Thank you all for your very generous donations which helped get Tasman safe and well

With your help we met the cost of Vet Bills ($ 765) transport ($ 726) food ( $ 100)


December 2010

A first picture of this very neglected Husky after he was handed over to a carer in Tasmania


This dog came to our attention when a caring lady in Tasmania pulled him out of a “home”  -  the owners told her that they would not pay any Vet fees as the dog was useless to them – and asked her to take Tasman away from their property.  Meika phoned us with a plea to give her advice about what she could do to help this suffering dog – so obviously in need of help.  Pictures of his red raw muzzle and feet are below.

That was December 20th   –    so close to Christmas  -  so little time.

Richard and I begged Meika Barwick to get Veterinary help for him, and Tasman was booked in on 24th December for his initial neutering operation, skin biopsy and assessment.

Biopsies and pathology tests thankfully showed only a zinc responsive dermatitis which had been left untreated for so long that the skin and underlying tissue had become infected and raw. This may have been brought about by poor environmental conditions  -   stress, lack of shelter, inadequate food and no Vet care.   There is no evidence of tumours – malignant or benign, and the prognosis is positive.  We are treating the secondary infections on his muzzle and feet and the more recent pictures show a great deal of healing has already occurred  -  for a small expense of antibiotics and soothing creams.

 Meika reported on Christmas day that “He started wagging his tail when he saw me this morning, so nice to see a dog start to gain some trust and be happy to see a person”.

Tasman is estimated to be at least 7 years old, and a complete recovery now will allow him to have several happy years with a new family.



Des and Marguerite Shepherd in Brisbane gave Tasman a great home for the rest of his life.  Many people helped Tasman become strong and healthy enough to make the flights from Hobart to Canberra, then later on to Brisbane.

We had to wait for the flood water levels in Brisbane to drop enough for Tasman to get to his new home safely - which happened on January 21 2011.

Tasman arrived in Canberra on Monday 10 January!!

Looking a lot happier  as the muzzle was starting to heal nicely  -  he is such a pretty Husky  -  so worth while saving



Those feet healed slowly - it took time, but we saw the improvement

Another course of antibiotics was prescribed by our Vet for the infected and painful areas between his toes


A few baths got him clean and loosened all the shedding coat. Daily grooming transformed Tasman into the lovely dog pictured here on 13 January





From so much neglect emerged a truly beautiful dog  -  saving him was so worthwhile



BEFORE  -  20 December 2010

AFTER  -  13 January 2011

Welcomed into his new home, Tasman did not take long to settle in, relax and continue recovering


early February - and in his home in Brisbane

end of February - now weighing 23 kgs

in May - weighing 25 kgs


October 2011

Those sore and battered feet continued to heal

February 2011

May 2011

October 2011


2012  -  and the updated story arrived:

Tasman has been with us for 16 months now and he doing great. We took him to the Vet in January this year for his needles etc and checkup and the Vet was very pleased with his progress. He just needs to loose about 1kg, so we cut his dinner back a bit, but he loves his food and is always around the kitchen when food is being prepared.

A few times last year his back foot became slightly inflamed between the toes and the Vet advised us to bathe it in salt water and use "Neocort cream" which cleared it up after a few days, but the last time it happened it didn't respond so well so we took him back and and a test slide was taken and he was put on antibiotics and an anti-fungal tablet.   This problem cleared up within 5 or 6 days and the Vet suggested we try a zinc supplement to see if this would prevent this condition. So we give him half of a 50mg capsule ("Zincaps" were recommended) on his food each day and so far there hasn't been any further problems for 5 months so we are hoping it may be permanent.

Tasman is very playful and full of life and he loves games, we can usually get a game out of him anytime. He loves to fetch and runs around the yard and in the house a lot, so I guess he must be feeling well in himself.   Sometimes we hear noises in the night and when we turn the light on he is playing with his stuffed toys in his bed.  He is also talking to us a lot now.  He has the times of his walks down to the minute and lets us know when to go. Quite often when he is out walking or out with us in the car people remark "what a pretty or what a beautiful dog, can we pat him" and he loves his pats and cuddles.

In April 2013 we read:

Tasman had his visit to the vet in January for the usual yearly shots and his annual check-up. He got a good report and is overall quite healthy. He hasn’t had any more problems with the fungal infection of the feet as we have been washing his feet every few days with “Malaseb” an anti-fungal wash. Most of the pigmentation on his top lip is slowly returning and our vet is very pleased with his progress. He is still on the daily zinc supplement which we were advised to keep up.

Tasman is full of life and fun, loves a game, loves to fetch, and run around in the house and outside. Best of all he really enjoys his walks and knows when it is time to go. He gets two or three medium walks each day.

He is so loved by all. We keep getting the comments from people who meet him, “What a pretty or what a beautiful dog”