Las Vegas - a few days from 9 May - and we started doing the rounds!

Paris Casino - with a cabaret quartet singing those slow soul songs we all know and enjoy!

The interior was outfitted to replicate a Parisian street scene

Outside is a half size replica of the Eiffel Tower  -  and we took a trip up to the top!


Bellagios - with corridors of stores and great bouquets of glass flowers on the walk to a fabulous conservatory

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree  -  detail below



On our walk back to the Motel - this was the view from one of the many pedestrian overpasses - to safeguard the patrons who may not be familiar with the US road rules

Taken from the same location through the day!



Flamingos  at  The Flamingo!


Bellagios  -  known for the displays of dancing fountains set to a few minutes of popular music at regular intervals - if it isn't too windy!

Hopefully these pictures will give you a sense of the scale and grandeur.

The view of these fountains from the top of the nearby "Eiffel Tower" gave a completely different perspective.