outings.



Maybe you will take in a special dog

in  May

Currently fostering    Neeson      Tripod


Tripod  -  Different, but happy


Available now   18 May 2017

Tripod was hit by a car and though the person responsible took him to the Vet, there was a delay in finding the owners and agreeing on treatment, to the extent that the damage was compounded and the right front leg was amputated on 22 February 2017. The wounds have since healed, and so has his soul.

Born on 26 April 2016, and just turned 1 year old, Tripod ready to start a new life with your family. He is now eager and anxious to go home with you - initially on a 4 week trial.

His new home must have secure fences, and you must have a commitment to taking him to weekly dog obedience training classes, and to daily exercise - either jogging or power walking  (all on leash, of course) to ensure that he maintains muscle strength to compensate for the loss of that front leg.


Tripod is still a young puppy who LOVES being walked regularly and is over-excited or over energetic. He enjoys car rides, is quiet and settled when in the house and must be included in family activities. This is not a dog who can be left alone in the back yard and that is not the sort of home who will get Tripod.  He would love a larger size dog as a companion and playmate, but no cats, poultry or pocket pets in the home please.


Tripod deserves a home where he is wanted and will be loved and cared for. He has a happy and optimistic outlook on life - just wanting to share his love with a family.


We will provide an information pack, on-going advice and resources as needed.


Tripod is located near Canberra, your enquiries are welcome

We are asking a $ 100 donation for Tripod

He goes on a 4 week trial to see how he settles in with the family and lifestyle. Follow up care and advice is always available


Richard & Mara Herba         Phone:  02  6236 6404






Neeson - needs  a  new  home

AVAILABLE NOW  -  18 May  2017

A black and white neutered male Siberian Husky with one blue and one parti coloured eye.  Born on 16 January 2016 and already with a disrupted past, he is waiting in foster care for a family who will keep him for the rest of his life.  A good dog with no bad habits, he listens and responds to instructions.

Neeson loves people and wants little more than a cuddle and a pat - apart from daily walks or jogs with you (always on leash) and inclusion in outings and activities.  Committing to daily exercise and attendance at weekly dog obedience training classes are essential when you add a young and strong Husky like Neeson to your household. 

Not available to a home with cats, small dogs, pocket pets or toddlers / babies. This is because he is untrained and unsocialised, being kept in the backyard of his original home once he outgrew the cute puppy stage.

Neutered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Located near Canberra, your inquiries are welcome.
Neeson will go on a 4 week trial to see how he settles in with your family and lifestyle.  Donation:  $100
Follow up care and advice is always available

Mara Herba        Phone: 02  6236 6404





Clyde   ~  looking for a bonnie new home



AVAILABLE NOW   18 May 2017

Clyde was born on 26 March 2014, which makes him just 3 years old - way too young to be looking for a new home.  He is black and white with blue eyes and is large for a Husky, and a bit overweight.

 Clyde is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated  and all-wormed. He is in excellent health and has never had any health problems.

Clyde has been through 2 homes.  His first owner was too ill to care for an energetic young male Husky who needed daily attention to help him learn basic obedience and house manners. Clyde was surrendered at 11 months of age and quickly found a great home in Canberra.

However,  his owner is travelling more with his work, so is reluctantly trying to find Clyde  a new home.   He has kept up his Vet checks and vaccinations, and also paid for obedience training lessons, which have worked as Clyde is quite responsive to people.


Clyde is only available to a home where he will be permitted to spend time indoors with the family. A commitment to daily exercise (on leash!) and attendance at weekly dog obedience training classes is essential, as is secure and high fencing. Clyde is not an escape artist but his new home must have proper fences (6 foot colourbond or solid wood paling fences and gates).   He should never be let off leash in an unfenced area as he would be almost impossible to catch if he got away!


Clyde is very active and LOVES being walked regularly. As with most Huskies, Clyde has an independent streak and we insist that you attend weekly training classes to teach you the best techniques to communicate with him.

He enjoys car rides, is quiet and settled when in a car and must be included in family activities. This is not a dog who can be left alone in the back yard and that is not the sort of home who will get Clyde.


Not to go to a home with cats or other "pocket pets", as the prey drive instinct of Huskies to chase can kick in when a pet duck or rabbit runs past.


Clyde deserves a home where he is wanted and will be loved and cared for. He has a happy and optimistic outlook on life - just wanting to share his love with a family.


This happy Husky just needs a chance - and if you meet him, you will want to give him every opportunity to become a valued family companion.


Located in Canberra, your inquiries are welcome.

We are asking a $ 100 donation to Husky Rescue for Clyde.

He goes on a 4 week trial to see how he settles in with the family and lifestyle.

Follow up care and advice is always available


Blake Proberts         blake@pursuittechnology.com.au






Always Wanted!

More foster carers for Siberian Huskies needing temporary accommodation and care


REWARD:  Saving lives, one cuddle at a time!

for more information, email:  Mara Herba  siberians@ozemail.com.au

Husky Rescue gets to rub shoulders with some high profile people around the country




We are not a shelter

Each dog listed is in a caring foster home

Dogs are given love, training and the attention they require

While in our care the dogs are treated as part of our family

They are shown new things that they may not have experienced before 

-  like car rides, meeting children and interacting with other dogs

We also try to teach them basic house manners and toilet training

We want to make sure they are healthy and happy when adopted

All foster carers operate independently, though co-operatively

We fund our own rescue efforts



This Web Site is an Australia-wide listing of pure breeds of dogs from registered breeders. Includes puppies, mature dogs and rescues in need of homes as well as pages of information on every health and behaviour topic you could think off  - worthwhile bookmarking to dip in when you need quick answers   -    and often has Siberian Huskies in need of homes.




Petrescue lists Huskies in need of new homes.




Occasionally there are Siberian Huskies in the Canberra Dog Pound

For more details and photos of any dogs in this Pound, please go to the Pound Web Site: 



 The Siberian Husky Club of New South Wales helps with Siberian Husky re-homing

Dogs currently looking for new loving homes are listed on the Siberian Husky Club of NSW Web Site





In 2017  we placed Cynna, Fletcher, Yumi,  Eddard, Leo, Karli, Ace and Jedda


In 2016  these Huskies who were fostered here found new homes:  Finn,   Zephyr,  Storm, Coco, Karli (now Yuki), Nala (a woolly Husky),  Cosmo, Danny (was Diago),  Marley, Chase, Suzi, Whiskey, Ruffio and Esky


In 2015  these Huskies who were fostered here found new homes:  Max  (now Thor), Diesel (now Clyde), Hunter (was Bruno), Roger, Kira, Jasper (was Sloan),  Noya,  Lilly and her 4 puppies, Billy & Mya  (together), Pearl  (was Bibi), Czar, Willow,  Honey, Brinkley, Micky, Sheba, Cosmo (now Marley), Koda, Chase and Teddy Bear


In 2014  we found homes for these Huskies who were fostered here:

Nitro,  Kya,  Claude,  Zima,  Meeka, Lulu and Cohen



In 2013  we found homes for these Huskies who were fostered here:

Sammy  (was No Name),  Hope,  Miika, Chloe, Cameo and her sister Ezra  (was Chatelaine), Marley  (was Ruby), Shadow, Astra, Nimbus, Fletcher  (was Feathers), Storm and Mia.



In 2012  these dogs were fostered here - and found the best family homes:   Sass, Mailen  (was Bide), Shadow, Cleo, Utah,  Cyba (who was also here in 2007) Bupp (now Dime), Khan, Sash, Benji, Harlow, Breeze,  Mika,  Sasha,  Motzee  (was Ramble), Missy and Jesse.



In 2011  we found homes for these dogs who were fostered here:   Sally,  Tilly (was Bonny), Erik The Red, Ruski (was Dolly), Tasman, Salem, Trudi, Max, Tommy (the vision impaired boy - now called Moet), Dakota, Maya, Mia, Paco and Diesel  (was Storm)


In 2010  we found homes for these dogs who were fostered here:   Zeke, Casper, Zena, Phoenix, Candy, Kianna, Trader, India, Kiska, Tikaani (now Max), Rocky (now Rimmer), Jade, Sam and Gloria


We heard that Alaska, Dakota, Jed, Tai, Sascha, Cooper, Nikita, Alaska (2), Maple and Bella found new homes


In 2009  we found homes for DeeDee and her 3 pups;  Sasha, Joe, Kaiser, Jewel, Thunder, Shadow  (Husky x Border Collie), Duke (the Malamute), Cassidy, Buffy, Sable (a Malamute), Zeus and Freddie; and we heard that Remi,  Cody,  Lucy,  Tasha, Tikkani,  AJ, Taj, Kita, Koda and Fletcher, Baron, Nahla, Kita, Maximus, Bindi, Chloe, Ice, Belle, Misty, Mishka, Paris, Sasha, Hercules, Panda, Shayla, Polar and Ruby found new homes


In 2008  we found homes for Teeka (re-named Ava), Justin, Roger, Maple, Coco, Jake (now Zac), Jak, Iggy, Treasure (now Tara), Tilly (now Nalle), Kiss, Rusty, Jasmin, Sultan and Kye; and heard that Taj, Chief,  Mishka, Shadow (1), Shadow (2), Crystal, TeyMyah, Charlie, Merlin, Akira,  Kita, Arni, Zali, Eski, Bonnie, Remi, Tikkani, Taj, Bacci and AJ found new homes


In 2007  we found homes for these dogs fostered here with us:  Oscar,  Sasha, Delilah, Picard (now called Max), Gus, Diesel, Ricky, Cyba, Kobe,  Hero,  Lupo  (now named Ringo), Hutch and Storm.  We heard that Max, Blue Belle, Heidi, Snowbell, Chief, Anook, Zola, Meis-je, Flame, Ruby, Jordan, Quinn, Akirra, Sasha, Flake, Jabbalena, Ice, Kirby, Shesha, Flake (now called Max) and Chanel found new homes.


In 2006 we placed Missy, Lakota, Tasha, Sebastian, Raven, Billy, Rusty, Velvet, Boris, Natasha, Narla, Ben, Wolfgang, Faith, Iggy, Faye, Ace of Spades and Loki  -  ALL OF WHOM had been fostered here with us for some time. We heard that  Ivan, Esky, Nikita, Bear, Neko, Shadow, Sky, Max and Simba found new homes.


In 2005 we placed Ben, Buddy, Frankie, Shamus, Enigma, Striker,  Sierra, Rosie, Honey, Angel, Ghost, Chopak, Bear and Domino as well as Bundy, Candy and Roger (Alaskan Malamutes) and heard that Pearle, Georgie, Zarr, Mimi, Yargo, Misty, Koda, Iceman and Vader found  good homes.


In 2004 we placed Rex, Dakota, Ingus, Simba, Basil, Misty, Shadow  and Moby!  Also Ski whose home lasted around 12 months and who found herself back here and in need of a new family to love.


In 2003 we placed Ski (again), Shadow, Malli, Rosie, Thomas,

Kusco, Kimba, Jolie, Panda, Snowy and Betty. 

In August we placed Keeta and Leo, found Tasha's owners (her name is Icey) and heard that Skyla, Pushkin and Odessa had new homes.

In October Primrose found a loving family home, as did Ebony and Treasure.


In 2002 we placed Phena, Otis, Troppo,  Casper,  Faith  and Rhea,

Tayla and Kira  ALL OF WHOM had spent some time here being fostered.




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