Cybord Shadow

      ET  HTM.S   RN   HTM.N  CCD  RA   RE

A special dog  who went through quite a journey in his life to get these titles

photo courtesy:  Jill Fowler:


Shadow  -  his records show him as a Siberian Husky  x  Border Collie  (a Sibord), born on 1 September 2007.  Mostly black, with a hint of white around the muzzle and 4 white paws (with black roan markings through them) and a white chest and tummy, as well as a white tip to his tail, it is his striking blue eyes that make an entrancing first impression.  His right ear has a slight kink - the legacy of a bite or cut which damaged a small section of cartilage in his youth.

This very special dog came in and out of our lives a few times, and when he turned up unexpectedly, but very welcome, on 17 June 2012, we decided that he was staying for as long as he wanted to.

Shadow  -  helped me fill the gap left after the death of my Husky Taxi at Christmas 2011



2013  -  a great year for Shadow


3 Passes in a month for his Rally O Novice  title

Sapphire Coast Kennel & Obedience Club  -  13  +  16 February 2013

2 competitions for 2 Passes  -  I was thrilled


and to cap off a great week down on the NSW South Coast  - 


First Place and qualifying Pass  -  17 February 2013

Community Companion Dog  (CCD) level Obedience



Followed by a near perfect performance to get 98 / 100 for his 3rd Pass in Rally O Novice on 9 March   at ACT CDC Club in Canberra




20  +  21 April  2013 -  what a great weekend

3 different disciplines,  3 Qualifying Passes  -  a real all-round good dog

Saturday morning:     OBEDIENCE

 CCD  -  1st Place with 90 / 100                        his second Pass  (3 are needed for the title)

                           Tuggeranong Dog Training Club

Saturday afternoon:  Rally O Advanced

 first trial and first PASS           (this is done off leash and was a lot of fun)

                          Tuggeranong Dog Training Club

Sunday afternoon:  Heelwork To Music - Novice

3rd Place and first PASS          -  Dogs NSW

danced to Any Dream Will Do   -  hence "Joseph and her Technicolour Dream Coat



10 June  -  we danced again!


He won the Heelwork To Music - Novice class twice on that day  - giving him 3 Passes  in 3 consecutive competitions and his HTM - Novice title with

2 x 1st Place and 1 x 3rd Place


A panel of 3 Judges assessed and scored each routine independently and the marks were totalled across all three.

So the winner needed to have been good enough and impressive enough to get top marks from three different Judges





Shadow has his CCD Obedience title!

13 July 2013  -  at our Queanbeyan & District Dog Training Club  -  a fitting venue for his 3rd Pass and his CCD title

(Community Companion Dog)

At the next level of trialling, the leash comes off completely  -  we are ready for it


It is about this time that the human element of the team can start breathing again


As for the dogs  -  they really can't see what the fuss is all about



October 12  2013  -  our first competition after our return from being in Thailand for most of September

Rally O Advanced at Belconnen DOC

Shadow Passed twice - to gain 3 Qualifying Certificates and the title of


 Rally O Advanced



His next 3 Rally O trials were at Excellent Level and saw him Pass three times


for his Rally O Excellent title


achieved on 16 November


with a 1st Place at ACT CDC in Canberra

(score 88 / 100)


The Tony Turner Award for DWD Heelwork To Music


2013 Perpetual Trophy winner at the ACT Companion Dog Club


This year Mara and Shadow achieved their Novice title in DWD Heelwork to Music. They scored 84.8% (458 points out of a possible 540) to gain their HTM.N title, two points more than their closest rival.


Shadow is that black dog with white feet and bright blue eyes many of you will have seen Mara training in several different disciplines:  Rally-O, Obedience, Agility as well as DWD.  Shadow is a Border Collie x Siberian Husky who arrived in Mara’s life when he was about five years old after his fourth home fell through – through no fault of his own.  Mara decided that enough was enough, and he could stay. Shadow has repaid this kindness with devotion and co-operation in all the sports they have taken on. Mara tackles DWD competitions with a veneer of cheerfulness which masks the tragedy of training Huskies.  She has made a lot of her costumes - often following the winter or Christmas themes of the music she chooses to compliment the Siberian Husky’s northern, wintery origins.  Probably due to the Border Collie part of his ancestry, Shadow has overcome some of the difficulties met with training Siberian Huskies.  He and Mara have done very well in competitions in Sydney and well deserve the Tony Turner Award for 2013.



The Tony Turner perpetual trophy is presented to the dog/handler team who have achieved high aggregate scores for any Heelwork to Music (HTM) titles during the year (which runs from 1 November 2012 to 31 October 2013) and for the handler to have made a contribution to the running of DWD at the Club.



Little is known of Shadow's early life.  His owners surrendered him to Renbury Animal Shelter in western Sydney saying that he was too strong and because they did not train him, they found him destructive.  He arrived at our place here for fostering in late May 2009 via Husky Rescue - the rescue group attached to the Siberian Husky Club of NSW.  The pictures below are the only ones we have of a young Shadow  -  20 months old and a picture of active energy


On 28 June, Shadow placed 3rd in Beginners Class at the Queanbeyan & District Dog Training Club Assessment day.  I had done little formal training with him - preferring to play with him or enjoy his quiet presence, snoozing at my feet when indoors.

We had him neutered on 29 June before placing him in a home in Narrabundah, Canberra.  Yes, we screened, but not well enough as Shadow was returned on 21 November 2009 - with the warning that he jumped their fence and they could not contain him in their suburban yard.

On 12 December 2009 he went to live with David and Suzanne Butler, where apart from giving him too much good food, he settled in, learning a few tricks and being a friend to all.  Sadly David died on 24 March 2010, and Suzanne initially wanted to keep Shadow as having a dog close at times of great loss and mourning is often great therapy.  In January 2011, she asked us to find a new home for Shadow.  A couple of snaps from that time with his friend Spirit are here



This dog almost came back to us at that time; but we heard from a young couple in western Sydney who wanted a dog as a companion for their Alaskan Malamute, so Shadow was dropped off there on his travels to our place.  That home worked out great, and Shadow lost 50% of his initial body weight of 60 kilograms over a few months.  This picture was taken about 4 weeks after Shadow arrived there

When we were asked (again) to find Shadow another home, we had no hesitation in arranging to take him in.  And this time he was here for as long as he wanted to be

Shadow  -  here for a long while!


July 2012  -  a busy month for Shadow - only a few days after he came back here

1 July saw him gait the 20 kilometres needed to earn his Endurance Test title  (ET) in Canberra.  Along with 5 of our Siberian Huskies, he trotted beside a bicycle  -   quite comfortable in the cool morning and not pulling at all.



The Vet check  -  not an issue for a brave dog like Shadow!

There were a total of 4 of these checkc  -  before, during and after the 20 kilometre run


The stethoscope on his chest  -  no problem!

While you are there - look at these strong paws  -  no cuts or cracks to be found!

Wait a minute  - you want to stick that thermometer - where ??

A talented and so knowledgeable dog trainer Kamal Fernandoz from England brought his energetic and enthusiastic attitude of "full on" obedience training to Canberra and Shadow took a private lesson, as well as being part of the weekend workshop on 7 + 8 July.  So many great tips  -  so much good and sound advice  - all taken on board and put into practice  -  get the basic fundamentals right first, and work from there!


9 August saw the snow fall softly and quietly blanket the ground.

Shadow - not impressed at being put out to pose - he wanted to return and toast his paws in front of the fire burning in the lounge room fire place!



In September Shadow danced!

23 September 2012 -  Dogs NSW double Dances With Dogs competition

We worked to the tune "Runaway" in Heelwork To Music  -  Starters

with the results:  2  x  1st Places  -  and his title!



(and yes, that marking on his chest does look like he flattened a white cat)